It’s been coming for some time now but Microsoft finally pulled the plug on its long-running webmail service, Hotmail, a couple of weeks ago – migrating all current users to the new Outlook service.

There was little warning in terms of a prominent notice within the interface (instead the only people who knew exactly when it was coming did so because they open their emails from Microsoft, which I personally do not). In any case advance warning would have been slightly pointless since the upgrade was both mandatory and irreversible.

Considering the fact that Hotmail was one of Microsoft’s precious few successful web products in the Google-dominated age, you’d think they’d be very careful about changing it and keen to ensure loyal users didn’t see the upgrade as a prompt to jump ship to a competitor such as Gmail. Well, having had a couple of weeks’ worth of experience with the new Outlook since the change, I’m now pretty convinced that Microsoft can wave goodbye to its formerly modest but stable share of the webmail market. Here’s why:

1. Outlook is slow – seriously slow. I’ve used Hotmail for almost 10 years and emails have always opened instantly when I clicked on them. Now I get an odd progress bar type of graphic at the top of the page and a second or two delay before the email displays. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s annoying considering it was never there before and isn’t present with my Gmail account for example.

2. The subtle but very useful colour coding is gone from the interface. So where previously unread emails were shaded slightly differently from read ones (meaning it was much easier to know where you were at a glance) now the only difference between read and unread emails is that the text for unread ones uses a bold font for the sender and a different colour font for the subject line.

It is now requires more effort basically to quickly scan your inbox to see which emails are opened and which aren’t. Likewise ‘replied to’ arrow labels, which are also useful, have been re-designed so they’re now in an almost unoticeable grey colour – again meaning that navigating the inbox is a lot slower than before.

3. Outlook is very keen on you integrating Skype and Facebook (among others) to your account. So much so that you get annoying messages after every email you send to someone who is also ‘on facebook’ asking if you’d like to integrate your account. This is probably annoying more people than are integrating accounts so again I’d say that the balance between what the user wants versus what Outlook/Microsoft want has been skewed a bit too far in the latter’s favour.

Nonetheless, it is easy to see why Microsoft are keen on the ‘upgrade’ – the new Outlook interface matches the design style for Windows 8 and, more importanly, it offers integration with cloud services such as Skydrive and Calendar – a key aspect of the battle to keep up with Google’s fully integrated webmail service (which also offers Drive, Calendar and a host of other products as cross-compatible). However, what is much harder to fathom is why the new Outlook is so poor in terms of speed/performance and in terms of the user interface – which involves various minor changes to the previous Hotmail interface, all of which inexplicably make the user experience worse.

Maybe, given a bit of time, these issues will be resolved but it’s still pretty astounding that Microsoft could ‘upgrade’ one of its only successful web products so rashly and haphazardly. Most Hotmail users also make use of Google services as well – and I’d be willing to wager that quite a few see this ‘upgrade’ as an opportunity to consolodate their accounts under the Google umbrella, migrating to Gmail for their webmail needs. In this respect, the Outlook upgrade starts to look like quite an unneccessary gamble, purely because of the inadequacy of the new Outlook product compared with the supposedly inferior Hotmail or with competitors like Gmail.


  • mary barnes

    I seriously HATE using outlook–family members haven’t got my messages. Owing to the SEND sign dissapearing when I compose reply’s.
    Get me back to my Hotmail.

    • Dejan Levi

      I agree Mary – I’d happily have my old Hotmail interface back at the drop of a hat!
      Thanks for reading!

    • daniela menzky

      I am so frustrated, this morning I realise all my old messages in the inbox are gone. just gone – not in delete folder, just gone
      agree with the rest of the comments, ugly and user unfriendly and SLOW !

      • Dejan Levi

        Wow – this sounds like an exceptionally unfortunate problem Daniela. I suppose it’s of little consolation now but I use Windows Live Mail to download all my inbox messages to my own hard-disk for back-up purposes. Might be something to think about in future. You get any help from Microsoft support forums?

  • Rajesh Kumar

    I like the color combination and clear display in my android device. But due to font boldness i can only able to view 5 message at a shot. I highly appreciate that there is any customization option for screen / font size.

    • Dejan Levi

      Yes font size is inexplicably large on the mobile app (and is not customizable) – so that now you can only see the first four-and-a-half messages instead of the seven or eight you could with the previous hotmail app.

      Furthermore the ‘delete’ button has been made smaller (just to frustrate users further) and the ‘mark unread’ button has gone from the main interface and into a sub-menu.

      Let’s hope Microsoft sort these issues in the near future before people (myself included) start migrating to something with a better interface!

      Thanks for reading,

  • Nigel

    Having been forced on to ‘Outlook’ I find it totally frustrating and seriously slow, if this is progress heaven help us. I resisted all efforts by other e-mail clients but not for much longer. Unless there is a serious upgrade VERY soon I’m off to Gmail. Just what was wrong with Hotmail – in my book absolutely nothing!!!

    • Dejan Levi

      I couldn’t agree with you more Nigel – Hotmail was a product which had been tweaked almost to perfection in most users’ eyes, all of which has now been sacrificed for some half-baked notion of competing with Google for a more integrated and cloud-based product (with Skydrive, enhanced contacts integration etc).

      The problem is that if existing Hotmail users wanted that – they wouldn’t have been with Hotmail in the first place! However, the upgrade wouldn’t have bothered users so much had Microsoft not destroyed the only thing it was doing well in the process.

      Anyway, thanks for reading!

    • Greg Bown

      I am days away from abandoning my wonderful hotmail address which I have had since 1999 and going to gmail instead. It’s slow, irritating, can never connect etc. Even the feedback form is sometimes unavailable. (Funny that). There was nothing wrong with hotmail and lots wrong with outlook.

      • G Hudson

        Hi Greg. Ditto. I ‘went Google’ a couple of weeks ago and once you get used to it, it’s great. It works. I loved Hotmail, I never, ever wanted to ‘go Google’, and I gave Outlook a good go, but the amount of times I got error messages on Outlook over many months made it a pointless tool to use.

  • Rachel

    I have three linked Hotmail accounts and used to be able to sign into one, then switch between them easily on a mobile device. Such a handy feature to take away!

    Now on Outlook I need to scroll to the bottom of the page and view it as the PC site… then I can’t get to the button that switches between accounts! So I need to sign in to each one separately every time I want to check my mail.

    Then there’s the progress bar and “We can’t connect to Outlook right now. Please try again later” when I’m on a PC.

    The old Hotmail interface worked so well for me. The new Outlook is so clunky – I’m out!

    • Dejan Levi

      Good point Rachel – I’ve also been having problems of getting inexplicably logged out of the Outlook mobile app and having to re-login each time I open it again. ‘Clunky’ is a very good word for describing the new interface – it is indeed bafflingly clunky!

  • Dennis

    I cant search for e-mails now when last week I could? I tried to do a search and got all kinds of sites that offer suggestions but I have no idea what they are talking about ????
    Is it just me having this problem?

    • Dejan Levi

      Hi Dennis,
      Are you having problems with Outlook for Android/iOS or with your desktop browser-based version? For the latter the search box is on the top left – however on the mobile one I am at a loss as to where it is (i’ve also been unable to locate it thus far – although it seems ludicrous that they could’ve gotten rid of it!)
      Anyway, thanks for reading!

  • tomtresco

    Fixing things that aint broke
    Soooooo Slow, Frustrating, seem to be going backwards…..I think its time for change

    • Dejan Levi

      I think most users would agree with you Tom! Which alternative are you going to go for?
      Thanks for reading

  • pat

    Yes – the switch seems to be messing lots of users up. We liked Hotmail but this new Outlook is terrible and messes us about all day long…appalling!

    • Dejan Levi

      Your sentiments are echoed by almost everyone I’ve spoken to about it Pat! Thanks for reading,

    • Mary

      Yep – I am OUT!!!! Absolute rubbish!!!

      • John

        Gmail rules!!! Grab a gmail address now. Most times you can get the same one you had at hotmail. E.g. to

        You can then use gmail to grab all of your old hotmail emails and back them up into gmail. Switch without missing a beat. Tell your friends the only change in your email address was from hot to g .

        Have fun and good luck,

      • Dejan Levi

        Thanks John – I think this is looking like better and better advice with each passing day that Outlook fails to remedy the obvious performance and UI issues.
        Thanks for reading!

  • James

    I find these many comments mirror my experience completely, and can find nothing good about this change to Outlook. It is absurdly slow to load, and often comes up with the ‘we can’t connect……’ notice. Is it likely that some improvement is going to be made? If not, then it’s going to be something else for me, but then I have to tell everyone my new address presumably. What a mess, as there was nothing wrong with Hotmail!

    • Dejan Levi

      That is indeed the big question James – how quickly will Microsoft move to repair the evidently inferior interface and performance of the new Outlook? My guess is that things which are more bug related will certainly be sorted within coming weeks.

      The trickier question is whether or not Microsoft will also address the non-bug problems – i.e. serious design flaws – of their new interface. I for one certainly hope that they listen to the user response to Outlook and focus as much on the design-related issues as the bug and performance ones. If not, I’ll start looking for a decent alternative…
      Thanks for reading,

  • Sahil Reha

    I have contacted Hotmail, but got no replies. Is there a way I could inform the Hotmail people that they have done a terrible thing forcing us to migrate to Outlook and calling it upgrading? It’s really not upgrading, it’s totally downgrading since there is no improvements in it, but trouble logging in, waste of time waiting for emails to load and stuff. Most of my friends and links have my hotmail address and this is unfortunate otherwise I would have already started using other email services.

    • Dejan Levi

      Unfortunately, I would be surprised if Microsoft did a complete U-turn and reinstated Hotmail (in fact this is pretty much out of the question I’d say).

      The best we can hope for is that firstly they resolve the performance issues sooner rather than later and, secondly, they realise that the Hotmail interface was honed to perfection and at least attempt to integrate some of its features into this new Outlook. Fingers crossed! (Otherwise, it’ll be a new provider for many unhappy users!)

