Eton Digital In Serbia Is Turning 10. How did our journey start?

Eton Digital In Serbia Is Turning 10. How did our journey start?

Wednesday, 12 December, 2018 Updated on Wednesday, 10 April, 2024 by Eton Digital team

For anyone who has been more than a decade in the business world, it is quite challenging to reflect on achievements or experience. 

When Eton Digital was founded, our original idea was to change the web so it is accessible to all, at least to raise awareness of the bad practices in web design and development trends from the early noughties. 

It has been an amazing 10 years.

It defies physics and chemistry but one can actually create something out of nothing.

I remember walking down the Eton High Street and seeing Eton Stationers, Eton Antiques, Eton Brides, Eton Guns, etc, and thinking there is clearly a gap and a need for Digital here.

The initial idea was to have a physical shop on the High Street serving the Eton Boys and tourists and a digital services arm.

But, life never goes as planned.

Fuji opened the high street shop while we went on to build web applications.

10+ years on, we provided millions of pounds of services to the UK and global clients. We currently have around 60 of the best people in the industry.

Many others have worked for us, learned the trade and gone to create their own ventures but most of those who joined 10 years ago when we started are still with us.

So, Eton Digital still has its original crew. 

I am happy to have had an opportunity to create great things with such good people. It was definitely a roller-coaster ride but it was worth it.

THANK YOU all for being part of this journey.

Let’s continue to make great things in the years that are coming.

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