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8 Innovative Startups from MWC15

Wednesday, 25 March, 2015 Updated on Wednesday, 28 July, 2021 by Eton Digital team

The Mobile World Congress has grown into a must-attend event for anyone interested in the mobile industry, however, this year, the second edition of a startup pitching event 4YearsFromNow (4YFN) has attracted much interest.

The business platform that connects young entrepreneurs and investors has grown considerably in the number of investors and visitors since last year, showing that Europe is becoming very important for venture capitals, and capable of producing successful tech companies. It’s evident that Europe is ready to welcome groundbreaking business ideas and ambitious entrepreneurs and undertake new business ventures, which many startups, companies and accelerators (Connector, Barcelona Activa,, Lanzadera) showcased at the event.

The event gathered many interesting startups, but it’s impossible to mention them all. We have picked some of the promising startups that will certainly change the way we live and interact with internet and internet technologies or/and revolutionize the health sector and access to healthcare. So, these are the startups that attracted our attention.

#1 PhotoMath – solves mathematical problems in the real time – if you take a picture of an equation, the app will solve it for you. PhotoMath participated in the 4YFN Awards competition and was the winner in the Digital Media category.

#2 ForceManager – a multi-platform CRM, aims to help sales people to quickly and easily log data about their clients and prospects, and manage those data from any device, including tablets, computers and smart watches. Oscar Marcia, ForceManager’s CEO, showed how one could easily use Google’s voice recognition and check into a meeting from Moto 360 watch – the data appeared instantly in his computer dashboard.

#3 First V1sion – a wearable broadcast system that is going to change the way we perceive and enjoy sports. How? The idea is to help anyone experience a sport game through the eyes of the players. So, do you want to see what Pau Gasol sees? The company has recently closed the deal with the Euroleague – this business deal is going to be a life-changing event for many passionate sports fans. Here’s the demo:

#4 PictoConnection – an app created to help people with autism communicate better with the environment. The app received awards from Telefonica, Vodafone and Ashoka.

#5 EducaXair – a web platform and a mobile app created for people with chronic respiratory diseases. The idea was to create a solution that any patient with a chronic disease could use, moreover, a solution that could be adapted to any type of chronic disease.

#6 Trimaps – an app will turn your offline map into a digital one bringing all the benefits of online maps to end users. They are now working to bring full-on solution to their customers.

#7 Muzze – the smart audiotour is an app created for curators and museums. In only three easy steps, the app helps you create an audio tour easy for visitors to follow. The first international museum that connected with Muzze is the Chocolate Museum in Barcelona.

#8 eNovalys – the tools for smart management, developed by chemists for chemists. With these tools, chemists are able to extract new information or knowledge from the databases to accelerate their work, and manage and share unpublished scientific data.

What ideas and startups from MWC15 will you remember?

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