      Thanks for reading

  • jammyd0dger

    My suspicion is that the slow load up times are due to Microsoft possibly having made changes to the data storage hardware in their data centre(s), specifically switching to a larger but slower disk type (SATA drives to replace FC or SAS drives). This would be much more cost effective for them (SATA drives are lower cost, larger capacity) but comes at the cost of performance. Just a thought as moving from faster drives to SATA is a big trend in enterprise data centres at the moment – reason being it helps them cope with runaway data growth, all of which must be stored.


    • Dejan Levi

      Interesting! Thanks for the comment JD – I hadn’t considered that possibility (I had, perhaps naively, assumed that the slow load times would not be a permanent feature and were only the result of initial ‘teething problems’ over performance). Sadly, if they are here to stay as a result of a possible switch to SATA drives, user migration might become a significant issue for Outlook.

      Thanks for reading!

  • Enzo S.

    I’ve been a HoTMaiL user since it was born…long before Microsoft had their fingers in it. You’d think MS would give some consideration (even the tinyest bit) to long-time users and provide a basic form of HoTMaiL to get around having to upgrade EVERYTHING to be able to use what used to be the best online email service around. Pretty pathetic.

    I have managed to get around ALL of the lousy performance issues of the new by setting up a simple POP3/SMTP account on my Outlook Express email client. My HoTMaiL come in instantly, I have no advertising, I didn’t have to upgrade my computer, browser, operating system, or whatever other excuse MS has given to the thousands of users who absolutely HATE the new

    My computer may be underpowered by today’s standards and I can’t afford a new one. Why should I and the thousands of other HoTMalL users who suffer through horrible email client performance or can no longer use it at all because of older browsers be forced to alter their computers to compensate for the inadequacies of MS software engineers?

    • Dejan Levi

      To be honest I think the performance issues with Outlook are quite bad for everybody regardless of the power of system used (my system is quite new and I still have problems sadly), however your POP3/SMTP idea sounds like a good option for those annoyed at the new interface but not keep to migrate to another service – thanks for sharing!

  • Enzo S.

    I’m going through some minor mail filters setup issues with use of OE as a POP3/SMTP client but it’s all worth the trouble just to get away from the clunky OE’s filters (in my opinion) are far superior to what HoTMaiL supplies and can provide excellent SPAM protection. All I have to do now is log in to the accounts online about once a month to clean up what’s left behind.

    Who cares what the new interface looks like? It’s not that bad as far as email clients go. Performance, on the other hand, is intolerable.

    • Dejan Levi

      Thanks Enzo – this sounds like you’ve got a decent solution to sorting the performance issues, I’ll be recommending it to other disgruntled Outlook users! I take it this means you’ll be sticking with your Outlook account for the time being?
      Thanks for reading

      • Enzo

        Dejan – thank you for your comments. I didn’t think I was alone with my discontent of what MS has done to my formerly-wonderful HoTMaiL.

        I have more than one HoTMaiL account. Considering the length of time I’ve been a HoTMaiL user, I have too much invested in it to simply abandon the service. I’ve used one account in particular to correspond with literally thousands of people around the world. That unique email address has become synonymous with a facet of a world-wide hobby. Turning my back on that HoTMaiL account could break off contact with countless people who have relied on me for all these years. It would be somewhat difficult for me to contact every one of them to notify of a change of address. My “solution” has so far been invisible to everyone I correspond with via HoTMaiL. I have to keep it…until MS prohibits POP3/SMTP accounts in the name of profit, that is. — Enzo

  • Rhyz66

    I HATE MICROSOFT SO GOD DAMN MUCH!!! Windows 8 is basically as bad as the Vista era, yet they change everything to suit the ‘win8’ look, but for god sake, does anybody actually like all those squared off icons, flourescent colors and *bloody* annoying shortcuts etc Why could’nty they leave my hotmail baby alone, 10 years of brilliant usage and now this…. FFSake!! Why are MS constantly shooting themselves in the foot?? I hope google buys microsoft and rips the heads off those knobs at the top…….

    • Dejan Levi

      You’re right Rhyz – one of the main ‘goals’ of the upgrade has been to introduce the new Windows 8/Surface style interface to the Hotmail experience. Sadly, from your comment (and that of many other users) it’s clear that very few of us out there wanted this!

      It’s remarkable that Microsoft didn’t pay attention to the fact that very few users upgraded voluntarily when this was initially offered – surely they should have understood it as a sign that many were happy with exactly what they had.

      Anyway, thanks for reading!

  • Murray Snudge

    Hotmail used to open ok before the new look of Outlook although what I’m finding now is if I open mail as a Win 8 app it opens instantly – I use the desktop version of IE10 then Hotmail is very slow to open and sometimes doesn’t. I’ve just reinstalled Windows so it’s not the OS.

    • Dejan Levi

      I’ve not tried opening the new Outlook as a Win 8 app myself Murray – but using a desktop browser (regardless of whether it’s Chrome, IE, or Firefox) yields precisely the result you mentioned; very slow performance and occasional crashes. I had similar problems with the Android app initially, although the crashes have at least stopped in the past week or so…
      Anyway, thanks for reading!

  • Dejan Levi

    Oh dear lord…

    Outlook today received an update to its user interface (with which many users have been quite unhappy previously). The only problem is that the update makes things clearly worse rather than better…

    Whereas last week users had to click once to add an attachment, Outlook have now decided that it’s better if they have two clicks (via a new additional menu) in order to perform this operation. Genius! So innovative!

    It really is getting painful to watch Microsoft killing one of the few products that their users genuinely loved in this way. Fingers crossed they see sense soon!

  • Jaimi

    I HATE outlook. Why change something that was good to begin with to something people have complained and bitched about for years. It’s unfriendly to say the least and seriously, I’m sitting here now waiting on something to be sent going on 10 min. What has happened to Mircosoft? Granted I use my acct for junk and various unimportant mail, all my serious stuff goes to my gmail. I also had my hotmail acct since 2000 and now since this change, well I think its time to get rid of it. Its slow, too slow.

    • Dejan Levi

      I couldn’t agree with you more Jaimi!
      Thanks for reading,

  • Malc

    I’ve been pretty loyal to hotmail for many , many years . Hotmail was simplicity with easy acces to emails on the move .no matter where I was in the world . I have now been forced onto outlook and many countries with poor internet service speed makes my email checking almost impossible at times .
    I find myself stuck watching a graphic at the top of the page far too long . I have tried to give my opinions but it looks like Microsoft are adamant about the new outlook . I’m afraid they are now -1 customer and I don’t suppose theyre remotely interested . Pretty sad in all honesty as Hotmail was one of the few services I actually relied upon . MS should go by the rule – if it’s not broken , dont fix it !

    • Dejan Levi

      Quite right Malc – i find mobile performance to be much much worse in areas with weaker signal than was previously the case. I honestly cannot identify even one improvement with Outlook over the old Hotmail. You can see from the many comments here just how annoyed former Hotmail users are!
      Thanks for reading!

  • David Parkin

    Hi, Is this a record. My computer is one year old a top model and it took over five minutes for me to connect to outlook. Also keyed for outlook oneday waited and it just went back to my desktop. I thought it was my computer till I read all the comments on this site. Thanks Regards David

    • Dejan Levi

      Nothing wrong with your computer David – on the contrary, the faults lie entirely with Outlook. As well as general slow load times, other performance issues include frequent errors with viewing document attachments online – as well as widespread frustration with the bland user interface which lacks all the subtle colour coding and other design features that made Hotmail such a slick and easy to use product!

      Outlook have actually released some updates in the past few weeks since the automatic user switch – but sadly they have all only inexplicably worsened the problem! (See one of my previous comments above)
      Thanks for reading,

  • Helen

    Holy cow it’s slow to load. Also, I had to look up “how to forward a document on Outlook” as Microsoft don’t make it very easy.

    • Dejan Levi

      Good point Helen – for some bizarre reason, Outlook now – as of last week – requires you to click twice for basic actions such as forwarding emails or attaching files (they have moved each of these options into a separate sub-menu). Whatever the idea behind this move – it is a bad one! So sadly, at the moment, Outlook is bad and only getting worse.
      Thanks for reading!

  • Anna

    I’ve had Hotmail for longer than I care to remember and I never had any trouble with it … until now. The ‘new’ and ‘updated’ service is not just slow but seriously unreliably. In the past month or so it has happened to me several time that I wasn’t able to download attachments either from or to mail. And given that I use this mail for work, it is a serious issue. It’s the bottom line: the service should be reliable. Yes, on the side I also hate the new interface and definitely do not see it as an improvement but the fact that on the other side there is a client waiting for his translation and I can’t send it…that is extremely frustrating.

    • Dejan Levi

      I have the same problem Anna – as somebody who uses the account for work, I don’t really want to switch to another service meaning that at the moment I’m stuck with something which is clearly not fit for purpose.
      Thanks for reading!

  • rosie

    I hate Outlook – or in this case Don’t look as it is so slow. it keeps stopping. Then I get Outlook appears to have stopped working please try again later. Then last week I had a virus coming up and couldn’t log out.
    I’ve tried on 3 different PC’s not to mention I-phone’s too and its slow on those too.
    I’ve had enough. Back to yahoo and google for me.
    Unless they do the right thing and CHANGE IT BACK!!!!!

    • Dejan Levi

      We’ll have to wait and see Rosie, although I doubt very much there will be any significant changes to the interface. Presumably some of the performance issues and bugs should be ironed out given another few weeks and months but, judging by the general level of user dissatisfaction that you can see evident in the comments here, I doubt this will be enough to avoid losing many account to rivals such as Google and Yahoo.
      Thanks for reading,


    My experience with Outlook is not good- it is seriously slow to start and the “move to folder” is difficult to work. Please bring back Hotmail. But Yahoo is not good -I am asked for email and password every time I try to log in . Believe or not I still have a working Express!………for how long?

