Super Coucou approached EtonDigital to create a single complete, reliable booking platform for travel combined with a social network. Travelers will be able to join or create a group trip, making the trip cheaper per traveler. Every user will have a portfolio in which they will have all their travel documents, attach their flight ticket to a purchased package which will be transparently transferred directly to the local operator at that destination. The platform should encourage users to travel more, learn and accept other cultures, become more proactive, and to care more about the Earth.


Wireframing User

Our workshop and discussions with client resulted in fully understanding his needs and ideas, so we came up with set of initial wireframes that were used as a base for writing user stories and further development of the project. Focus was on creating an easy and engaging user experience and cover both social and booking platform aspect.



Super Coucou is encouraging an active way of life - one that motivates its users to travel more, engage with foreign cultures and become more pro-active. To accomplish these aims visually, the look and feel of the platform was designed to be fun, cool and modern, in order to fit its main users: adventurous, curious, young, active travelers.


Is it a bird? is it a plane? It’s super coucou!!

Cuckoo (or coucou) is a very well known bird that can travel for long distances and it’s a super bird in the sense that it breaks all the boundaries of travel. Super Coucou is a hero dedicated to promoting traveling, bringing people together, introducing new cultures and activities and broadening horizons. He will come to your need every time you feel the need to explore new countries and provide you with tips and hints, all the necessary information, and the best travel deals.


Customized experience

Once the user registers we use their chosen interests ( that describe specific way of traveling - leisure, adventure, cuisine etc) to offer all of the content that’s relevant to them.

Packages & tours

Every time a user comes to the Discover page we offer him new packages and tours tagged with his chosen interest. The user can also search for packages and tours based on country as well as filter everything by interest.


Find buddies-old and new! Our platform suggests other users for people to connect with that are similar to them based on interests or on the number of mutual buddies.


Tribes are user generated groups that have their own Tribe chiefs (admin) and collect people of the same interests that can discuss, post photos or create events.


Gamification is also one of the important parts of the platform, engaging users to always come back to add more content, create more group trips, book packages etc. We developed an algorithm for each specific badge to have different levels depending on the amount of activity ( the number of activities) - silver, bronze and coucou.


User's dashboard

The main advantage of SuperCoucou is that it has combined a social network and a travel booking system to simplify user’s bookings. Users can book a trip and share it to their network, see what their friends have planned and tagged along the way, create group trips and invite friends to join in; and also share pictures and diaries of their travels.

1. All your bookings in one place

Once the user books something on the platform it is stored in his “Trips” section, where he can see his upcoming trips, past trips, group trips and tribe events.

2. Manage upcoming trips

Users can not only view details of their upcoming trips, but also change dates, the number of travelers or cancel the trip.

3. Group trips

Most of the packages have different prices based on the number of people you book for. This is where group trips come in - even if the user doesn’t have a big group he can suggest packages to his buddies, collect groups and travel cheaper.


Suplier's dashboard

We created a separate space for suppliers (travel agencies) to add their own tours, packages and transfers, with complete control over their bookings. They also have options to close offers for a certain period of time, or create special discounts on their offers. The dashboard is simple and easy to use.


Manage booking requests

For every upcoming request the supplier can see all the details and type of request - booking, cancellation or change.

View booking calendar

For quick overview of the current situation regarding bookings per month we developed a booking calendar with all the info a supplier needs.


Super Coucou also offers the ability to search for flights. To book a flight, we are contacting Amadeus servers using SOAP API. It's happening every time a user presses search on the flight pages, and the results are so complex to generate, retrieve, parse and display, that we needed to include a waiting animation. Parsing SOAP XMLs file can be tricky, but we "flew over" that issue. As a final result, users can find any flight in the world, and buy tickets right here, while planning their dream -journey. Payment is performed via PayPal.


Hotels - integration

We are taking offers from, the leader in this industry, and presenting them in our own fashion. Users can review, compare and choose from the hotels and their rooms on site. We have a database of over 800.000 hotels all over the world that are in sync with's data. Another implementation of JSON communication with remote site/service. Finally, users can make a full reservation by being redirected to


Elastic Search

Users on Super Coucou can search for plenty of things - friends, travels, agencies, countries,... To perform this kind of search, we couldn't rely on basic functionalities. Instead, we are indexing everything that makes sense into an additional search server - ElasticSearch. It provides us with speed, flexibility, and reduces the server load. A win-win situation!


Ease of use

There are lots of AJAX calls throughout the site - this makes the website really dynamic and pleasant to use. You will find lots of eye-candy, meant to make website not only more enjoyable but also better, easier, and more user friendly. All the sensitive information on data pages are additionally secured using SSL webpage protocol (HTTPS).


Programming languages:
PHP, JavaScript

symfony Elasticsearch

SOAP API, JSON API, direct webpage parsing

Final product

Eton Digital and Super Coucou worked together to start a revolution in the travel world. The platform has so far been a great success and received praise especially from travel suppliers for its dashboard as it gave them exactly what they were missing - a simple but powerful tool for managing their business.


Next project:


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