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Wednesday, 10 May, 2017 Updated on Wednesday, 4 August, 2021 by Eton Digital team

We are very pleased to present you the new Vervoe look! 

Vervoe, the recruiting software and hiring platform, is becoming the next big thing in the recruitment industry.

We had a great opportunity to work with Vervoe team from the very begging and we are proud to follow them along their way of success.

Vervoe - inbound hiring and recruiting software

Vervoe: Inbound Hiring and Recruiting Software with Automated Interviews

It is a service that helps employers to easily find the best candidates for their business. But the service does not only help them find the best, but those who fit and understand the company culture. The result? Satisfied employers who are certain that the person they have hired IS the right person for the job.

How does Vervoe work?

Vervoe recruiting software shortens the hiring process in a very effective way – using the power of automated interviews.

Automated Interviews test technical skills, people skills, and customer skill – candidates perform the same or similar tasks they would likely do in their job. Interviews can be both private and public and the employer can rate responses at his best suited time. Vervoe service also offers an “Auto-Progress” feature to automatically progress every applicant to one or more online interviews.

Employers can test how candidates perform using video, audio, text, multiple choice, and file uploads.

Candidates Database & Job Dashboard

Each employer has access to the entire applicant pool generated during the recruitment phase for any of their job opportunities.

Candidates receive employer-branded emails telling them what to expect at every stage. They have access to a dynamic dashboard that shows their interview requests.

Vervoe hiring platform

What is A Marketplace For Employers?

All interview scripts are initially private, intended to be used only by a particular employer. However, employers and script authors can create interview scripts with various types of questions and publish them to the Marketplace.

The advantage?

Once interviews are available in the marketplace, other employers can use them for their employee selection.

At the end of each month, creators of public scripts which are used by employers during that month receive payouts from the site.

Vervoe hiring platform

With all the features at your fingertips, you to create a completely customized process and experience for users and hire great people faster. At the same time, you can be sure the company you want to work in nurtures a positive company culture.

  • Every employee wants a friendly working environment, where people are comfortable and happy to work with anyone.

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