    • Dejan Levi

      That is indeed another key problem Jean – there are not many viable alternatives to jump ship to! (In all honesty I don’t rate the Gmail interface very highly either – although the performance is decent, much better than Outlook).
      Thanks for reading!

  • Paul

    Does anyone from Microsoft read these comments to see what a mistake they’ve made?

    • Dejan Levi

      Good question Paul – I’d imagine that they can’t be blind to the negative feedback which is evident all over the web since the launch, whether they intend to do something about it another matter entirely (I rather suspect not sadly). My guess is that they hope it’ll pass in time and they’ll simply ‘weather the storm’.
      Thanks for reading!

      • Dejan Levi


        An additional answer to your question Paul – yesterday the Outlook mobile app interface has been updated to at least correct one of the problems we’ve been highlighting (huge inbox font size meaning the display can only include 4-5 messages). It’s now a little better (smaller font so that now 6-7 messages are visible) and certainly closer to what the old Hotmail app was providing – although still not quite as good. Based on this latest change I’d say that if users are vocal enough about what they want – Outlook should eventually catch up!

  • Rubo

    I cannot be agreed more with the article and most of the comments. What’s more, it uses by far more juice form my battery than any other similar app.

    • Dejan Levi

      Oh dear – I hadn’t even thought to check the mobile battery usage. You could try switching from ‘push’ email (arrives instantly) to a scan every 30 or 60 minutes option (so sometimes you get stuff a few minutes later than it’s sent). It should improve battery performance at least a bit!
      Thanks for reading,

  • Julie Williams

    It’s great to read everyone else’s comments. I’ve really had enough of Outlook. It’s like going back to pre-broadband days waiting for e-mails to load and then a message keeps coming up, saying we can’t connect at this moment. It’s very annoying though because I’ve used my hotmail account for business for years! I’m thinking of changing to gmail unless there are other recommendations

    • Dejan Levi

      Aside from the obvious options of Yahoo and Gmail (the former has a better interface – the latter better performance in my view) there are also one or two others you could look into but the best for business users would be Zoha Mail. However, since it is for your work account, make sure to do some research before switching to ensure whatever you choose will meet your needs!
      Thanks for reading,

  • vic goodman

    I click on the refresh button in the “Folders” box on the left hand side. It’s the closest I believe you can get to a “Hotmail” type page. As a person from the last century I also found the apdate extremely frustrating and found this solution quite by accident. I hope it helps.

    • Dejan Levi

      Hi Vic – I’ve tried this but am not sure what you mean, maybe I’m doing it wrong? I click on the refresh button but all it does is refresh the content of all folders (but without actually changing the user interface). Is this what you are referring to?
      Thanks for reading!

  • Terry

    Outlook really is becoming painful, like what others have said, do Microsoft not understand, if something isn’t broke, it doesn’t need fixing, day after day trying to open emails, trying to open outlook itself, constantly opening and closing the browsers just to get your mail.

    Is their anyway you could just have all your emails forwarded to an alternative address ? then you wouldn’t have to open it at all, i had my Hotmail account since 2004, 99% of the time it was fine, i used to get the odd glitch, but nothing like i have to put up with now, i have Gmail and Yahoo, but not keen, maybe the only alternative is to buy a private email address from somewhere like 123 reg.

    Any thoughts please ?


    • Dejan Levi

      Hi Tel,

      You could try to download the Windows Live Mail programme from Microsoft (basically uses a programme to use your webmail rather than doing it in a browser) – this solves the interface problem slightly (and circumvents some of the glitches of the new Outlook – but doesn’t correct the overall speed issue).

      Alternatively, you could set up auto-forwarding to another address but this will be awkward when it comes to replying and ensuring you don’t lose anything unwittingly to spam filters (i.e. if you cease logging into your Outlook on a regular basis you won’t be able to scan the junk folder to see if anything was placed there by accident). Alternatively you could try Enzo’s solution (see previous comments).

      Thanks for reading!

    • joanna jacobson

      Why is it some people think CHANGE is for the better? Must they make “change” to make it appear as if they are “earning” their salaries? Or ego trips? Often computer changes are for the WORST!! I feel like a captive slave.

  • Carol

    I have paid for a business account for years for a small charity, and every time there is an update they forget to allow me to send to so many contacts, etc. so I expected some problems with outlook. However this is unbelievably bad, I simply can’t send out to my mailing list of 3000, and as they aren’t getting my messages they have stopped coming to the events and so the charity is going to fail – I’m having to send out the mailings using my own gmail acocunt and the customers are well confused!

    • Dejan Levi

      This sounds like a difficult position Carol – your experience echoes that of many other business users. It is one thing for Microsoft to upgrade users on free accounts regardless of their wishes – but to subject business users to such an experience is completely unprofessional and will clearly cost them a lot of users.

      My advice would be to double up (using your personal Gmail and the Outlook for everything for the time being – time-consuming but might stop things falling through the cracks) and maybe consider downloading Windows Live Mail as a desktop programme from which to manage your account. It will at least circumvent a few of the bugs affecting the browser-based version.

      Thanks for reading!

  • patricia pattinson

    tried sending new email or forwarding one and cant get my contacts addresses to appear like they used to how do you do it now? it was so easy before i used to click into line for email address put the name in and the full adress came up

    • Dejan Levi

      Hi Patricia,

      It should still be working as previously – on my account, when I click the recipient box, I get offered a drop down menu with the most frequently used recipients’ addresses. If I type a letter, it narrows the recipients according to which addresses correspond to that letter.

      Have you checked in your account settings? Maybe you have this option turned off?
      Thanks for reading!

  • W.Jones

    The hotmail performance issues are still tremendously bad. I have been a hotmail user for many years, but this extremely awful “upgrade” is simply the worst idea MS ever came up with. It has totally downgraded hotmail in every aspect. I am currently migrating to gmail because of this. It will be a large effort to inform all my contacts of my change and I need to keep logging into my hotmail account to check who is sending me what. I also have the gmail account download the e-mails of the hotmail account, but it’s all worth it to get rid of these horrible performance problems.
    I need 30-60 mins just to send one (!!!) e-mail – totally inacceptable!

    • Dejan Levi

      It is indeed a big hassle to switch accounts but many users, yourself included, are clearly considering this less awkward than to continue dealing with the new Outlook. One piece of advice would be to back up your entire email history before/if you abandon the Hotmail/Outlook for good. You never know when you might need them!
      Thanks for reading,

  • Claire Glazer

    I have been “suffering in silence” with this new version of what to me will always be known as hotmail, for several weeks, but finally lost my patience this morning when an e-mail which took me a very long time to compose seemed to take about 5 mins to send – I had visions of having to re-type the whole thing again!! Now I see I am not alone. The advice from Microsoft from reading other pages was to try a different browser, delete temp internet files and cookies. No!! People have tried that to no avail – I never had to do that before and I refulse to do it again, particularly as it makes no difference.
    Like others on here I have more than one hotmail account, and use one of my accounts to send newsletters out to a cancer support group I help run – the hassle to change everything is too much – but if it doesn’t get sorted I may have to reconsider.
    Sorry this is such a long moan, but I had to get it off my chest!!

    • Dejan Levi

      Microsoft’s advice to try a different browser is pretty irrelevant as you point out Claire. At the moment it sounds like you are one of the many users weighing up how much more of this sub-standard service you want to tolerate before you jump ship!
      Thanks for reading

  • Sally Smith

    I am getting the wrong attachments being received. Right ones attached, a real mix of correct ones and ones sent in an email to the same receipient the week before. It changes each time the same email is sent and even happens if it is resent in a different browser and forwarded. These are timesheets to staff agency so nothing important !!!! I have sent timesheets by email for years, never a problem until compulsory ‘upgrade’. Businesses need a reliable emailing service

    • Dejan Levi

      This must be a nightmare in a business context Sally, for both yourself and your employers/employees. A good example of how a shoddy service can really affect morale and people’s work experience (nobody likes being paid late or not paid at all because of dodgy email clients!). Good luck with finding a solution! (Maybe ‘double-up’ for timesheets and send using a second account for the time being?)
      Thanks for reading

  • Lg

    So glad I’m not the only one who is not happy with the Outlook hotmail. Why ruin a perfectly good thing. I just found an email from January 29 that I missed. That’s not the first time. Also, Outlook is linking the messages together when I respond to a message, and the original message received disappears. I forwarded a message to a number of people not realizing that Outlook had merged all connected messages together and embarrassingly a very personal message was inadvertently sent to all the forwarded people. There’s more, but I am busy right now.

    • Dejan Levi

      Oh dear – I wasn’t even aware this feature had been made default (my account had not defaulted to it – although I know it has been an option in Hotmail for years). You can undo it in your account settings but I guess the default switch has already caused some problems!
      thanks for reading

  • Mike Bingham

    I have been bemused by the new look Hotmail since I was migrated to Outlook in March and am so glad to find I have done nothing wrong and in the same boat as all of you here.
    My biggest problems are: (1) When I send an email, it says “Sending” for ever. I reload my load while the message is still displaying and find that it has been sent. The recipient writes back, so I know it’s worked. I graciously thought this was a teething problem but it has been like this for over 2 months now.
    (2) I can’t attach files. Insert -> Files as attachments displays the message: “We’re still getting set up. Please try again.” All I can do is press OK. I have never been able to attach files and am about to lose patience and go to yahoo. If you can resolve this, you’ll be my hero.

    • Dejan Levi

      You’re not alone Mike! Another problem is that the option to view attachments in your browser is also highly temperamental. I’m afraid I have no solution for you other than to migrate to another service if you want 100% reliability today and don’t want to be hoping/waiting that Outlook might get fixed in the near future. The truth is that it could take many more months at the current rate before the service is up to the old Hotmail standard of reliability and performance.
      Thanks for reading

  • Liz

    The new site is annoying as I can’t find a log out icon, there’s no obvious way to switch between mobile and full web site, I can’t download attachments and … Generally annoying been using it for weeks nothing’s changed my mind.

