IT related businesses request constant improvements in knowledge and practice, and networking for certain, thus, every three to four months we share information on upcoming tech events, conferences or seminars important or interesting to attend. Below is the list of the upcoming tech events in London one should consider attending.

3D Printshow London (4th – 6th September)

The 3D printing industry has drastically changed many areas of our lives, influencing on art and culture in particular, and on businesses and society in general. In these three days, many enthusiasts and artists-to-be will have a chance to get to know and discover the latest 3D printed arts, and to get familiar with changes and innovations in 3D printing industry. The show is expected to gather the leaders in the 3D printing industry, and if so, it is going to be an interesting one.

Mobile Innovation Europe Summit 2014 (9th – 10th September)

A two-day conference that gathers many professionals in the mobile world from different, yet accompanied areas. This year’s conference will address the topics related to mobile advertising, wearable technology market, mobile retail gateways, the position of OTT services and operators, mobile payment and certainly the business opportunities of native apps and mobile web apps.  With experts from more than 20 countries, professionals from the award-wining mobile advertising companies, mobile industry entrepreneurs, executives, and app developers, wearable technology companies, big data analytics companies, mobile cloud experts and more from the mobile industry, this is a highly recommended conference for mobile-focused entrepreneurs and developer.

The International Conference on Cloud and Autonomic Computing (8th – 12th September)

In the organization of IEEE Advancing Technology For Humanity, the conference will cover a broad range of topics related to cloud and autonomic computing. The interested attendees will have a chance to discover more about self-management cloud services, autonomic cloud applications and services, autonomic virtual cloud resources and services, as well as monitoring and analysis of cloud services and systems, and cloud workload organization.

Re-Work Technology Summit (18th – 19th September)

50 speakers from around the world will cover subjects and areas of the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, robotics, computing systems, 3D printing, nanotechnology and biotechnology, and their impact on society and businesses. Addressing the great opportunities of emerging technology, and combining entrepreneurship, technology and science, the goal of this summit is to present possibilities and solutions for solving the world’s greatest challenges as well as ways to leverage technology to progress in business.

Future of Web Apps – APIs and Toolkits (29th September – 1st October)

Experts and innovators from the web and mobile world are brought together on a three-day conference (workshops) to explore the newest technologies and techniques of creating apps on multiple platforms, focusing on APIs and other emerging developing tools. Check the line up of speakers to see why this conference is a great opportunity to learn more about different expertise.

TechCrunch Disrupt Europe 2014 (20st – 21nd October)

A well known conference that brings together TechCrunch writers and editors, world-renowned speakers, and leading venture entrepreneurs to address the most important topics in the tech world.  The conference kicks off with popular Hackathon weekend (18th – 19th October).

Apps World 2014 (12th– 13th November)

The leading global multi-platform developer conference, offers two days of insights and discussions on mobile apps, one of the largest growing industries in the world. The event will tackle various subjects related to app ecosystem, and with over 12,000 developers and 350 exhibitors, mobile operators, industry professionals and mobile marketers expected to attend, this is the event to go first on the list to go to.