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AMBIT Programme: How eLearning System Transforms Mental Health Care

Monday, 25 May, 2020 Updated on Thursday, 24 February, 2022 by Eton Digital team

Every child is unique and different, so are the problems they face. The Children’s Society, a national charity, is working hard to help some of the most vulnerable children and young people in Britain today, because they believe that no child should feel alone. 

The Children’s Society has been transforming young lives for over a century. Their mission is to fight for change, supporting disadvantaged children to have better lives. Just in the past year, they worked with 9,872 young people and delivered 621,000 positive impacts for young people through their policy and campaigning work.

However, in order to reach their goals more efficiently, it is no longer possible to rely only on the traditional methods of training where professionals working with young people will be educated. To help The Children’s Society continue to promote their vision and values, our team at Eton Digital joined forces with them and created an eLearning platform which allows trainees to complete the necessary training in less time.

Building a better future

The Children’s Society wanted to create an eLearning platform that will help them provide AMBIT training for professionals from a variety of agencies working with exploited young people and children in care. AMBIT or Adaptive Mentalization-Based Treatment is a whole-team approach designed for services who work with clients presenting with multiple needs, including mental health difficulties. It is based around the core theory and practices of Mentalization.

AMBIT supports teams to develop systems of care adapted to their own context, and to what is experienced as helpful by their clients, applying mentalization as the guiding framework across four areas of practice:

  • face to face work with clients
  • between team-members
  • across networks
  • in fostering a team culture of learning.

The AMBIT training materials have been developed by the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families, a leading children’s mental health charity with over 60 years of experience of caring for young minds.

The Children’s Society AMBIT training is delivered in two parts – the first part is done through the eLearning platform while the second part consists of face to face training.

Thorough training done in less time

Time is so precious nowadays, especially when it comes to using it for training. To cut down on time spent on face-to-face training and to increase the effectiveness of it, an eLearning system was the right approach for this charity.

By using an eLearning solution, training platforms for employees have numerous benefits are numerous users could use various educative formats in which AMBIT is explained in more detail as well as many other important key pieces of information.

In this way, the trainees could grasp complex terms efficiently before moving on to face-to-face training. The eLearning system thus allows both learners and training professionals to be more productive in a shorter period of time when compared to more traditional methods.

Catering to different target groups

This platform is aimed at three main target groups:

  • Trainers
  • Training administrators working at The Children’s Society, and
  • Professionals working with young people.

Since each of these groups is unique, it was necessary to have a platform that will be suitable for all of them.

This issue was solved by including different types of content which learners could access and download. Other than some more traditional learning materials, such as text-based content, AMBIT training also includes videos – thus catering to different learning styles.

In addition to this, the lessons are not too long, which makes it easier to hold learners’ attention during the course. And once learners decide to take a break during learning, they can easily access the course when they are ready to continue because their progress is saved.

Follow the progress

By knowing exactly where they are in the learning process, the learners are able to track their progress until they complete a course. Once they finish a course, they can download their results as a PDF file, which they can use accordingly.

To make the whole learning process more engaging, learners can earn various badges and medals based on their achievements during the course and their quiz results, which strengthens motivation to complete this course. 

Interactive learning

Having interactive content and quizzes to test acquired knowledge is a must for a quality eLearning course. The same applies to the AMBIT Programme, which is why quizzes are included in every phase.

The learners should complete a quiz after each learning phase which allows them to find out whether they understood everything that was mentioned or if they need to revisit some sections of the course.

Once the quiz is completed, the learners can continue their learning journey.

Mighty Symfony and Angular – the perfect choices

To develop the AMBIT eLearning system, our team used Symfony and Angular, which are cutting edge technologies, allowing us to create a flexible and reliable platform.

Symfony framework is a feature-rich PHP framework that many brands love and trust. The same applies to Angular, which has been one of the most popular JS frameworks for years now and which has been developed by the Angular team at Google.

By using these frameworks, we developed features and functionalities which are easily customizable to suit the needs of such a project.

The eLearning platform which sets new boundaries

The Children’s Society continues to fight through campaigning and care to give every child the greatest possible chance in life. And by implementing the eLearning platform AMBIT, they are paving the way for some future implementations of different eLearning solutions in various areas of charity work.

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