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eLearning for Health: Transformation of Health and Social Care

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eLearning for health

Using eLearning to train health and social care professionals is a revolutionary method that has been disrupting these industries for a while now. By incorporating self-paced learning, health and social care companies, non-governmental organisations, charities as well as departments, agencies and public bodies have proved that they are listening to the needs of modern-day professionals who do not wish to attend lengthy on-the-job training and lectures.

What we did


In order to create a product that will cater to the specific needs of health and social care professionals, it is vital to not only know their pain points, but also to offer them such solutions that will exceed their expectations.

Every eLearning platform has a different target audience, which is why our teams dedicate time to discover existing pain points of the target audience, as well as to come up with creative solutions for eLearning platform development and design that will satisfy both our clients and the end users. Having worked with numerous clients from the healthcare and social industries, our teams have a proven track record of successful eLearning for these types of projects.


State of the art admin panel

One of the most important advantages of eLearning solutions is the ability to track progress of learners as they complete lessons and stages. Thanks to the innovative admin panel which contains a number of valuable features, content developers who prepare learning materials are able to follow the learning journey as well as quiz results and make modifications to the content if they find it necessary. This is how maximum effectiveness is always ensured and it is all thanks to the ability to really understand how users learn.


Interactive learning maps

Modern-day learners want to know exactly where they are on their learning journey. This can help them know how many stages they need to cover to complete a course as well as when they will be able to test their knowledge through quizzes. Such a way of learning is much more engaging and is the reason why it was included in every microlearning platform. By following their own learning journey, learners are aware at every point how many steps they have to complete in order to complete a course which makes the whole knowledge sharing and learning process much more personalised.


Rewarding learners with PDF certificates

Certificates are a great way to reward learners when they complete an eLearning course. Not only is a PDF certificate that confirms completion of a course beneficial in terms of verifying that someone has acquired the necessary knowledge, but also as an instant gratification for learners who can take pride in their own achievement. By celebrating learners' accomplishments with personalised PDF certificates, custom knowledge networks and eLearning platforms are making the entire learning process from the very first step to the last one a highly enjoyable experience.

rewarding learners with pdf certificates

AMBIT Programme

AMBIT is a unique eLearning platform built for The Children's Society to improve training of professionals from a variety of agencies working with exploited young people and children. By introducing interactive learning, The Children's Society reaches more professionals in a shorter amount of time when compared to traditional training methods.

A fruitful partnership

The Children's Society is one of the largest children's charity organisations in the UK and their mission is to understand and support young individuals through their most serious life challenges. The Children's Society works with young people who've had a difficult life and focuses on empowering them to create a future they want.

A fruitful partnership

What is AMBIT?

AMBIT or Adaptive Mentalization-Based Treatment is an approach designed for agencies and services who work with clients presenting with multiple needs, including mental health difficulties. The AMBIT training materials have been developed by the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families, which is a leading children’s mental health charity in the UK.

What is ambit

Why is the AMBIT Programme revolutionary?

Self-paced learning is one of the most effective ways to improve success rates in professional development courses. By implementing online training, The Children's Society has managed to cater to different target groups and their learning preferences, while following their progress and being able to adapt learning materials in case it was necessary.

This unique approach has allowed The Children's Society to implement interactive learning that has transformed their way of training their target audience - trainers, training administrators working at The Children’s Society and professionals working with young people.

Why is the AMBIT Programme revolutionary


Supporting and offering a better future to young people and children is a mission The Children's Society has been working hard to accomplish. This is why they decided to create CAPE, a revolutionary eLearning platform, which has been created to help professionals and agencies working with those affected by parental alcohol and drug misuse.

A successful project

Another project we have successfully completed with The Children's Society was CAPE. Being a charity that takes pride in training and educating professionals who work with young people in difficult circumstances, The Children's Society is always at the forefront of finding the most efficient ways to help as many young individuals as possible.

A successful project

What is CAPE?

Not every child has the necessary support and love at home and many of them are in especially difficult circumstances. This is why The Children's Society has created CAPE, an eLearning platform that educates professionals, agencies and everyone who works with children and young people affected by parental alcohol and drug misuse. This eLearning platform is dedicated to professional development and helps those who work with young individuals affected by these issues understand, support and recognise those at risk.