    • Dejan Levi

      Sounds familiar Liz! You thinking of switching your account yet or are you happy to wait a bit longer for Outlook to improve?

  • Jim

    This is a good article, expressing moderately and honestly what so many users have experienced with the transition to

    I’m a long term Hotmail user, preferring it to Google because Microsoft don’t read your mail. I’m okay with the Outlook UI, but the agonising slowness has made it almost unusable. They MUST fix it, and quickly.

  • Jim

    I actually composed the above comment while waiting for Outlook to show me a mail. Now it says “We can’t connect to Outlook at the moment. Please make sure that you’re connected to the Internet and try again”. up, down.

    • Dejan Levi

      Thanks Jim, glad you appreciate the article – Shame we can’t say the same for Outlook!

  • Paul Jarman

    Just to add to this thread….I am still (after a month of patient use) getting the same issues with speed and responsiveness. This product change has been awful and I’m off to research alternatives. Shame, but I just can’t stand it any longer!

  • Richard Lewis

    Hopeless switch from Hormail!!!
    Cant search emails, cant foward and a ot more

    Whats the alternative?

    • Dejan Levi

      Sadly Richard there aren’t too many – Yahoo and Gmail are more reliable, although in a bizarre twist Gmail have this week updated their own mobile interface and introduced what can only be described as some mind-bogglingly idiotic new features (including using up a large part of the screen to display the first letter of the sender’s email address in a huge font when viewing your inbox, about as useless an addition as one could imagine). Alternatively you could look into Zoho Mail?
      Thanks for reading,

  • Fred Keyes

    After reading tons of dissent that can easily be found online, it’s amazing to me that Microsoft has been so unresponsive about addressing the problems of the outlook that displaced Hotmail. I’ve read some of their own forums about the topic and their unwillingness to even acknowledge that this solution was a huge step backwards is appalling. The arrogance is overwhelming. Poor Bill Gates probably has no idea what his company is doing.

  • Jacky Tarleton

    I had one of the very first hotmail accounts, set up for me by my computer geek son and I loved it. It had almond blossom and was pink and so easy to use.
    Now I am in email Hell, with that wretched dotted line running endlessly along the top of the dull blue page while it tries to load its dull blue emails. I HATE it!

    • Dejan Levi

      This is a pretty funny way of summarising both the performance and interface issues in one quick line –

      ‘…that wretched dotted line running endlessly along the top of the dull blue page while it tries to load its dull blue emails…’

      It won’t make Outlook any better but it did raise a smile over my tea this morning
      Thanks for reading

  • Alex

    Just a small note in a long line of complaints. I am 40 this year and remember setting up my account when I was at uni – 1998. My Biggest bugbear with it is the most simplistic of expectations from my account.
    When I log in I expect to see my emails, and when I press NEW I expect it to create a new email message box. All the background crap/features I couldnt care less about. They can take time to load-up. I DO NOT expect to be pressing the ‘NEW’ button a dozen times over a 5 minute period, without any message box appearing.

    • Dejan Levi

      It’s a perfectly reasonable expectation Alex – why it’s taking Outlook over a couple of months to fix is absolutely beyond me!

  • KT

    Wow, I’m actually kind of relieved to find I’m so far from being alone in my irritation with this ‘upgrade’. Though equally, I was feeling somewhat resigned- all these comments have woken up my sense of righteous indignation!

    I’m another person who’s been with Hotmail since the beginning, and always avoided Outlook like the plague for reasons others have already described, so being forced into it was, yes, annoying. But, again, as others have already said, it wouldn’t have been so bad to be completely manhandled if it weren’t for all the problems with this new version.

    One especially irritating problem (which has happened quite a few times in the last few weeks) is when I enter my mail and password, enter, and then the page just goes blank. It says it’s loaded my inbox, the address is there up top, but all I have is a blank screen. If I try to refresh, either nothing, or I’m back to the start and have to enter my password again. As you’ve said with other things, okay, it’s not a HUGE time waster, but it’s annoying when the problem was never there before.

    It’s worse when, as at this moment, it happens, then when I try to start again, that page is blank too. I have to just give up and wait for another time to check my mail.

    For me, I also find the ‘uber simplistic’ presentation annoying, too. For the sake of making everything look clean and streamlined, or whatever their stylistic goal was, they ended up hiding various useful links and options. I feel a bit stupid for taking a couple of minutes to figure out where certain links were, but if it had been left as it was, I wouldn’t have had to hunt around anyway.

    Why are Microsoft so completely irritating? As you said, why mess with something that was already a great product, especially to replace it with something so stupid?

    (Okay, apologies for getting on my soapbox, I didn’t intend to write so much!)

    • Dejan Levi

      No problem KT – these are all valid points and your complaints echo those of tens of thousands (if not millions?) of other users out there!
      thanks for reading

  • Deb A.

    I have been a Hotmail user since I got my first e-mail address and really loved the simplicity and reliability of it! I am not technologically savvy, but still use it for both personal and business purposes. I could echo most of the sentiments above but sometimes feel it must be my fault due to my lack of savvy! At least reading this made me feel better.
    This is probably a silly question, but I cannot find the cut and paste option anywhere on my outlook system. I Googled it and still haven’t had success with anyone’s directions! I seem to be missing some of the options shown by others that I should click onto leading to an area that I can access this tool! Yes I’m a Grandma, but still functioning in this high tech world. Or at least I was until Outlook came along!!! Did I mention I really hate OUTLOOK !!!!

  • Helen

    I agree! Outlook is really awful. I have mostly gone to gmail

  • Mario

    I actually think the new Outlook is really nice, and I’ve been using Gmail since 2000 or so… it seems really snappy and so much less cluttered than Gmail. I couldn’t really stand Hotmail but now I’m considering switching. I even prefer their phone app! But it sounds like I’m in the minority here. Odd!

    • Dejan Levi

      Wow – Mario I’m really glad to hear that there are at least some users who are happy with the change (so that we’re not all being driven up the wall with the new Outlook!). I’m curious, were you a Hotmail user previously or did you switch from Gmail straight to the new Outlook?
      Thanks for reading

  • J

    Outlook is really rubbish. Emails often don’t delete, won’t move into new folders and often says it can’t connect. It does mean that I don’t bother to read the content of a lot of emails now as they take to long to load. It also looks hideous but then I don’t like the regression to the 80s that is Windows Mobile and now Windows 8.

    • Dejan Levi

      I do the same J! In order to save time I try to judge, by the subject line, whether an email I would under normal circumstances open – is worth the 2-4 minutes of hassle…
      Glad I’m not alone in this,

  • Kris

    Absolutely the most FRUSTRATING situation I have experienced since the days of WANG… sweet creeping jaezus… It takes 15 minutes to just send a message and after about five messages the D**** thing freezes up and I have to forcibly shut it down. I have YEARS of very important emails in Hotmail but I cannot afford to spend 60 minutes sending 5-6 messages. And I’ve done all the little things suggested, upgrade my browser, yadayadayada… I have been yelling at my computer and that’s something that has to stop…

  • Ramesh

    when trying to attach file I am getting “We’re still getting set up. Please try again”
    its really Frustrating. I think I should stop using hotmail services. should go for Gmail or yahoomail

    • Dejan Levi

      Thanks for reading Ramesh – let me know if you’re any happier with Gmail or Yahoo! Many of the commentators on here are contemplating a similar switch and would be keen to hear your thoughts on it,

  • selwyn

    I agree with Ramesh …Kris..& J ..outlook is Not Working been with hotmail for 10 years but outlook is dam rubbish…

  • Jamie Maskey

    The switch to outlook has been disastrous. It is slow and I have all sorts of problems from ‘we cannot connect at the moment’ to ‘we are still setting up’
    What is going on ?

  • T Ferguson

    I am about to cry! I am a volunteer for a non-profit and am asking people to donate items for an auction and now my emails won’t load, attach documents or send. I can’t change to gmail a week before the event! Oh my! I am very disappointed. Is there ANYTHING that can be done?

    • Dejan Levi

      The simplest solution at the moment is to jump ship to Gmail or Yahoo.

      Otherwise try either David’s tip below (logging out and then back in when Outlook starts playing up) or Enzo’s tip above (more tricky but saves having to use browser based UI once you set it up).

      Thirdly, you could complain to Outlook in the hope that they rectify the issues sooner rather than later!

      Good luck

  • David Muray

    I agree with all the sentiments already posted. is just so annoyingly slow to perform the most basic tasks. I find Live Mail still works fine and after the latest update the mobile app is actually much improved, but I work mainly at my desktop PC, so that’s no real consolation for me. By the way, one trick that does seem to solve the performance issues is to log out of your MS account and then back in and for some reason the speed then seems fine until you next open the webpage.

    • Dejan Levi

      Thanks David! I’ll try this tip next time my Outlook crashes (which I suspect won’t be too far away)…

  • annie C

    so good to read that others are having the same problems. I am reading this while waiting for Outlook to do something – took so long I’ve forgotten what I was doing. will definitely jump ship if nothing is done. I am off to try and contact Outlook to at least register my complaint – suppose it will take a long long time.

    • Dejan Levi

      Let us know if you get a response Annie – I’d be curious if Microsoft are taking the user discontent seriously yet.
      Thanks for reading,

  • Wal.K.

    The new UI is totally useless. You can’t even organize your contacts by online status. MS has a habit of changing stuff just for the sake of change.

  • rachel j

    Thanks for this article, I thought it was just me going crazy! I’ve had a Hotmail account for as long as I can remember and it’s been great, but since they “upgraded” to Outlook the speed, or lack of, just to highlight one of my gripes, has been awful. I’m seriously thinking of switching, but am not a fan of Google, so am considering my options – if anyone has a suggestion it would be most appreciated!

  • Ty

    I am among those who really am not happy about the change from Hotmail to Outlook. Every time I open Outlook it refreshes after a bit. Whatever I am doing at the moment is lost and I get to start it over. I did not like the original Outlook, and I feel the same about the so called new and improved version.

