The Vervoe team approached to help them create a solution that will simplify the hiring process by providing employers means to easily find the best candidates for their business that fit and understand the company culture. Satisfied employers will be able to select the candidates and be certain that the person they have hired is the right person for the job, empowering the company culture, while employees will find the suited job, and a friendly working environment, where they are comfortable and happy to work with anyone. The platform should provide a completely customized and stress-free recruitment process, and a good experience for users.


Employer's Job Opportunity

Employers are able to create their jobs exactly as they prefer, adding as many interview rounds as necessary. After that, they are able to share their job ads or invite potential new employees directly, thus enrolling them in their very effective selection process. As soon as candidates complete a stage of the interviewing process, employers will be able to assess them promptly and simultaneously, rank them based on their performance, and select who advances to the next round.


Assessments Library

Although all the assessments are initially private (i.e. intended to be used by that particular employer only), Employers and Experts are able to create interview assessments with various types of questions and tasks, and publish them to the Library, so other employers can use them for their employee selection, adjusting them as needed. At the end of each month, creators of public assessments which are used by employers during that month receive payouts from the site.

Candidate's Job Dashboard

Whether a job is advertised on job boards or social platforms, candidates can apply in one click and start the interviewing process right away. Candidates will receive employer-branded emails telling them what to expect at every stage. They have access to a dynamic dashboard that shows their interview requests.


Final product

By optimizing the recruiting process, Vervoe is revolutionizing the industry and reinventing the hiring experience. The platform offers an intelligent automated process that helps employers find suitable candidates, and save time, money and resources. A powerful and user-friendly platform provides a seamless candidate experience, keeping a positive impression of the brand.


Programming languages:
PHP, JavaScript (React, Redux)

Symfony React Redux Sass

NodeJS, Webpack, Material-UI...

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