Keeping up to date with changing social media demographics can sometimes be time consuming. It is however essential for people involved in any sort of social media marketing and can be a big factor in whether or not campaigns achieve the desired effects or not.

For example, someone who wasn’t really keeping up to date with changing demographics on social media might not be aware that using Myspace is never going to be as effective now as it once was. Admittedly, this is quite an extreme example (it’s rare to find someone engaged in social media activity who isn’t aware of the network’s steep decline over the past 36 months) but nonetheless, I hope you see the point.

A more likely scenario might be missing out on new opportunities – such as Pinterest for example, which has a rapidly growing user base (currently at 21 million), especially popular in the US and amongst 25-50 year-old women, and would be absolutely excellent for communicating with that particular demographic.

So that’s why a quick glance at up-to-date demographics every few months is pretty good policy for social media marketers (even part-time ones!). And you’d really be a fool not to do so with so many lovely infographics on offer, organising and presenting all that useful information for you in an accessible and clear way – one of which I’ve posted below, courtesy of