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Custom Websites and Digital Information Hubs for Transport Workers

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Custom information hub

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) is the world’s leading transport authority that connects and informs transport workers around the world by providing intuitive, in demand, and community-oriented web solutions and services.

What we did


The ITF organisation joined forces with our team to build a network of websites and information hubs under the ITF brand that will serve as digital allies for every transport worker around the globe.

We worked together with the ITF team to determine the features and functionalities that will meet the needs of their target audience and target market, which resulted in the custom Drupal development of the ITF Global website and 4 niche information platforms.

Discovery stage for ITF

Network of ITF websites

After the successful launch of the ITF Global , the ITF team entrusted us to help them build the ITF information networks. Our fruitful collaboration resulted in 4 successfully developed and launched websites and platforms that further support the ITF in their mission to improve the wellbeing of seafarers worldwide.

ITF Seafarers

The ITF established the ITF Seafarers to provide any sailor in trouble or distress with quick and relevant information. Besides information and resources at hand, maritime workers in need of urgent help have on disposal several web apps for improving their wellbeing as well.

ITF seafarers

ITF Seafarers’ Trust

ITF Seafarers’ Trust website is a grant-making organisation and an ITF’s wing organisation that commissions research, funds scholarship programs, and manages projects relevant to the welfare of maritime workers.

ITF seafarers trust

ITF Unity

The ITF Unity is an intranet designed to support and enhance collaboration within the ITF organisation, which gathers many representatives around the world, and to provide the best communication service to the ITF staff.

ITF unity

ITF ShipBeSure

The ITFShipBeSure is built to guide international workers through the recruitment process, helping them to find the best agents and avoid recruitment scams, ensuring the users have the right contract, as well as to provide the latest news and information about manning agents.

ITF shipbesure

Website migration to Drupal

To maintain an optimized website that provides a seamless customer journey, we completed the full migration of the previous ITF Global website data to the new Drupal platform. With Drupal, we improved code organization and database structure, increased page speed, improved tracking and analytics results and provided more powerful content organization.

Website migration to Drupal

Powerful Drupal 9

With Drupal 9 being the perfect choice for the ITF information hub due to the features and functionalities that support complex enterprise-level sites, our team ensured high-quality website development and delivered versatile powerful tech solutions for the ITF brand.

Enhanced content management

Along with the powerful Drupal CMS structure, which is able to support a large number of users and back up a huge amount of content, the efficient Drupal modules further empowered the ITF’s websites by providing quality content management and optimisation.

Enghanced content management for the ITF information hub

Ongoing support

Our team is providing continuous support and maintenance in order to further empower and enhance the ITF’s websites, which is a prerequisite for meeting the needs of the ITF’s target audience and the demanding market.

enhancement and support for ITF information hub

Improved user experience

To empower the ITF Global website to provide research and information services to transport workers in difficulty and its affiliates, we delivered a seamless UI that organizes vast amounts of content in a clear way enabling the users to receive the right information at the right time.

Desired information in real time

The landing page is built on standard patterns which are well understood and communicate a clear intent while engaging calls to actions are drawing attention to breaking news and reports.

Desired information in real time

Improved content organization

We developed different filters that allow users to easily and rapidly browse content and search for information based on topics of interest. The content is sorted according to relevancy and region from where the user is coming from thus any transport worker or affiliate representative can easily look through and discover content which covers different transport industries.

Improved Content Organization in Drupal

Advanced filtering options

We empowered users to have quick, fast and easy access to the content they are searching for. They can search topics of interest using filters for continents, language, specific industry sector, keyword tags, and breaking news. Such content organization allows maintaining a clear focus on the search intent.

Advanced Filering

Custom filters

We focused on enabling users to make their own choices about what they want to see. Custom filters and ability to organise and display information in the desired way, increases the information accessibility and delivery. Filters allow searching for information, an event or a resource based on the keyword, year or a topic.

Custom filers in a Drupal website

Multilingual websites

ITF is a global organization with a goal to build a strong and diverse community.With a help of Drupal multilingual modules we empowered the ITF organisation to effectively reach users around the world and communicate important information, making the website available in 8 different languages: English, Spanish, German, Russian, French, Italian, Arabic, and Japanese language.

Multilanguage websites thanks to Drupal

Empowered to serve its users

ITF Global is built to serve and support the vast number of transport workers around the world. To be able to tackle what is relevant and important to their audience, we developed customised features that allow hearing the voice of those who need to be heard.

Custom campaigns for change

Administrators can create custom campaigns to bring attention to pressing global issues and gather support from those who believe in the idea or cause. Once published, campaigns are visible on the landing page for users to be able to actively engage or subscribe to receive updates.

custom campaigns

Custom newsletters

To be able to keep up with the dynamic transport community, users can subscribe to receive a newsletter for which they can set different preferences and alerts for the language, sector, and topics they are interested in. The newsletter can be sent as alert on a daily basis or as a weekly digest.

Customised newsletters for ITF

ITF knowledge hub

Users can easily discover the upcoming local events, browse educational videos, and download reports and e-books. Filtering educational materials by desired keywords, language, sectors, or the topic, users can control their learning approach and comfortably seek information of interest.

ITF knowledge hub


  • Drupal

    Drupal is scalable, open-source CMS with robust content management tools and outstanding APIs for multichannel publishing. Flexible design and impressive security is what makes Drupal unique on the market.

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  • TWIG

    Being fast, secure and flexibile, Twig is an exceptional template engine for PHP. Twig supports everything needed to build powerful templates with ease: multiple inheritance, blocks, automatic output-escaping, and much more.

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  • Bootstrap

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  • Sass

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At hand, any time, anywhere

ITF has already made it to a position of being a strong digital support, news and information hub and easily accessible tool to any of the 19.7 million transport working men and women across the world. That allowed them to continue their mission, enhance their online presence and build additional, niche websites so they could cover the slightest issue in the transport industry.

ITF information hub overview

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