  • Tom

    Can’t attach files to emails anymore! This worked well with Hotmail but not at all now with Outlook! Bad move!

    We’re still getting set up. Please try again.

  • Tim

    Outlook won’t redirect to my inbox after login it just gets stuck and I have to refresh the page and I’m prompted for my password again. Outlook doesn’t like loading any of my folders it just sits there pretending to load its sooo slow. Terrible

  • Neil

    I quite liked the new Outlook but the persistent performance problems (speed) have caused me to move to GMail today!

    • Dejan Levi

      Great – let us know how you get on with Gmail Neil, how does it compare to someone who has used Hotmail previously?

  • Denny

    So agree with all these comments – thought I was being inept- thanks to all for confirming my worst fears – it’s bad and it ain’t gonna get any better. I’m off to explore other options.

    • Bob

      I agree with all of the above – a very poor ‘upgrade’ indeed. What were they thinking?!…

  • Anna

    Thanks for writing this article and letting me know I am not alone! is incredibly frustrating and I agree with most of the comments above. As a long term hotmail user the worst thing is it’s slowness to load anything, I can’t even read my emails let alone reply. Don’t want to switch and have the hassle of letting all my contacts know, but if this doesn’t get sorted out soon I’m off….

    • Dejan Levi

      Quite a few users in the same boat as you Anna – basically fed up with the awful service but been using it too long (often over 10 years) to make jumping ship as easy as it would be for new users – so we end up tolerating the substandard service because switching also involves a massive amount of hassle. A rock and a hard place indeed…
      Thanks for reading

  • Tris

    Happy Hotmail user for the last ten years. It worked, the spam filter was excellent, you could see what was going on, er…. it just worked.
    The new “improved” outlook is just execrable. It is so poor that surely it is supposed to be that poor. Are microsoft finding it too expensive to run a free Email service and trying to get us all to foxtrot oscar?
    Mozilla Thunderbird makes the wretched shambles just about bearable.

  • Tris

    Oh and the other thing. Seems the wretched outlook attaches your facebook pictures to the Emails you send, by default. Most amused I was not, to find that my work Emails to my engineering clients had a big photo of me pulling a stupid face on the top of the page. Appropriate for my facebook, NOT APPROPRIATE FOR YOUR WORK EMAILS. But as we all know, microsoft knows best. If you have shares in microsoft, SELL! They have lost the plot.

    • Dejan Levi

      I agree completely Tris – see my comment and links in response to Paul below – Mircosoft genuinely think they’ve done a good job with this!
      Thanks for reading

  • Paul

    Same as others above. It is so slow, several times I’ve assumed my laptop has frozen. What’s the latest from Microsoft? I haven’t been able to find anything even admitting there is a problem.

    • Dejan Levi

      Very little from Microsoft so far Paul – it really is staggering considering how much discontent is easily evident online. In truth, I think many at Microsoft honestly think they’ve done a good job with this. Check out this hilarious boasting excerpt from their blog about the new Outlook:

      ‘To underscore the differences between the two services, here’s a screenshot comparing Hotmail to You can instantly see the difference in the clean new look. The chrome is minimized so your content is front and center, information is organized so that you can easily see what’s most important, large display ads are gone and the entire visual aesthetic is designed to be fast and intuitive.’


      Here is a selection of other absurdities with which nobody would agree from their official blog over the past few months (honestly – follow the link above to see the posts in full – the level of delusion on display is genuinely amusing). Check this for a great example:

      ‘We’ve been focused throughout the upgrade on ensuring that every customer has a great experience. We’ve been overwhelmed with the response so far, based on the comments we’ve received. Here are just a few of the verbatim comments that were sent through the in-product feedback tool:

      – “Oh my goshwow!!! This is gorgeous! I didn’t see this coming – this is a very welcome experience. Thanks for the new!”
      – “This is awesome. I’d like to say these changes will definitely make me come back and delete my other accounts like google and yahoo! This is much smoother to navigate and transitioning between skydrive and mail is awesome. This is such a big improvement. I have not played with much of the features yet, but thank you thank you. Alias setup was painless and ease of use is bar none. I’d definitely recommend to my friends.”

      Hmm…. What?! Not many comments like that posted on this thread – in fact the ratio of negative to positive feedback currently stands at about 65:1 – and yet somehow the Outlook blog has cherry picked 3 positive comments in order to whitewash their upgrade as a success.

      I honestly think that Microsoft’s deluded and stubborn failure to acknowledge what a balls-up this upgrade has been is as bad as the botched upgrade itself.

      Thanks for reading!

  • Irene

    Hi there, I’ve been experiencing problems with my outlook email account for a couple of weeks now. When I click to open emails it takes AGES to load. The same happens when I try and delete them – and all the while I’ve to watch 5 small white things scrolling from left to right at the top of my page. Is this meant to amuse you while you wait for the info you want to appear? Anybody else experiencing this?

  • martyn

    I’m having the same problems. Extremely slow to open. You say “seconds to open” here but sometimes I have to wait minutes just to open it now. Also trying to select a message, it will tick the box and then magicly untick. I thought it was my computer for a few days but have now tried it on many. Its got to go I’m afraid. I’m out ….. too.

  • Paul

    When it first switched from hotmail to it seemed to work normally …. but now takes nearly a minute just to sign in …. its the same on all Browsers and it is only outlook that is slow … everything else is fine .

  • Jay

    The thing that annoyed me the most was that Outlook by default had chosen a setting that automatically ‘associated’ my hotmail outgoing mail with what info it could grab from facebook.

    This meant for a week or two until I noticed (reading an outgoing mail in my sentbox) – My outgoing email had a picture of me obtained by grabbing my facebook profile picture (which happened to be myself in pirate fancy dress outfit).

    It made all those job applications I sent out that week a write-off. Thanks Microsoft you plonkers.

    • Tris

      Jay….I enjoyed this “new and exiting feature” as much as you did. It really makes for a professional presentation! ……………………………………………..Microsoft Morons.

  • Sonia

    I thought I was the only one frustrated with how PAINFULLY SLOOOOW Outlook is!! How I was duped to “upgrade” to this I don’t know… (Lately it’s even slower and sometimes it doesn’t even OPEN!).

  • Catherine

    I’m so pleased I went searching for info’ and answers about the slow loading of Hotmail,I’ve also been with Hotmail for over 10years, I am totally fed up with it as well, thankyou everyone for your imput, I now know it’s isn’t just me, but it’s frustrating to see just how many people are affected by this and nothing been done about it!!

  • tommy

    can i switch my another server

  • Sara

    Hotmail sooo slow…hate it so much, it’s like watching paint dry!! It seemed to coincide with my new 6GB, intel Corei7, laptop purchase. Foolishly thought everything would be super fast and put it down to now using Windows 8. Which by the way I also hate.

  • Bill

    Unless its sorted PDQ they’ve killed it. Cant believe anybody could be so inept!
    Goodbye Hotmail, hello gmail!

  • Caleb

    Not only is it so slow to open emails but it is REALLY SLOW at uploading files. This is a pain when sending invoices or work/documents to clients.

  • Kav

    What an utter shambles this “new” service is. I’ve given in and opened a Gmail account. My hotmail inbox is retrieved by that and its works so much quicker. Added bonus is that as I’m not logging in there less impression on the site for MS to make money on.
    Just absolutely useless.

  • trax4katz

    Thanks for this thread Dejan, I agree completely with your comments (and have found much solace in reading other peoples)! I felt exactly the same way after the awful shift from the brilliant and much cherished Hotmail to the abomination that is ‘Outlook’ which features some of the worst performance/design I’ve ever experienced! Its just seems that Microsoft have lost the plot completely and decided to focus upon regression instead these days; what with Explorer now being the slowest browser available (which forced me to shift to Chrome which is pure genius) and now its sacrilege by destroying Hotmail, one of the most successful email clients ever IMO. I’ve had my Hotmail account since 1999, I opened it on the 1st day I began my BA in Digital Media which is why I’ve been so attached to it ever since, but I’m afraid ‘Outlook’ has totally killed it for me forever sadly – so alas its time to finally close it and give Gmail a go – much respect Google :) – shame on you Microsoft! :(

  • Allen Peters

    Never seen such slow E mail service I am moving to G mail very soon if matters do not improve

  • Witless

    Another happy Hotmail user for years, I’ve just used Outlook’s ‘amazing’ onboard feedback function to inform them that unless things speed up in the next 14 days I’m joining the stampede to Gmail. I wonder if they’ll reply, and if they do, how long it will take to open.

  • John

    outlook .com is so bad after years of hotmail. Will change to gmail with all the hassel of informing my contacts but i’m fed up with this rubbish.

  • Frustated

    I agree totally with you all, thought it was just me or a virus. Just after doing a system restore no better, takes a good 30secs to a minute to log in. Unacceptable ! Glad I found this post.

    • Peter Joelson

      Terribly slow. It’s a right pain. Mostly.

      Oddly, it works perfectly well for a small minority of the time. I wonder why.

      Like many, I used hotmail for years, but my patience is very nearly at an end with Outlook revamp.

  • Gary C

    Thank God – I thought it was just me! It is total ‘pants’ – I’m in the UK – London – very well served by high-speed broadband and watching Outlook load is like watching paint dry. Am I only the one who is losing emails in their inbox? MSN in their infinite wisdom have decided to kill off hundreds of stored emails. Can some bright person out there tell me if this is a settings issue? Surely some bright developer out their can come up with a third-party solution to getting our old ‘hotmail’ look, feel and speed back? And if MSN want to upgrade (Ha!) fine – but why not make it an OPTION? Some of us – see above – would have liked things left the way they were .. because .. hey … like … you know – it just worked! Is that trendy enough for you Microsoft?

  • Smugpunter

    I’ve been with Hotmail since 1996 when it started, and it’s been great, but it’s now SO SLOW that I’m probably going to Gmail – what a pain. They need to be honest and tell us if there’s a fix pending, and the expected timescale. If they don’t then we have to assume the worst.

