Have you already planned your conference calendar in 2018? If not, there is still time for you to catch up with the most interesting ones announced for last months of 2018’s.

We have collected the best UK tech conferences worth investing your time and money and grouped them for the different target audience – developers, designers, game developers and marketers.

But before you browse the list, let’s go over the important quality requirements of a good conference.

So, this is what the conference has to provide you with:

  • Experiences that build long-lasting relationships
  • Chance for dialogue and collaboration
  • The programme that meets your skills and knowledge
  • Takeaway and practical knowledge
  • An opportunity to leverage technology to build connections before, during and after the conference

Here’s the list of the top conferences in the UK that meet the requirements.

#The best UK tech conference for DEVELOPERS

ODSC Europe

  • 19-22th September 2018.
  • London

ODSC 2018 is one of the largest applied data science conferences in Europe. In 4 days, you can get data science knowledge, attend training and workshops, and get to meet the best in the industry.

Besides open source tools, libraries, and languages, conversational AI, data science research, artificial intelligence and speech recognition are some of the announced topics.

Software Craftsmanship London

the best uk tech conference

  • 4 – 5th October 2018.
  • London

Software Craftsmanship movement celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and for this occasion, the organizers have prepared special treats for the fans of the clean code and extreme programming.

During a 2-day conference, you’ll get a chance to meet and hear the greatest thinkers and doers in the Software Craftsmanship world.

JAX London: The Conference for JAVA & Software Innovation

  • 8–11th October 2018.
  • London

JAX London is the conference for JAVA & Software Innovation where cutting-edge software engineers and enterprise-level professionals gather in a four-day networking and knowledge sharing event to talk about the latest trends from the industry.

Over 60 workshops, sessions, and keynotes and 40+ international speakers and industry experts will talk about VA, microservices, continuous delivery and DevOps.

 O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference

  • 29–31 October 2018.
  • London

This 4-day conference focuses on the software architecture fundamentals and best practices.

The speakers will be talking about trending technologies such as microservices, cloud architecture patterns, and chaos engineering along with how to deal with legacy systems and software.

Besides the talks, this conference offers 2-day training courses, sessions, and tutorials. This is also a great networking opportunity to meet industry leaders and share ideas with peers.


  • 25 – 26 October 2018.
  • London

Droidcon is one of a kind event to attend to if you want to see and learn about the latest Android advances and test new technologies.

This is the largest Android developer conference in Europe where the leading experts in the Android realm will share their ideas and thought processes on all things Android.


the best uk tech conference

  • 6 – 7th November 2018
  • London

You can expect inspiring, practical and entertaining talks from 40+ speakers over the 2-day conference along with 1000+ other Angular developers.

Organizers have announced the top world-class selection of speakers, games, great food and drinks along with loads of opportunities to connect with the Google core Angular team.

Code Mesh

  • 8 – 9th November 2018
  • London

As the organizers say, Code Mesh is the Alternative Programming Conference, that focuses on promoting useful non-mainstream technologies to the software industry.

This year’s conference theme is “the right tool for the job” as opposed to automatically choosing the tool at hand. Featured speakers will get the opportunity to share their experience.

Every Code Mesh event has a focus on a different group of industries such as gaming, telecoms, finance, new media, and health, highlighting how tools are used to solve problems in those domains.


  • 20th November 2018
  • London

The 2018th edition of MUXL brings insights from the best minds in User Experience and Design.

As the organizers have announced, the focus for 2018 is User-Centred Design and how new technologies are going to change the way we design for these new modes of interaction.

There will be talks about new technologies: virtual reality, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, connected cars, and homes, voice first or mobile gamification.

The best UK Conference for UX/DESIGNERS

Generate London

the best uk tech conferences

  • 19 – 21st September 2018
  • London

It is a 3-day UK tech conference packed with the latest trends and practical takeaways.

They have announced world-class speakers who will talk about CSS and HTML and share top pieces of advice on how to immediately apply new techniques.