About CAPE

Why is CAPE revolutionary?

Children and young people are sensitive groups and working with them requires great care, knowledge and experience. In order to provide the best possible training that will be both effective and efficient, The Children's Society created an online learning platform that allows users to access content when and where they want. Thanks to a variety of content, learners can truly understand the topics as they can revise them several times.

And since CAPE is an online learning platform, The Children's Society can reach as many professionals as possible across the UK, thus reaching their goal of educating different categories of professionals while saving precious time.

Why is CAPE revolutionary

Harmful Practices

Even though we live in a modern society, where education, knowledge and empathy are valued, some old, inhumane practices have managed to survive. One of them is female genital mutilation that unfortunately can be found even nowadays. Thanks to the eLearning platform we created, the National FGM Centre can reach more professionals and root out these harmful practices for good.

An effective cooperation

We joined forces with the National FGM Centre to create an eLearning platform to help them educate and train professionals whose aim is to keep children and young people safe from female genital mutilation and other harmful practices. The National FGM Centre is a partnership between Barnardo's, one of the leading children's charities with long history of protecting children and young people, and the Local Governemnt Association (LGA).


What is the Harmful Practices eLearning Tool?

Harmful Practices eLearning is a unique and first of its kind tool about harmful practices that aims to improve multi-agency professionals knowledge, skills and practice. This eLearning platform allows professionals to recognise and apply the knowledge about harmful practices whenever they come across them.

Harmful Practices empowers multi-agency professionals who either work with children and young people affected by harmful practices or are strategic leaders who design and implement strategies to end these practices.

harmful practices-sign in page

Why is Harmful Practices eLearning revolutionary?

A perfect mixture of theory and useful data with practical examples, quizzes and case studies is what makes Harmful Practices unique. Content is divided into several topics and after each topic there is a quiz for learners to check what they have learnt.

By incorporating also video materials, the National FGM Centre has made sure to cater to all learning styles. Regardless of whether professionals prefer reading materials or watching an educational video, Harmful Practices offers a variety of learning materials that encourage interactive learning that can be completed whenever the learner finds it suitable.

Why is it revolutionary

Corona eLearning

When the world started facing the epidemic caused by the coronavirus, everything felt uncertain. No one knew what to believe, where to find accurate information and how to protect themselves during this epidemic. We at EtonDigital believe that knowledge is power, which is why we create free eLearning for health that will give users correct information about the coronavirus.

An innovative idea

Finding trustworthy information about coronavirus was difficult and many websites, especially posts on social media, started spreading a lot of misinformation. In order to help in these uncertain times, we at EtonDigital came up with an idea of creating a free eLearning platform that will contain only accurate and valuable pieces of information about the coronavirus from reliable sources.

An innovative idea

What is Corona eLearning?

Corona eLearning is a one-of-a-kind platform that offers reliable information about the coronavirus. It contains four different phases and each phase is divided into two stages. Each stage contains reliable information from trustworthy sources such as the NHS, CDC and WHO. Once learners complete a phase, they get to solve a quiz where they will test their knowledge before moving onto the next phase.

When learners complete all phases and pass all the quizzes, they receive a certificate which confirms that they have successfully completed the course and acquired the necessary knowledge about the coronavirus.

What is corona eLearning

Why is Corona eLearning revolutionary?

Corona eLearning was our way of giving back to the community. Since our company has been founded, we have been dedicated to supporting various causes, so it was important for us to do it once again by providing a trustworthy and interactive eLearning platform where anyone can learn more about the coronavirus as well as how to protect themselves from it.

Corona eLearning platform contains different learning materials that cater to different learning needs, so learners can enjoy reading materials, watching a video or exploring an informative infographic.

Why is Corona eLearning revolutionary?


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eLearning for health - The Future of Professional Development

Long gone are the days when health and social care professionals had to endure lectures and training that offered no real practice. With eLearning for health, both health and social care professionals can learn at their own pace when they find it suitable and even from the comfort of their own home. Such a way of learning provides a less stressful way of on the job training, while improving success rates on the final tests.

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