The amount of knowledge that we get every day from all kinds of sources is constantly growing.

If we transform the amount of information that we get on a daily basis into gigabytes, what do you think the number would be?

Around 75 GB worth of data is downloaded into your brain, every single day!

The problem is that we don’t use 99% of this information.

But when you do choose to learn something, it’s different – you have to motivate yourself to use new knowledge.

Find your preferred learning style and pick one of the following 3 ways of learning to increase your knowledge.

The time for learning is now! Source:

Are you a reader? Read to get new ideas

#1 Hackaday

Join the free and open exchange of ideas and information for engineers and engineering enthusiasts

#2 Productivityist

Here you can find interesting topics about how to start “being” productive through developing practical and tactical approaches to your work and life.

#3 The Free Dictionary

Get your daily grammar lesson, learn the word of the day or read an interesting blog about grammar – even if you think you know everything, there are always some interesting facts that you can pick up.

#4 MindTools

Learn useful career and leadership skills – subscribe to the Mind Tools newsletter, read their blog or join The Mind Tools Club


Read live, dynamic documents about every interest imaginable. Choose a #topic and enjoy learning.

#6 LitLovers

Are you in love with movies and books? Share your love with others – join a LitLover club or course.

Written words are silent sounds; Source: Tumblr

#7 Zidbits

If you are passionate about uncommon knowledge, you will be happy to find a huge collection of fun facts or weird news on Zidbits.

#8 Scitable

Are you a science freak? Find interesting news about genetics, the study of evolution and other scientific topics on Scitable.

#9 Highbrow

Get a 5-minute lesson on your email every morning. You can also host your own course.

#10 Saylor Academy

Take a free open course and study whatever you are passionate about. Get 100 full-length courses and professional levels at the college.

#11 Wikipedia’s Daily Article List

Subscribe to Wikipedia and receive an article a day. daily article.

#12 HTML5 Rocks

Learn HTML5. Stay up to date with the latest updates, and resources.

#13 Smithsonianmag

Read about science, history, art, popular culture and innovation, be the first to know about the newest research and Smithsonian events and exhibitions.

#14 MIT blog

If you want to take a break from MIT coding course and read about interesting facts, MIT blog is the right place for you.

Knowledge websites and books
The Best Collection of Tools, Sites, and Books for Designers

Are you a listener? Listen to empower knowledge

#15 The New Yorker podcast

Poetry, fiction, politics and more. Enjoy the show while you’re driving or just walking through the street. Radio is still in!

#16 OverDrive

You can enjoy thousands of books on any device – mobile, PC or tablet – just relax and listen. You can even change a speed of a speaker.

#17 BBC In Our Time podcast

These episodes could teach you more about world history than most museums. Your teacher is Melvyn Bragg and he always has great guests.

#18 TED Talks

Get your daily dose of motivation from great people and amazing speakers. It will inspire you to do more every day.

#19 Sodajerker

If you are a music freak, this podcast could be interesting for you – it’s about a process of writing a song, old and new bands, genres etc. You will enjoy smart talks with entertaining guests.

#20 TWiT

Watch live free shows every day of the week – news, commentary, how-tos and perspective on the latest trends in digital tech. Bookmark this top-ranked technology podcast.

#21 Open Culture

Listen to free educational podcasts whenever and wherever you are and learn new and interesting things. Choose a topic or select your preferred language and enjoy this high-quality cultural & educational media.

#22 Developer Tea

Level up in your career – listen to the podcasts designed to fit inside your tea break.

#23 Curiosity

If you love science, every episode of Curiosity is different and authentic. You will hear stories about our planet, science, animal IQ, art and many other interesting topics.

#24 Changelong

Listen to the developer-centric stories that get to the heart of the matter. Find episodes about JavaScript, social networks, security or enjoy meaningful conversations with real people in the community.

#25 The Happiness Project

Are you happy? This podcast and book will help you think about yourself rather than escape your problems.

Are you a visual type? Watch videos to boost skills

#26 edX

From art to chemistry or marketing – earn a certificate, get a master’s degree from one of the best universities, or just learn more about the topics you like.

