Procurious approached EtonDigital to create a global online network and knowledge hub for young procurement professionals with the aim of enticing them to connect, engage and learn, oversee professional awards and networking events, and offer an effective platform to sell and deliver online trainings.

The core feature of the website is the networking function, which operates in the same way as a LinkedIn style website. Users must be able to message each other and connect with one another, share articles they’ve read, have a profile with contact details and CV, and join groups and other discussion sections.



After a 2 day workshop with the clients during which we discussed the individual requirements, user journeys and core components of the business, we created the initial Product Backlog that captured user stories needed for the development of MVP.



Procurious is a complex, powerful platform, but we knew from the start that maintaining a level of simplicity around navigation and functionality would be key to keeping users engaged and for them to easily find their way around from the moment they first landed on the website. Procurious consists of the main Procurious portal available to all registered members and different private member areas which are called Roundtables.

The biggest challenge was to let users easily switch the portal they are on and still keep the same flow and structure, but with completely different branding for each Roundtable. The userflow maps out how various screens relate to each other and how users navigate between them.

Wireframing User interface

We explored individual content elements and how they'll come together to form the actual screens users interact with. By creating wireframes first, we got a sense of the user experience and were able to spot potential usability problems early. Since wireframes lack UI style, it’s easier to focus on functionality and place a priority on content, making it easier and quicker to make adjustments at an early stage.

Drag to see how the magic happens


Following client’s brand identity guidelines we carefully crafted an aesthetic that creates cohesive branding while directing a user's eye towards the important parts of the screen. We created a clean and simple UI ensuring that every detail is intuitive without sacrificing functionality and ease of use.


Procurious acts largely like a niche LinkedIn in its functionality, allowing users to build their professional profile, connect with each other, introduce others to make connections, invite their contacts to join etc.

Professional profile


Social networks integration
Seamless integration with Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn allows users to automatically share their Procurious updates with their friends on other popular social networks.

Personal CV
Members can create their procurement CV, add their education and experience or import it from LinkedIn.


Activity feed

Members can share their thoughts and get inspiration from other professionals by following the interactive feed. They can post status updates, share images and links with previews, like, comment on each other’s posts and also make a Twitter-like mention of their connections in a post.



Members can send private messages to one or more participants, without exchanging private email addresses.



Members can enroll in a course, take assessment tests and download learning material. Learning is in ‘bite-sized’ modular form with videos ranging between 2-12 minutes at a cost-effective price point. We developed an e-commerce solution so that users can add one or more products to their cart and make a payment on the website.

Learning material
Learning material


A directory of all procurement related events around the world where users can see all the information about an event, who of their peers is attending, can discuss the conference with fellow attendees, and can view photos of the event.



Members can ask and answer questions about any aspect of procurement. Members can follow different topics or specific questions and vote for the best answers.


Groups and Roundtables

Groups and Roundtables are the private member areas of the website. The biggest challenge was to accommodate differing permissions and user access levels to serve the right content at the right time to the right user.


Roundtable areas are the private networks with the same functionality that Procurious have but with its own branding and visible only to the Roundtable members. Each Roundtable has its own administrator that can manage the look, content and members of the Roundtable.


Users can easily switch the portal they are on between Procurious or any Roundtable they are a member of. The trick here was to maintain the integrity of the Procurious layout, while letting users feel they are on their own company network with the content visible only to their colleagues.

Responsive design

In order to reach the widest possible audience, it was critical that our design works in a huge number of user scenarios. Our multi-column layout with fluid grids and images scales from large screens down to small mobile sizes by stacking columns vertically.

Procurious Desktop

Procurious Tablet

Procurious Mobile



Programming languages:
PHP, JavaScript (jQuery)
MySQL, Redis, APC, Elasticsearch

symfony elasticsearch Behat Sass Bootstrap

Final product

Procurious is unique platform as it bridges the gap between networking, thought leadership and technical information – no other online platform does all three. Members come from 70+ countries, from the private and public sector, including from some of the world’s largest businesses, such as: Apple, Telstra, Lloyd’s Banking Group, Alcoa, Rio Tinto, NHS, Schweppes and IBM. By empowering future procurement and supply chain leaders, Procurious aims to change the face of the profession from the inside out.


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