I’m quite the fan of Mashable’s compilation list type articles, especially when they involve videos or images. It means they’ve done hours of sifting through Youtube or Google images results in the hope of finding something cool, which you can then have a look at without spending hours yourself looking for something which might not even be there…

Well, this week they have two such articles which offer a great way to spark your creativity for marketing purposes – something pretty essential to success in that area these days and, with digital multi-media offering ever more eye-catching ways to combine your ‘traditional’ methods with some fresh digital approaches, now is a great time to try something new.

Take for example this first piece on augmented reality business cards. Basically, on the face of it, a normal business card but which also contains (along with the usual card features of name, contact details etc) a code which can display some pretty cool additional features when held up to a webcam. It’s awkward to describe but the videos above make it pretty clear in about 2 seconds…

It means people are more likely to revisit the card at a later date when they have a chance to explore this extra feature, as well as enabling you to include much more complex and additional info on the card, without it becoming an A3 mini CV/personal essay. The element of personalisation is far greater also, so there is the scope to communicate much more nuanced information about yourself than simply your email address and job role. (Check this alternate gallery also on JobMob – 10 more nifty examples).

The second feature worth a look is not so much about marketing yourself as an individual, but more geared towards marketing and promotional activities for an organisation or business, though there’s no reason why the two mightn’t overlap if that suits your professional requirements – for example if you yourself, in one way or another, are the entire business (self employed individual business, solo artists or freelancers – etc etc).

The feature looks at Guerilla marketing campaigns – usually the cheapest, most eye-catching and memorable way to communicate with customers. The catch is that they require real skill and creativity to pull off successfully, and even then they don’t usually reach the same numbers that traditional media ads could (newspapers, TV etc). Those they do reach however are likely to be far more impressed than your average disinterested TV viewer reaching for the mute button.

Anyway, thankyou Mashable for these nice video galleries. They prove once again what a useful and effective communication tool the blog article (supported by video or image galleries) can be at quickly and memorably conveying some particular message or illustrating this or that aspect of pretty much anything.