Generate conferences can help you boost your skills and become a better web/UX designer or frontend, and developer.

Design It; Build It – DIBI

  • 12th November 2018
  • Edinburgh

Design It; Build is a one-day conference in Edinburgh for UX designers and web developers, featuring eight presentations from those shaping the future of the web.

Organizers have announced inspiring talks from the industry thought leaders who will share their digital experiences.

Some questions will be answered, such as: “How much freedom do we need to create amazing digital experiences? Is there a conflict between producing work for clients or customers and feeling empowered to express yourself? Can great work come from having limitations put on you”? and so on.

Canvas Conf

  • 4th October 2018
  • London

It is a one-day event filled with talks for people who design, make & market digital experiences.

Attendees will hear stories from the people who are at the forefront of the world’s most disruptive businesses.

Attendees will have an opportunity to get actionable insights and practical advice from people doing the hard work in the world of digital products.

The best UK Conference For Marketers & Researchers

MarketEd Live

  • 25th September 2018
  • Nottingham Contemporary, Notts, UK

This event offers the latest knowledge, advice, and strategies from the world-class industry experts and big brands for anyone who is working in marketing.

The main topic is how to make your marketing strategies more sophisticated by learning about other multiple marketing disciplines that work hand-in-hand with your current expertise.

Also, there will be great opportunities for building relationships and sharing experiences with other delegates.

The Festival of Marketing

  • 10-11th October 2018
  • London

It is the largest global event dedicated to brand marketers and a place where ambitious marketers can discover, learn, celebrate and shape the future together.

There will be world class speakers, 12 stages of content, insightful speakers and the Festival City brimming with ideas and solutions to your challenges, you will be part of an experience like no other.

Digital Growth Unleashed ex Conversion Conference

  • 17-18th October 2018.
  • London

Once the Conversion Conference, now Digital Growth Unleashed, a 2-day conference offers knowledge on how to create the most compelling customer experiences.

With the world-class speakers and the programme, this conference will leave you knowing how to attract the right audience, optimize the lifetime value of client relationships and how to use the right technology to make it all happen.

Digital Marketing Innovation Summit

  • 3 – 4th October 2018
  • London

This year’s summit will tackle the current trends and problems beginning with GDPR laws and more selective than ever audience.

Through talks, panels and practical sessions from industry leaders, attendees can hear and learn how to overcome modern marketing hurdles and get inspired with ways to accelerate digital engagement.

Hero Conf

the best uk tech conference

  • 22 – 24th October 2018
  • London

This 2-day conference offers plentiful events for every marketer, from expert speakers to actionable ideas, real-life examples, and networking.

There will be talks about video advertising, GDPR, Google surveys, apps, and AI & machine learning and more.

The best UK conference about IoT and wearables

SMART IoT London

  • 12-13th March 2019
  • London

It is the UK’s business technology event that welcomes over 18.000 attendees – a strong buying audience with public and private sector representation.

So far, they have announced roughly the next year programme that will include over 100 dedicated sessions, in 5 conference theatres, hosted by practitioners, experts, and visionaries.

Global Innovation Forum

the best uk tech conference

  • 14 – 15th November 2018
  • London

This year’s forum will bring innovators, entrepreneurs, and inventors all together to discuss the latest trends in innovation, design, and creativity.

Organizers have announced experienced speakers, key messages, global players and intense networking.

Besides the talks, there will be panel debates, interactive activities, exhibition hub and a lot of opportunities for learning.


  • 13-14th November 2018
  • London

IoTBuild is the conference that aims to help the industry and local governments with the know-how and skills on how to successfully implement the latest digital and smart technologies, from AI, blockchain and more.

There’s a place for 1000+ executive level attendees who will gain access to each conference event. There are 2x conference tracks; 2x technical theatres, consultancy clinics, and startup showcases plus the exhibition.

Attendees will have the chance to meet and network with a pre-qualified audience of trusted advisors, solution vendors and those eager to learn.

Do you know more interesting UK tech conferences? Share with us.