New start-up Acquia Aims to Enhance Drupal Experience

Wednesday, 11 April, 2012 by Eton Digital team

Drupal, the open-source, PHP-based CMS is increasingly the tool of choice not only for smaller and medium-sized businesses.

However, also the major corporate giants (like Tesla or Nokia) and organisations with large, and complex, needs (like Nasa or Australian government) – whether the challenge lies in building and managing a complex employee intranet or an ever-changing live website such as those of media outlets like The Economist.

Drupal is a superb content management system on which roughly 2% of the world’s current websites are built, including a fair few of the ones we produce here at Eton Digital.


That’s why we’re excited to see Drupal creator, Dries Buytaert, has now launched a new start-up, Acquia, which aims to be ‘your enterprise guide to Drupal’ by providing subscribers with the best expertise that the Drupal community has to offer from some of its most experienced users.


TallyFox, Eton Digital’s project from a few years ago, provides another recent example of the power of Drupal in integrating multiple functions and varied features into accessible and clean interfaces.

#Drupal Community

As well as offering a versatility that means Drupal is equally useful to both a hobby bedroom blogger and the IT department of one of the most powerful governments in the world, the CMS also offers an extremely valuable community aspect which in practice means that you can usually do things better, and more quickly, than with some alternative options.

Indeed, it is this community aspect that Buytaert is looking to focus on with Acquia. Since Drupal is free and open-source, he made no money from the massively successful creation for a number of years (after devising the original version in his university dorm room in 2001).

#Acquia’s goals

With Acquia, a commercial venture, he hopes to build a professional ‘enterprise guide to Drupal’ for those larger and more demanding Drupal users, who wish to harness the skills and know-how of Acquia’s expert engineers (recruited directly from the Drupal community) in order to enhance, in whatever way, their Drupal experience.

In addition to this technical support, Acquia also offers a cloud hosting service based on Amazon Web Services which aims to provide companies with additional specialised tools throughout each stage of the website development process.

With companies like eBay, twitter, Intel, and Paypal all having already signed up to some of Acquia’s services, the venture looks sure to be a major Drupal success story – which only promises to even further improve the level of skills and know-how around Drupal, thus increasing the capabilities of the CMS and the options available to companies making use of it.

Gartner named Acquia “a leader in the 2020 magic quadrant for digital experience platforms”

Excellent news all round for the future of Drupal!

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