#27 Lynda

Business, software, technology and creative skills – choose a topic and learn from this leading online learning platform. Tutorials are in five languages!

#28 Big Think

Find videos and articles that can change the way you think or act – be the big thinker!

#29 CreativeLive

Do you want to boost your creativity? Watch live courses or read interesting articles on this site.

#30 Platzi

Learn useful tech skills online and boost your career.

#31 Craftsy

Do you want to learn creative practical things – from cooking to painting? According to Craftsy giving the time and love to create something by hand, you make the world a little bit better.

#32 Lifehacker

Tips, hacks, how-to or stories – enjoy interesting content – learn new skills and get practical knowledge.

#33 Udacity

As they say – jobs of tomorrow start at Udacity. Earn a Nanodegree recognized by industry leaders or join free courses.

#34 MIT open courseware

Find materials from 2400 courses, mostly about coding.

#35 WonderHowTo

From tech problems to cosmetical – meet things that you couldn’t even imagine you could do or resolve.

#36 FutureLearn

Courses designed according to the principles of effective learning. If you choose to upgrade a course, you can get a certificate.

#37 One Month

Learn hard, but only for a month. You won’t become an expert in such a short period, but you will have great progress if you learn every day. So, are you ready to commit to learning?

#38 Academic Earth

Get an online degree from Berkeley, Stanford or another university. Learn more about each field available, take your chances and go for it!

Are you a practical type? Increase knowledge and be proactive

#39 Duolinguo

One of the best ways to learn a language is through exercise, and you can do it for free on Duolinguo – download the mobile app or improve your language skills on PC.

#40 Codecademy

Wanna learn to code? Learn Java, PHP, Python, and more for free on Codecademy.

#41 iTunes U

Get knowledge from your iPad: the top universities share documents, worksheets, web links, photos, and videos, all in one lecture.

#42 Khan Academy

Practical exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard – join the global classroom and learn math, algebra, science, art or anything you’re into.

#43 Yousician

Bring music back into your life – learn to play piano, guitar or bass. You will get tutorials, feedback on your work, but you can also track your progress.

#44 Spreeder

Did you know that you can learn to read three times faster? If not – Spreeder will give you your money back. Enjoy your favourite activity with better progress.

#45 Memrise

Choose one of the 200 languages and start learning it. You can even compete with your friends and make learning more fun.

Are you a practical type? Source:

#46 Cook Smarts

Learn everything about food and implement that knowledge in your kitchen. Cook Smart articles, videos, and infographics will definitely help you with that.

#47 DataMonkey

Learn-by-doing – choose the best approach to improve knowledge and learn SQL and Excel for Data Analysis.

#48 Surface Languages

Are you traveling soon? Learn language basics by doing crosswords and other games, or read an interesting article about languages.

#49 Make

Solve everyday problems with a little help from The Maker. Maker Movement believes that it’s important that people can participate in making things and that they acquire the tools and expertise to make their ideas become reality.

#50 Thinkful

Boost your career and become developed by learning with 1-on-1 mentorship. It’s proven that students learn faster and retain knowledge better with this technique.

#51 Free Code Camp

Yes, you have a chance to learn to code for free, thousands of people have gotten software developer jobs after joining these courses.

#52 DataCamp

Great site for beginners to learn by doing: pick up R, Python or Data Visualization skills and advance your career.

How to increase knowledge every day?

The idea is not as important as execution – only when you implement your idea, it’s worth something. So, do you have a plan? What are you going to do with your knowledge?

If you know the answer, your motivation is bigger.

If you don’t, you need a plan.

#Set up a curriculum

Imagine that you are in school or college and your teacher gave you a curriculum. Build the spreadsheet and make these columns: “URL”, “Name”, “Date” and “Done?”. Make a list of lectures or articles that you want to go through in the next month.

Every time you pass your goal you can write a comment in the spreadsheet – it will definitely boost your creativity.

If you like this method, challenge yourself every month.

Be persistent, there are so many things in this world that we have a chance to learn, so start learning proactively now!