When running a business, you need to get things done no matter where you are. And if you are doing more on the go, you need to have the right tools.

Entrepreneurs and small business, in particular, are relying on smartphones, using them as a portable office. Apart from helping you organize better and faster, these apps also need to make your life easier. Here are the apps that will help you work while on the go, run a business from your phone and make your life as easier as possible.

#1 Quip


If you need to work together with a group of people on the same document or spreadsheet, Quip will help you do precisely that, in real time. It creates a chat thread around each document, so it will also save you the hassle of miscommunication. With push notification, you can see when and how your docs are changing. To help everyone know what they need to do, you can create a shared task list within each project.

#2 Prezi


An excellent presentation might make or break the deal. With Prezi, you can create compelling and engaging stories. Build presentations using the Prezi iPad, iPhone or Android app, and use the smartphone app to access all of your presentations, inviting up to 30 people to watch your presentation remotely. Auto-sync across all your devices, present your story from desktop, browser, Android, iPhone or iPad, and create and edit while on the go.

#3 Expensify


Expensify will keep track of business expenses and mileage allowing you to scan receipts with your phone. The app automatically generates a payment from each receipt allowing you to organize your expense reports. It’s a good way to help your employees do the work instead of working on expense reports.

#4 SignEasy


Entrepreneurs seem always to need more time, and who has time to print, sign, scan, and re-send documents on a daily basis? The SignEasy allows you to sign the documents with your finger and re-send them right from your phone. The alternative is DocuSign.

#5 TripIt


If you travel a lot for business, there is perhaps no more useful app than TripIt.  The app acts as your travel agent, offering instant travel organization, sorting, notifying and helping you keep track of where and when you are going. It keeps all your travel plans in one place – flights, hotels, rentals, contact information, and directions.

#6 Pocket Analytics

Pocket Analytics

If you want to keep track of all your website(s) analytics, Pocket Analytics allows quick access to your sales and traffic data from third-party analytics. The app is fully customizable; it gives you quick, easy-to-read charts and a personalized dashboard.

#7 Letterspace


You might not enjoy taking notes, but you still have to. Letterspace is a great (free) note-taking app that helps you organize your thoughts into an easy-to-use interface. Its great feature is the cursor (that sits directly above the keyboard) that allows you to move paragraphs of notes around and edit.

#8 Hemingway

Hemingway app

Hemingway app will help you become a better writer. The app makes your writing bold and clear by highlighting long sentences and standard errors offering you a way to correct it. For instance, if you see a blue highlight, it means you need to reduce the number of adverbs.

#9 Prismatic


Prismatic is for active readers. The app creates a custom feed based on your interests, but it does so by linking everything you link it to, including social networks. It will present you the content you may be interested in by analyzing your posts, bookmarks, your network’s interests, everything.

#10 Humin


Entrepreneurs are constantly networking, conducting meetings, making new connections, but can they always keep track of how and where they met someone? Probably not. Humin app can help with combining your contacts, dialing, and voice mailbox, helping you “remember” who your most important contacts are. The app recognizes all of the tiny details of where and how you met someone.

#11 Promoter.io


Promoter.io can help to identify and ranking your most loyal supporters and customers based on a methodology known as the “Net Promoter Score” (NPS). With it, you can view and track all of your client’s insights in real-time.

#12 Evernote


Evernote app acts as your personal information manager. The app makes it easy to import and export information to other apps, work together with colleagues, make and manage to-do lists, create and edit documents, share pictures and files via email or other social media platforms, and more.  You can also use it as a project management app especially because you can easily sync the app with almost every OS.

Apps have now become more powerful, but, although these apps won’t run a business for you, they will still help you get more things done while on the go, and make your life easier.