1. Plan

Together with the client we estimate and clearly define top priorities.


2. Collaborate

Our work is organised in sprints, and progress is monitored daily.


3. Deliver

A product, ready to be handed to a client or shown to a stakeholder is presented.

Our Case Studies

We are proud of our projects. Take a look at what we’ve done so far. And how.

From our blog Latest news from IT world

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by Eton Digital team

We are happy to welcome Easter, the loveliest time of the year! The holiday of new beginnings is a cause for celebration for everyone and it’s a perfect …

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by Branislava Milosavljevic

If you've found our startup, you're a bit early, but you're very welcome! We are very excited and thrilled to announce that OrganicNet is in private beta, and …

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#Company Culture

by Branislava Milosavljevic

When we focus on an individual, the result is a much richer conversation. There are many things you cannot get out from other communication channels or tools we …