Introducing Vabble, a social network for video creators

Introducing Vabble, a social network for video creators

Wednesday, 27 July, 2016 Updated on Friday, 2 July, 2021 by Eton Digital team

Are you creating video content? If you do, you are aware how video has unparalleled power to engage us deeply with the subject. 

Do you care to share your work with others or work on exciting projects with people of similar interest?

We give you Vabble, a network designed to cater to the needs of the video creator community.

Why is Vabble different from other video sharing platforms?

As a social platform, Vabble provides networking and collaboration services for video content creators. The focus here is on the person who uses video as a medium to tell a story, send a message, express and show creativity in different ways – a video creator.

The founder, James O’Connor, explains what is one of the main differences between popular video networks, YouTube and Vimeo:  

“No contracts. No revenue sharing. Vabble is completely free.”

Once your register to Vabble you have an opportunity to turn your profile into the presentation of your work, linking your social media sites and sharing your videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

Think of your profile as a door to the professional community of video creators. You can show your work, and contribute to your art.

Besides watching, sharing and uploading videos, users can follow creators and their work, send and receive collaboration requests, search for videos for entertainment.

With unique search filters and tools, members connect and find other authors based on interest (the genre of choice). To stay up to date with other members’ work you will have their content delivered to your profile feed.  

Being part of the professional community gives you a chance to easily find partners to work together on projects, or/and to work with brands, aid in collaboration and get paid for your work.

Let’s say you are a musician, and you are looking for collaborators to work with you on the amazing project you have. Using Projects on Vabble, you can find and connect with them quickly and produce out-of-this-world work of art.  

Who can join?

Everyone who is producing and creating video content can join. From those who have just started to explore the world of video art to those who are already established and well-known creators and have large audience and followers.

Vabble network also has a ranking system that unlocks different possibilities for users.

The system defines how active a member is: the more active you are, the more your rank will increase, and the higher ranks allow you to contact and collaborate with more users.

Furthermore, with the ranking system users can see the members who are contributing to the community and are good potential project partners.

Another unique feature that goes along with the idea of building an active community is Fandom. The feature shows how large your audience across Youtube/Vimeo is, displaying the total number of people who are subscribed to your channels/accounts and the number of followers you have on Vabble. Users can then gain more online attention, and reach a far and broad audience.

The Fandom feature goes beyond simple ranking tool; it serves as an indicator for your professional level, grouping people according to their level of expertise.

However, Vabble is not only a social network.

As it provides a place for content creators to connect and build, shape and strengthen the community of creatives and aspiring professionals; as a result, it also provides increased market visibility, cross-channel promotion, and an opportunity to build a new audience.

What’s in it for you?

Combining sound, vision, and dialogue, the video brings stories alive in an immersing way. It creates specific emotional connections between the viewer and the content. Simple – the video tells a story. If you would like to tell yours, to connect with people who share similar interests, grow your audience, learn and network, Vabble is your choice.

In fact, this is the first video sharing network that brings community oriented features in focus.

Today, we consume and produce content in various ways seeking the channel that will satisfy our information and entertainment needs. We watch documentaries, short movies, video songs, animations, cartoons, real-time coverage, and so on, and we also create video content.  We do it for fun, pleasure or business, and now we cannot only show our work but rather receive valuable feedback and learn from others.

What technology did we use?

The network has all the features of most social networking sites. Recognising the specific needs of the users and community, we have developed several unique features to complement their experience on the platform.

Vabble is built on Symfony PHP and AngularJS. We use and recommend Symfony framework because it offers the most modern principles in web development, has a great community and support, and provides built-in security and scalability.   

We choose AngularJS for its flexibility, testing and prototyping capabilities, and a vast ecosystem that allows us to import third party libraries and rely on Elasticsearch for indexing, Neo4J for well-structured graph data, and MySQL for the relational database. The platform, currently in beta, is hosted on Amazon Web Services. We opt for AWS because it provides an excellent level of security and reliability for the users and allows us to use their services in a flexible and scalable way.     

Interested to learn more? Do you have any thought about the future of video content creation? Visit the platform and share your thoughts.

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