  • DanielC

    I am experiencing the greatest frustration since Hotmail moved to Outlook. It is incredible slow and does not stop dropping. I have already engage in the process of moving my email to Gmail.

  • Scott Reid

    Outlook is total crap.It is so slow and can grow a beard by the time I eventually get into my account.This needs to be sorted soon but won’t hold my breath.

  • Dave Perkins

    I agree with everyones’ comments. Been using Hotmail trouble free since 1997.
    If this doesn’t get sorted in the next week or so or at least receive some sort of acknowledgement from MS that they’ve got a problem, then I’m jumping ship to Gmail.

  • Stella Schofield

    I concur Outlook is slow and frustrating. I think Im going to have to change my email account now. I thought it was going to be an upgrade from Hotmail not a downgrade.

  • Adam W

    Agree with all. Been with Hotmail since 1998. About to say goodbye and set up a Gmail because the service is so unbearably slow. I loved Hotmail, why change it?

  • Pete

    I have also been using hotmail for many years but it is now unusable as it is far to sloooow. I would love to have the old hotmail back but it looks like I will have to open a Yahoo account.



  • Mary Burton

    Think I spend most of my day trying to access my hotmail account – but good to know that its not just me and my computer.
    Hope they put a fix on it soon as changing e mail accounts just seems so much work

  • Amanda Montage

    Thank goodness Im not the only person suffering this .. outlook keep telling me its my browser settings and send a link to click and sort but they don’t have Internet Explorer v 10 on the link which is the latest so how on earth do I use the link to set my browser when the relevant browser isn’t even on it?! Total pants

  • alan mackinnon

    Hotmail was great but changed to outlook as I knew Hotmail was going to be closed down. Big mistake! Logon to Outlook and it can take up to 3 minutes to load up .Sometimes even longer. What is going on? Then it can take quite a few seconds to then open the email. Surely Microsoft must know there is a problem. I don’t know much about computers but I am going to have to ask my son next time I see him, who is in IT, what is a good alternate provider for emails.

  • Fabio

    Disgrafully slow and worring, the same experience here, excellent before and terrible now. The new look: childish and ugly should have served as a warning

  • tom

    typical case of fixing something that wasn’t broken.

  • Kat

    Sooooooo painful waiting for Outlook to load ….. loved Hotmail ….going to Gmail until Outlook wakes up !

  • terri

    outlook is terrible,i can get my breakfast ready,and finish eating it and il still be waiting for the page to load to get into my account,i have triple click on a an email to try and open it,then wait again,it jams up when sending emails,pictures take about 1 year to load when trying to view it,the old hotmail was awesome,really hate outlook,will probably move to somewhere else,even though it is a pain

  • Bob Firth

    And what makes it worse is the Microsoft insistence that it’s the browser configuration and/or version that’s causing the problem. Do they really think we’ll buy that? What could possibly be designed to make you madder than spending a load of time fruiting around with system settings, only for it (then) to make ABSOLUTLEY NO DIFFERENCE?

  • caroline

    Also a frustrated longer term user of Hotmail, new Outlook is painfully slow, drops all the time, most (even small) attachments fail ….. Driving me nuts so I guess I too must move on

  • mel

    Outlook is painfully slow, I’m told to do this or that to my browser to speed it up – but Hotmail was fine, so why should I have to interfere with my browser settings. We must keep complaining so Microsoft realise they chaned over too soon.

  • Charlie

    Time for Gmail. i cant work with this. Been with Hotmail since 99. I have important emailes to read/reply to and can’t get access to them. This is a joke! They should spend less time developing games systems, unuasable windows 8 (for my mum) and get the basics right!

    • Rachel

      Right, it is terrible, I don’t understand why this isn’t a bigger story. It is affecting so many people. How can we make it a bigger story so outlook/hotmail might listen?!

      • Dejan Levi

        I agree Rachel – there’s literally tens of thousands of frustrated Outlook users out there who are blatantly being ignored by Microsoft’s stock response of ‘try a different browser’ or ‘clear your cache’ (in short – they don’t even acknowledge the problem).

        For some reason, none of the major tech blogs are picking this up and therefore Microsoft don’t seem to even realise that they’re haemorrhaging users to Gmail. Check out this thread for a perfect example of the standard Microsoft delusion about their own shoddy work:

        My favourite is the bit where they assume the most logical explanation for these issues is that millions of users just haven’t cleared their cache or are all using outdated browsers… It actually seems like it’s this failure to even acknowledge the problem that is annoying users enough to migrate after the initial sub-standard upgrade caused them to contemplate it. In other words, Microsoft’s awful customer service is the shoddy counterpart to their woeful product design and the final straw for thousands of users abandoning ship after 10+ years of happy Hotmail use.

        Google probably can’t believe their luck…

        Thanks for reading!

  • Jon

    It’s not just me who’s waiting for bloody ages to log on then!

  • Zoe

    Really not happy takes too long to load, then moving between folders it can take up to a minute. Loved hotmail, do not like out look, clunky and slow. Might have to start looking at Gmail too.


      You don’t have it that hard my Hotmail (now stupid outlook) won’t even let me read my emails it just say’s “sorry outlook is not working now please try again latter” I say they should put it back to hotmail


    I’ve actually had enough now. I feel like I will lose at least 30% of my life waiting to open my emails, not to mention losing several jobs through lack of productivity.
    It’s time to move on after over 10 years.

    Bye bye Hotmail – i’ll always remember the good times we shared…

  • sk

    new hotmail upgrade is extremely slow and annoying. I have been with hot mail since 1993 and never had any probs until this upgrade. I am seriously considering switiching my email to GMail. I hope MS is looking into fixing this otherwise they may end up loosing there loyal users.

  • Teresa Stokes

    Outlook is getting worse and worse every day. I am utterly, utterly p….d off with it. Attachments often fail to attach. It keeps going out of order: “we are unable to connect you to outlook at the moment”. I have been away for a few days and it’s taking me hours and hours to get through 26 emails, they take so long to open, or to switch from inbox to sent, for example. I have two spare accounts at BTinternet and Gmail, used occasionally, which never give any trouble. I would dearly love to switch over but it would be a nightmare contacting all my contacts to let them know of the change.

  • andrew

    Same for me – tried 3 different PC’s:
    1. old with XP, no AV & IE, Chrome, Firefox,

    2. one Win 7 laptop (bit messy with lots of odd stuff on but no AV) ….

    3. and now one brand new Win 8 SSD high performance perfectly clean machine with zero apps and perfectly patched.

    All machines enjoy a 20mb connection to optical service and ALL are lousy performance… zero difference between them all.

    Sent all the configs to MS for help…they just keep asking for versions, browsers, AV etc……absolutely nothing useful back. Does not matter where you are located, what connection, what AV, what OS, what browser….is useless in ANY situation at all.

  • andrew

    Meant to add….it’s getting worse as well.

    Was a time when it was odd times of day, when America woke up, when they must be doing back ups etc…..but now its poor all the time…and poor to the extent of unusable. I don’t care about lightening responses (although we used to have that and it was nice) but simply being usable and predictable would be enough. Gripe over

  • Susan

    Agree with all the comments but which is best to move to, gmail, yahoo or something else?

  • Marjorie Wilson

    Totally agree!!!!!

  • Ocie Mathenia

    I’m beginning to experience all of the same problems as those posted here. It is extremely frustrating. I an 65 years old. I was with Hotmail from it’s beginning, and refused to change until now; never even thought about it before. I’m thinking that I’ve got to change before it gets to that point where Outlook doesn’t login at all, or my e-mails doesn’t open at all.
    Hotmail ‘upgrades’ to Outlook. Looks like the worse thing they ever done.

  • M Paddon

    Yes it’s horrendous, business people have used hotmail for years because it is professional and works and that has all been thrown out the window. Problem is, so many people have my mail I don’t want to change it. I think there should be a cmapaign to bring back the old hotmail.

  • rls

    This upgrade really is rubbish
    Are they planning a fix – does anyone know, because if not I will move to another company

  • Malcolm Beith

    First time I ever felt strongly enough to write one of these comments. You have to hate Microsoft, don’t you? Do you think they listen? Do you think they care? I wish i could believe that my moving to Gmail after 16 years with Hotmail would bother them, but I can’t.

  • Stuart Canty

    I will not be renewing my subscription. I originally paid to get larger attachments. but with GMX I get it free. And its also very fast , Microsoft has lost the plot. what with windows 8, and now this!

  • Andy Douglas

    Same for me here. Had two friends this week already email my work account notifying me that they have migrated from hotmail to gmail because of these problems.

    I’m close to doing the same – I’ve been a hotmail user since ’99, but it’s been in decline for a long time.

  • Dave

    Yup, Outlook is rubbish and is yet another sign that Microsoft has lost the plot. Total fail, too slow and really really annoying. Gmail it is then.

  • Penny

    What a relief – although only on reading that so many are having same problems with this ridiculous new version. Not relief that anything will be resolved anytime soon from Microdaft organisation. I cannot get into my account most days. I have fast BB speed, an imac, no trouble with any other types of email. Outlook is driving me nuts because I spend endless attempts trying to log in, when I do get in it is slow and I am irritable beyond belief. I also get this weird tracking
    thing along the top header whenever I do anything
    like little white dots moving across. Make you wonder… I think it is time to get off this sinking ship…

  • Liz

    All I can do is echo what has already be written. I was with Hotmail for two years with no problems whatsoever; since the move to Outlook accessing my emails and attachments has been, and is, a complete nightmare – it is SO slow, jumps about all over the place, and is getting worse. No one seems even remotely concerned so I too am preparing to leave for Yahoo or Gmail, I jst can’t stand it anymore!

  • Paul

    This last week I’ve had real problems just trying to open emails. As soon as I want to look at a contact, open a folder or pretty much anything else I end up with the dreaded ‘this page can’t be displayed’….
    Microsoft’s advice: update your browser, clear cache & cookies, fix dns problems!!!!
    Basically it’s all my bl***y fault.
    Yep, Gmail here I come….

