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How Can Online Learning for Professionals Transform Young Lives? Meet CAPE

Thursday, 12 November, 2020 Updated on Thursday, 24 February, 2022 by Eton Digital team

Every child and young person deserves to feel loved and appreciated. They especially need adequate, full support and care when they experience abuse and neglect.

The Children’s Society is a national charity working hard to transform the lives of children and young people facing abuse, neglect and exploitation. They work tirelessly every day to help young people through their most serious life challenges and they have been doing this for over 140 years.

Why is the work of the Children’s Society so important? 

Through their campaign and policy work, the Children’s Society has improved the lives of many young people all across the country. Thanks to their efforts, over 4.4 million children have benefited from changes in law that the Children’s Society has fought for. In addition to this, over 15,000 migrant children have access to free legal advice and over 11,000 children received the specialist support they needed in the last year alone.

This is just a small part of what the Children’s Society has been doing every day to improve the lives of children and young people. Being one of the leading charity organisations in the UK, they always strive for excellence in everything they do. One of the areas that the Children’s Society is especially proud of is the education of people working with children in difficult circumstances.

CAPE: Sharing knowledge through professional development online training

Knowledge is power and thanks to their hard work and dedication, the Children’s Society team has plenty of it. Because of their vast knowledge, the Children’s Society has always strived to share their knowledge and expertise with others. This is why they are so highly regarded and respected not only among the professionals working with them, but also among the children and young people who had a first hand experience with their amazing teams.

In order to help everyone working with children and young people affected by parental alcohol and drug misuse to understand, support and recognise those at risk, the Children’s Society has decided to create an eLearning platform – CAPE eLearning dedicated to professional development online training.

At Eton Digital, we are thrilled to have been offered the opportunity to work on such an amazing elearning for health project that will change the lives of many children and young people and thankful that we have another chance to work together with the wonderful team of people at the Children’s Society.

Educating professionals across the country

The voices of children and young people living in families affected by alcohol and drug use are often not heard. The mission of the Children’s Society and their online learning for professionals is to make sure that a change is brought about that could help all young people at risk.

The platform itself is separated into several phases. Each phase helps learners to truly understand and learn as much as possible during each step of the way. In this way, the whole learning process is more holistic, which makes it much more enjoyable and useful for all learners. They can also do it at their own pace which improves the overall satisfaction of all participants.

By outlining the problem, the impact it can have as well as the possible scale of it, the CAPE eLearning platform sets the scene during the first phase and allows anyone who is learning from it to get the basics straight away. This ensures a better understanding from the very beginning.

From that point on, the learners are guided through the series of topics that are relevant to them. This is how they are able to learn and read materials that can make a difference in the lives of young people they work with. They are better prepared to deal with whatever comes their way and to help those in need.

In addition to this, this professional development online training contains real-life examples that will help all participants to better understand young people and what they are going through.

Quizzes to test knowledge

Regardless of whether a professional is an experienced one or someone who is only beginning to help the children, it is always necessary to test knowledge and ensure that the right methods are being used. This is why our team has implemented quick-fire quizzes that will help all learners to understand everything that is being taught.

By completing quizzes during the learning process, the learners are able to discover their strong points and segments that they need to improve on. This is extremely important because times are changing, meaning that the challenges are changing too – so in order to offer the right kind of support, the professionals have to be prepared for different scenarios at all times. Thanks to the quizzes, the learners can be sure that they have everything covered.

Reaching more professionals through interactive training

The Children’s Society aims to deliver CAPE professional development online training to all anyone who works or has regular contact with children, young people and families including professionals that work  with young people who are dealing with parental alcohol misuse. These professionals include teaching staff, police, NHS, social workers and volunteers.

By incorporating online learning for professionals, the Children’s Society has a goal of reaching as many professionals as possible because this kind of training method could save precious time and ensure impact.

Branding as an important part of eLearning

In order to make CAPE eLearning an easily recognisable platform, our design team ensured that branding and styling meet the needs of the Children’s Society. The appropriate font as well as colours were chosen to suit the topic in question.

In addition to this, our team ensured that each design element was carefully chosen – from the interactive learning path that learners follow to smaller elements such as buttons and icons. This has resulted in an engaging and immersive platform that learners enjoy using.

Cutting edge technologies for the win

Such an interactive and immersive eLearning platform needed to be created using only the top-notch technologies that would meet the needs of modern learners. This is why our team opted for Symfony and Angular that have been proven as great partners for such platforms.

Symfony is a feature-rich PHP framework that is famous for its striving for excellence. Not only does it contain everything you would expect from a framework such as speed, flexibility, reusable components, but also innovation at every step of the way. This is why it was a perfect choice for CAPE eLearning – an innovative framework for innovative eLearning.

Angular has a reputation for being one of the most popular JS frameworks due to its speed and performance, which is why it is used by millions. In addition to this, it has been developed by the Angular team at Google, making it a framework that supports Google’s largest applications.

eLearning is the future of charity training

Modern day professionals do not want to sit for hours, listening to endless lectures. It is not practical for educators or learners to use these methods any longer. This is why online learning for professionals is the future of training. It can reach far more people and make the whole learning experience much more enjoyable.

Learners can learn at their own pace which improves overall satisfaction and retention rates. They are the ones in charge of learning which allows charities, organisations, agencies and companies to deliver more effective training even before they come face to face with learners.

The Children’s Society has recognised these new training opportunities and seized them by including effective training methods. This is why they remain one of the leading charity organisations in the UK that continues to improve the lives of children and young people across the country.

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