GRID: How We Turned Challenges into Opportunities During Pandemic

Our Creative Director at GRID Symposium: Opportunities during the Pandemic

Tuesday, 10 November, 2020 Updated on Thursday, 8 July, 2021 by Eton Digital team

The COVID-19 has had adverse effects on everyone. The elderly, the high risk, young people, small businesses and even larger companies. More people than ever are seeking work and unemployment rates are soaring. Reports suggest that the economy has declined by around 3%, which is the worst decline since The Great Depression in the 1930s. 

As a result of such turbulent times which have caused us all some difficulty, it is important that we share our experiences, adapt to the rapidly changing circumstances and work to overcome the obstacles that have appeared.

At Eton Digital, we take pride in being not only one of the leaders in the design and development market, but also one of the companies that always shares their knowledge and experience with others. Our team members have been passing on their expertise for many years because we believe that we can grow only when we share what we know with others.

This is why this year, our creative director is one of the speakers at The International Symposium of Graphic Engineering and Design (GRID). This GRID symposium marks the 10th Jubilee and will be held as a series of online events discussing innovation in the IT world in order to make it suitable for the current COVID-19 situation.

What is the GRID symposium?

The GRID symposium is held by the Department of Graphic Engineering and Design from the University of Novi Sad and the Faculty of Technical Sciences. It is held as an international event every two years, allowing researchers, scientists, engineers and experts to present their research to other individuals and communities within the industry. The symposium also aims to discuss new findings or obstacles that have become evident in the world of graphic design. 

The symposium has a peer review committee consisting of respectable and knowledgeable scientists from all over the world. Transcripts and proceedings from the symposium will be published and made available to those with access to the SCOPUS base

This year, the virus has prevented the GRID symposium from occurring in its conventional sense, so for the safety of all participants, particular measures have been implemented.

How has the GRID symposium changed this year?

As a result of the COVID-19 virus, gatherings of any kind are not permitted, therefore this year, the GRID symposium will be held as a series of online presentations conducted in real-time. It will take place from the 12th to the 14th of November, 2020 in Novi Sad, Serbia.

A new theme of innovation in IT to overcome the obstacles which have arisen as a result of the pandemic will also be discussed during the symposium. The platform Cisco WebEx will be used for the online presentations, arguably making the event even more accessible to those who are not usually able to attend due to geographical restrictions. 

This year we are happy to reveal that our creative director at Eton Digital, Stanislava Stojanovic Novoselac will be presenting at the symposium and discussing some of the predominant issues that have arisen for Eton Digital and graphic and web designers during these turbulent times. 

About Stanislava…

As mentioned earlier, Stanislava Stojanovic Novoselac is our creative director at Eton Digital. She has a masters degree in Graphic Engineering and Design and around 11 years of experience in the design world. She is responsible for many things within the company, such as product design, UX design, prototyping, digital product conceptualization and business development.

She is also a director of Eton Digital’s start-up known as OrganicNet – a platform allowing producers to sell their organic foods as well as the distribution of organic foods to buyers. 

It doesn’t end there…

Stanislava is a co-founder of the DaFED Association, which is a non-profit organisation that works to organise educational events and courses for the local IT community. She was also an organiser of the Startup Weekend event, in partnership with Google for Startups. This is a globally available 54 hour event which allows those who are interested in startups to meet the best mentors, founders and investors in the industry. The event aims to create a community feel for enthusiasts to learn, gather advice and share ideas with each other in order to launch their startup. Yes, we like to think she is some sort of superhero.

What will she be talking about at the GRID symposium?

Stanislava will be sharing a little bit of information about our organisation, as well as the challenges and fundamental changes that have occurred in the business. The title of her talk is ‘Digital Agency and the Pandemic: How we Turned Challenges into Success’. 

We wish to share our story with others who are struggling, in order to motivate them to create their own success story. We also want to show that whilst it may feel like these challenging times will never end, there are changes, temporary reorganisations and mindsets that you can implement to help you along the way. 

Be sure to catch Stanislava sharing her ideas during the online symposium on the 12-14th of November. Let’s work to overcome these turbulent times together.

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