When talking about agile software development, we need to think fast, flexible and efficient. If you lack in any of these three principles, then you are probably doing something wrong.

In other words, you’re not Agile enough.

Here are some of the most common mistakes people make:

#1 Too much data but not enough usable information

If you want to deliver value to your customers and be an agile developer, then you must deliver early. This implies having different teams working together in different environments. The result of this is a vast array of data, ranging from test management, defect tracking to project management and so on.

All this data needs to be processed and organized in order for you to keep moving forward on the agile track. Most of the time, what you get is a chunk of data with no real visibility and therefore, no room for improvement.

This can be solved by using software that manages your data and gives you an output that you can work with.

Visibility is very important when it comes to analytics.

In order to move forward at a steady paste, you and your team must have all the necessary insight. This type of visual analytics software saves you time and money and helps you provide your customers with the quality they demand.

#2 You’re not getting things done in time

Time is always an issue. Getting things done and delivering in time is one of the key points of success.

In today’s world, the competition is stiff, and you need to be ahead. Take Spotify for example: their competition is Google, Apple, and Amazon. These are all insanely huge companies that could crush them, but thanks to ASD, Spotify manages to stand shoulder to shoulder with these giants.

If you take weeks to finish projects, then you are not Agile. Your product needs to be completed, working, tested and pending release every couple of weeks. This is the best way to keep your customers and tend to their needs. The main cause of these delays is not applying the ASD principles throughout the whole development process.

“We do testing in the end!” You should incorporate testing along with everything else to get the project done and ready for publishing.

A lot of people fail to realise that ASD reduces risks by dividing projects into short iterations and thus allowing mistakes to be rectified in each stage of the project.

 #3  Lack of feedback

Lack of feedback is something that can doom your software. If you finish your product without any feedback from your users, you might find yourself with something people are just not happy to buy.

This can happen because you are not publishing enough.

It often happens that a product is completed and functional but there is a hold on publishing. People do this because they want to make sure that all the kinks are sorted out, all the features included, etc. This is redundant!

Publish as soon as possible in order to get feedback in time.

This will help you make all the necessary adjustment and tailor your product to the needs of your customers.

#4 You’re not “Going with the flow”

Let’s go back to the feedback issue. As we already said, it’s not always easy to get feedback, but it’s not always easy to hear it either.

We like to presume that our product and our initial idea of it are perfect and that it should remain the way it was imagined. This is where Agile comes in place.

One of the main principles of ASD is that you can not always know everything in front. That is why it allows you to publish bits of your product and get instant feedback and adjust your thought process. So gather market data, insights and listen to your users. Providing your users with a test version of your product and having them tell you exactly what they need is a priceless piece of information.

So remember to listen, adjust and go with the flow.

Best thing to do is to go back and think about what you are trying to achieve with Agile Software Development. You want your projects to be delivered early, to be flexible and open to improvement.