  • JeffG

    Outlook is awful I have tried more or less everything to speed things up, not a chance, and I am a PC engineer.I have been with hotmail from the start and found it excellent, now have have lost so much time with this issue its now time for a change which I am reluctant to do, however, outlook leaves me no choice, well its hello gmail. Microsoft have dropped a real bollock here.

    • Michele

      I’m also giving up with Hotmail after using it for many years, this is just too frustrating!

  • David Murray

    I’m getting close to the point of switching over to Gmail. I already have an account with them but don’t like the email address I ended up with and my Live address is in use in so many places….but I can’t take this much longer. It will be a painful, initially, but at least Gmail works.

  • pam

    Today 28th June 2013 is just the limit of my tolerance. Ive waited literally minutes for my outlook to load. Trouble is even if you change right away from Hotmail(outlook) , you still have the hassle of coming back to check it incase you miss an email from somewhere you havent been in touch with for ages.

  • DavidJ

    Glad its not only me then. I can’t believe how bad Hotmail has become since becoming Outlook. Can’t waste the time involved trying to get into or respond to e-mails. This is now a serious issue since I use Hotmail for work. I have been with Hotmail for ten years and been delighted with it’s consistency. Now however is the time to change.

  • Peter Ferris MBE

    microsoft outlook does not work at all for me. seriously slow. takes 10 mins to send a one liner email

  • David Speed

    Microsoft outlook sucks for me also.
    When are MS going to fix this ?

  • Simon G

    It is so slow most of 24 hours, but especially when the USA wakes up during the UK afternoon. It’s a free service but MS has let users down badly !

  • Sandyk

    Have to agree, my patience (which is usually good) has been stretched to the limit, no part of outlook is quick – sending e-mails, opening e-mails, even changing to look at contacts is soooooooooo slow! seriously considering changing after years with hotmail.

  • Lisa

    I have been using Hotmail for 14 years and was very happy with the service. Since it has changed to Outlook its inferiority is akin to the old modem dial up speeds. I do not expect such a drop in performance in this era of broadband and technological advances. Usually changes are made for the better, but this amateurish quality is like a beta edition. I hate using it and cannot believe Microsofts lack of consideration for its consumer. To think we would be happy with such an inferior
    upgrade, insults all of our intelligence.

  • Andy

    I looked atthis thread because yes, “Outlook” is unexpectedly sloooow (and other web pages fast on my 60Mbps).
    Lisa, welcome to the harsh realisation that “usually changes are for the better” ran out in about 2010. On Android the Outlook app has annoyingly large text too.

  • ray monaghan

    i would agree with others hotmail was a quality product whereas outlook is abysmal

  • Barbara

    The most irritating thing I have found with Outlook (apart from the unbeliveable slowness) is that it logs me in to Skype automatically. Every time I use Outlook I have to log myself out of Skype. Why does this happen? I didn’t always want my contacts to know I am online. It should be my choice to appear ‘available’. If anyone knows how to remove this function I would be pleased hear it.

  • Neil

    I finally snapped and I am changing my e-mail address – but, ultimately, not Gmail. For someone who has used Hotmail (still can’t bring myself to call it Outlook – ugh!) for thirteen years, Gmail is just too different, and I can’t get to grips with it. However, I do seem to have found a workable solution with another e-mail client, and one which has a really well-designed Android app to boot.

  • Bob

    Patience finally worn out now migrated. Welldone Microsoft another own goal

  • SecretBob

    Found this thread after googling slow Am also a long time Hotmail user (since 1996) suffering after being upgraded to Trying to open Outlook results in anything up to 10 minutes before anything is displayed, even for a free service, this is unacceptable……

    Microsoft need to sort it out…….please….

  • Andy

    I did the same as SecretBob…Googled ‘slow hotmail’ and found this blog. Hotmail has become virtually unuseable in the last week! DO SOMETHING MICROSOFT!!!

  • Heather

    Well i have finally snapped and given up. I no longer have the patience to wait for hotmail to sort its self out. Changing to outlook has seriously damaged hotmail. I have changed to yahoo now after 15 years… Not happy. really Miscrosoft you NEED look at this!!

  • John Greer

    Same for me. Used hotmail since it first appeared. Then was forced to move to Microsoft Outlook and the problems started. Terrible system, terrible speeds, appauling solution from Microsoft. It’s not really being addressed or acknowledged either. I’ve a lot of years invested in this mail name but need to start moving elsewhere. MS are really bad these days.

  • Ady

    I just googled ‘slow Outlook’ as I have been suffering and thought I had connection problems. But I speed check my connection and its fine.

    Yes it’s slower than dial up speeds for outlook. Just trying to open up a small one liner e mail can take 5 minutes seriously.

    Starting to think Microsoft consists of dribbling retards????

  • Sharron

    The slowness is abominable, but the constant “Outlook is temporarily down, please try again later” messages make me want to bang my head against the wall. I cannot comprehend why Microsoft has done NOTHING to fix these problems. Longtime users are leaving in droves. I don’t want to go to gmail, it impacts hundreds of business contacts for me, but I’m going because Hotmail/Outlook doesn’t bloody work!

  • Justin

    All I can say is after 11 years I’m changing to another email service. OUTLOOK is CR*P

    • Mario

      This is exactly what I also will do. Microsoft is so cheap and so slow, it’s just incredible.

  • Stuart

    I’d assumed the problem must be at my end – how can the product be SO bad. Now they want £14.99 for ‘ad-free outlook’. Tell me this is a spoof somebody. What happens if I chose not to pay, can I still access ‘Hotmail’?

  • anna

    A strange relief in finding this thread because I had formed the idea that the snail pace Outlook must uniquely be my problem due to something I did not understand. But now I find it’s a company ‘fuck-up’ afterall shared by all of us loyal hotmail users.I’ve sent many emails to Outlook asking them what is going on (no reply, obviously), and this is my last (public) plea: get on to this Outook, otherwise within the fortnight I am packing up and leaving this long standing communication marriage!

  • Andy Waring

    Just imagine all the ANGER in the world that wasn’t there before Outlook. It’s like some hidden agenda. Who’s responsible?
    I’m out… quick.

  • Amanda Cunningham

    Thks for your post Dejan. I agree with your comments. It is seriously bad and very frustrating. I am reluctant to have to leave my hotmail address of many years but it looks at though I will have to do so to stay sane! I wondered if there was something wrong with my computer but I’m (sort of) pleased to know it is not just me!

  • Veronica

    I have been with hotmail since June 1999. 14 years and this weekend it took nearly two minutes to open a message. I then got a timed out message and had to start all over again. This is not an improvement and as I use it for my business, I can’t continue this sadly.

  • Samsag

    Thanks for the post which pefectly matches my own experience.

    I’ve been happily using an email adress for the last 13 years but for the last six months (since the change to Outlook), it’s been total nightmare : incredible sloooooooowliness (especially to open a mail with pics attached, whatever the size, even with a single 50ko pix), random signing-in and connection, incomplete display of the page and unresponsive buttons…
    It’s really weird how MS is behaving on this topic : it’s just like they’re actively wishing to upset users.

  • Andy Joslin

    It’s Microsoft’s state of denial that irks me. If they acknowledged the problem then there would be hope of a fix. No hope, no me on Outlook – shame.

  • JP

    Absolutely concurr, I have noticed my hotmail services has been excrucriatingly slow for some time now and today it’s effectively unusable. I want to pay for a good service. I am tired generally of free services which are poor quality and being bombarded by adverts. Can anyone recommend a good quality free of advert email service, happy to pay? Microsoft 365 apparently is OK but apparently you need to take a whole load of other apps (excel etc) – so the monthly price of £7.99 is perhaps higher than one would wish…

    • Dusan Stojanovic

      Uhm… Gmail?

  • Paul D

    Thank goodness it is not just me. I have been using hotmail (under the ‘live’ name) for 2 years for my business emails and personal ones. It has been infuriating me how slow it has become and today it was virtually unusable. Unless this improves dramatically in the next week I am moving everything over to another provider. I am also about to change my phone and was thinking about a windows phone – but not now! I run the latest everything on a fast PC with a fantastic connection – but I constantly get the ‘cannot connect at the moment’ message. Grrrrrrrrr! Sooooooooo frustrating! How bloody hard can it be to run an email service for goodness sake!
    Am concerned about using gmail – perhaps I should look at Yahoo again – not too keen on that idea either. What should I do? Anyone with any suggestions other than gmail?

  • Ian

    With ref to comment from ‘Samsag’.
    I totally agree with this statement. i’ve been using hotmail since 1998 – generally with no problems. Now it is dire.
    How can we convey our dissatisfaction to MS.

  • Steve M

    I fully agree with the comments. I had very little problem with Hotmail but on many occasions I am unable to access outlook whether I’m using my laptop, mobile phone or a desktop pc. It is getting really annoying. When will it be improved?

  • Neil

    I’ve switched to – I couldn’t get on with Gmail (over-enthusiastic spam filter, no folders, etc., etc). The transition to, on the other hand, has been very smooth, and in terms of functionality, it’s not too different from Hotmail.

  • Stuart

    Don’t get too excited, but today it seems to be working as quickly as before, but no explanation or communication from MS.

  • PeteC

    As Stuart says, response today has been really fast. A very marked contrast to the last few weeks. Hope it continues like this!

  • Paul

    Below is from the MS support site. They say the “issue” has been fixed, hope so. No explanation of what was wrong, though.

    Hi everyone,

    This is Ryniel of the Support Specialist team. Welcome to Microsoft Community. I know that you’re having issues with accessing your account and experiencing latency accessing We apologize for the inconvenience.

    Please be informed that our Product Group is aware of the issue and they’re diligently working for a fix. In the meantime, we created a sticky thread for customers who are experiencing this issue. Please provide us the following on the thread:

    Impacted Account:

    Your Location:

    Type of Internet Connection:

    How long you have experienced the latency:

    Fiddler trace logs (Refer to this link for steps on collecting this log,

  • Paul

    Sorry, missed main bit of message.

