Benefits of Agile

Benefits of Agile Methodology: Why Scrum Is Our Choice

Thursday, 31 August, 2017 Updated on Thursday, 12 August, 2021 by Eton Digital team

We use Scrum as it offers freedom of implementation while not sacrificing the end result.

If you are new to this concept, this is what you should know before you look into the benefits.  

Why Scrum?

Scrum is an agile framework for incremental product development. The term itself was introduced by Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka in a Harvard Business Review article in 1986 titled ‘The New New Product Development Game‘. 

Takeuchi and Nonaka have observed teams at companies like Honda, 3M, Epson, and Canon and look into methods and key features of successful teams that work on new products. They concluded that companies in Japan and the United States, as these countries were their primary interest, were using a holistic method similar to the process and approaches in rugby.

Although Takeuchi and Nonaka kept on exploring their ideas focusing on the rugby team concept, the basis for the concept was established.

Exploring the earlier work of Takeuchi and Nonaka, Ken Schwaber delivered a paper called SCRUM Development Process in 1997. This paper is seen as the basis of Scrum where Schwaber formalized the process of Scrum for the worldwide software industry. 

Why does Scrum work for us?

We have found values in this approach that align with our values and approach to work.

If you share these values, this is the right methodology for you.

Of course, there’s more about Agile methodology and Scrum that attracts more and more companies and teams to use it.

We have created an infographic to show you the benefits of Agile methodology and Scrum and to show you why we are a Scrum development team.

Benefits of Agile and Scrum Infographic

What is your experience? Have you used agile methodology before?

Tell us in the comments.

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