    UPDATE: July 3, 2013

    The latency issues in should be fixed now. If you are encountering the same issue please provide the information on the sticky thread so we can further investigate this issue.


  • Sudie

    Is there any help out there for people who were switched (automatically upgraded) from Hotmail to Outlook and have no “old” emails or contacts from my Hotmail account? All my emails and contacts did not automatically import to Outlook like THEY said they would in all the hype. Would appreciate any help…someone must know the answer . Thanks…

  • Simon

    I migrated away from Hotmail a few months ago to Gmail. Slightly different interface but it does what it says on the tin and integrates beautifully with other apps like Drive and so on. Seems to be user-led design with Google, rather than developer-led design with Microsoft.

  • JACK

    Thursday 11 Th July 2013 I have been trying to connect since 8 am today – No Joy ! outlook seems to be a problem every morning – What a waste of time – I opened a Gmail account when Microsoft first started switching me to Outlook managed to get back to Hotmail 4 times then the choice was denied – Old dogs don’t like new tricks so I have tried to live with the changes – but today is the last straw – I could not get my original e-mail title with Gmail without adding numbers to it – I am not A ‘HAPPY BUNNY’ GOODBYE TO OUTLOOK – HELLO Gmail .

  • derek

    I’ve been a hotmail user for over 10 years. This is absolutely terrible! If this doesn’t get fixed soon(er), I’m out of here! How in the world can this go on? Even the “microsoft community” has been locked out of any additional threads and the ones that were opened have been closed. Maybe they should spend less on their advertising, and more on a fix to the problem(s)!

  • mona

    i absolutely hate all the changes…why do they have to change a good thing…always trying to be like someone else… since messenger was closed, can’t get notificatiions i have new email… i use it for work and depend on knowing the instant i receive an email. i get the notifications on my phone that i received an email before it shows up in my inbox…i have to keep clicking so it refreshes on my laptop, and it tkes seconds…which could means a big loss in income for me. i remember it would refresh itself… it doesnt until i manually do it…i’ve started using gmail and yahoo…to see which i prefer, after only using hotmail, since i began using email, about 13 years ago…. i’m saddened to have to use something else…but i feel they’ve made things worse…and not better……

  • David

    I can’t access any of my hotmail accounts. It either gives me an error message about the hotmail servers updating or sends me to my account profile info but will not let me into my inbox. I’ve changed all my passwords and I’m afraid they are going to think that I’m a hacker! Hotmail, YOU SUCK!

    • Dorothy

      I agree.

  • Maureen Cotterell

    We got rid of windows 8 as it was upsetting our computer. Could not access anything with it! Going back my husband is having difficulty with Outlook, he cannot access his emails. I find it difficult to get my contacts list up! not really impressed.

  • Andy Preston

    Again, as per previous listings, the outlook has crashed…. Again! Just like Mona, I rely on instant emails for ny business! Today, I have been waiting for very important emails to clinch the deal on a important secure partnership, but have nit been able to sign in 4 hours! My business has probably lost the deal and a lot of money! I will be looking to change to gmail now
    Outlook! No more!

  • hotmail use

    I am furious – I have been blocked from the hotmail account I have had since Hotmail existed – I only use email – I use no other devices – I WANT HOTMAIL BACK IN A USEABLE FASHION AND I WANT MY ACCESS BACK – SEND ME MY CODE FINALLY!!!! This “security” excuse stinks. I have always remembered my password and have never been hacked because I AM CAREFUL. How do I get access again?

    • john

      interesting. I thought I was alone and yours is the worst thing I’ve HEARD of yet. My gripe is the linked account feature has been withdrawn so my mail is now on 3 seperate accounts . All requiring a seperate login. This is done with no regard for the client and full focus on the future to where WE WILL BE TAKEN. A little like jews to the gas chamber. I do not feel easy with this deliberate control over us all. BUT the system is MS and we are not the owner. WE are users who can take it or leave it. Mailbox rape!

  • Loree Churchill

    I’ve used Hotmail for my email ever since I started using a home computer years ago. Ever since they changed to Outlook it’s terrible. When I type email messages I have to stop and wait for the words to appear on the screen before I can go on. It’s so slow that I actually hate having to use it because it’s so frustrating. Because of this, I’ve set up another account with gmail, which I use for work so I can get it done. I keep my MSN/Hotmail accounts because I’ve had them so long and so many people have those email addresses for me, I hate to stop checking them. Hopefully some day soon they’ll get rid of Outlook and go back to how things were when they worked well. If not, I think there will be fewer and fewer on MSN and more and more on gmail and others.

  • Richard Spence

    Appalling – makes me do about four or five captcha puzzles a day to make sure I am not a spammer. It also asks me to enter my phone number so I can get a text message and enter a code, again to check that I am not a spammer (although half the time it doesn’t even resognise its own code). And at different times of the day it won’t let me send emails at all.

    A few days ago it told me there was a cap on the number of emails that could be sent per day.

    And when do I actually get to send one, it takes about half an hour to type a couple of sentences – like sitting trying to write an email under water.

  • Julie Jeffries

    Does anyone think all these problems might clear up in time?

  • lank snow

    What gets me is that micosuck executives have such big egos that they make us all suffer rather than admit that they have made a giant mistake, Who are they, the koch brothers, donnie trump? They need to man up and admit they were WRONG. Then maybe I’ll come back from GMAI, but probably not.

  • SereiaM

    Today (9/7/2013) when I tried to open my hotmail (I had it for more than 10 years) I could not open. What is going on with my hotmail? I just want it back and my messages that I have there :(

  • Ginny

    I’m going to bite the bullet and just change to gmail or whatever I can asap. I don’t like being asked to give up my phone number for some security code and I don’t like a lot of changes to something that I was using everyday without stress or problems. Why did they mess with a very good thing?

  • Eric Brower

    I have a PS3 with a PSN online account. I used to be able to access my Hotmail account no problem. Outlook? Nothing but problems. It keeps sending me back to reenter my login info. It continuously bugs me to update my browser. And most times when I try to open an e-mail, it just sits there. This is a classic case of “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

  • Richard

    I won’t ever give out a phone number to anyone I don’t need to. I have a silent number on my land line and that’s PRIVATE! Microsoft has lost me, I will never use hotmail….. outlook or what ever they want to call it again.

  • Chip

    Been a hotmail user for 10 years but now I
    am going to have to change my email account, because since it changed over to
    Outlook it’s harder and slower to use, they
    have gone backwards, hotmail was great,
    and so easy to use. Microsoft your mad !!

  • chedderhead

    Saying they are “over protective and want my PHONE NUMBER !! Really i am supposed to believe that. I am a big girl now and can remember my own damn passwood.
    Can anyone tell me if that is it? If I do not give them my # or other e mail acct. I am out?

  • shaun cummins

    Those people at Microsoft have virtually slowed my business by 75 per cent. Don’t they do Market Research? Why do I have to keep signing in every five minutes? It’s sloppy, confusing and “all over the shop” metaphorically speaking. What is the hidden agenda? Where are my usual email contacts that I used to have? Why change something that is already working? I am very pissed off!!!

  • David GH

    It’s getting frustrating knowing your work depends on emails all the time. Having to constantly refreshing a page just so you know when you have a new mail is really annoying & did I mention it takes for forever for the page itself to load not to talk of signing in. grrrrrrr

  • marc

    I recently used my e-mail account for sending resume for jobs, but I do not know why, and I have proof of this, that 3 out of 4 e-mail never reach their destinations. I lost 2 great opportunities. So never again, you cannot trust them. I even heard by somebody who is in the business of high profile security, then outlook is so slow because it pass true the NSA computer for big brother, (and outlook is not up to date with those) like we all criminal, fuck them

  • hazel bingle

    Hate outlook, nothing good about it.

  • martyn

    finaly changed to gmail much better, lost my phone and needed to access my emails. i couldnt due to security code being sent to my phone that i lost to log in absolute rubbish

  • Phil

    I agree totally with Dejan. Everything you have written about this compulsory migrating from Hotmail to Outlook is true. It is causing a lot more problems than actually helping … at least for now….

  • Carter

    Of all the emails I use, Outlook is by far the slowest. And sometimes — like right now — it won’t even load. It opens, but then the mails themselves won’t open. I close the browser and re-open it, nope, now whole thing won’t even open. What a piece of junk. Nice job Microsoft …

  • Vasu

    I write reply but it goes round and round and does not send the reply it takes 4 hours to send a mail

  • RK

    I had been using Hotmail since for over 15 years, but the snail like slowness as of late has persuaded me to migrate to gmail. I hope that it is not a long and cumbersome process.

  • Milan Schneider

    Outlook is officially slow crap!
    It’s so freaking slow i cant even search for mails anymore and my sent folder keeps sending old mails.
    I regret ever registering to hotmail unfortunatly i’ve come to be too dependent on my hotmail adress:(
    Please help

  • Mariana Fernández

    Ever since I was forced toupdate I have had problems, a 20 year user of hotmal- Once one updates security with the code they send do you get the account blocked for 30 days or will I be able to acces my mails? It is not clear in the instructions. I use it for work and I am desperate, Ï´ve been locked out!

  • colm flaherty

    I have moved from Hotmail to gmail also.Got tired of them asking for a code even after I had entered it week before.So frustrating have had the previous email for 16years and never had an issue with hotmail.They have really messed up a perfectly good email address

  • Brian

    When is Microsoft going to fix this frustrating problem. Hopefully before we all migrate elsewhere.

  • Bengt

    I don’t understand how Microsoft could be insensitive to their customers needs. I’m going to start moving my saved email then seriously consider migrating to Gmail. This is unacceptable now my email just shut down.

  • Jacky

    outlook is the worst thing i ever have bcuz of outlook i cant access to my mail. I can login but my page is only in the setting i cant even check my mail. if i could rate this even 1 STAR is to much

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