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Why a hybrid app?

Hybrid mobile apps offer a solution that combines the best of web-based and native applications, allowing you to reach a wider audience.

Hybrid applications are built with a combination of web technologies (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), and they are compatible with different platforms.

Hosted in a native application (native browsers, such as UIWebView or WKWebView in iOS and WebView in Android), hybrid apps can employ a mobile device’s native features.

What are the benefits of hybrid apps?

  • A hybrid app is a cross-platform by design
  • Hybrid apps can be distributed via app stores and search engines
  • A consistent user experience on all platforms as consumers are experiencing the capabilities of their individual mobile devices
  • Hybrid apps are easy to maintain
  • Content and features of a hybrid app remain agile
  • Hybrid apps support multiple platforms
  • Gartner, the IT analyst company, estimates that more than half of all mobile apps will be hybrid by 2016 and 90% of enterprise apps will be hybrid or the web in 2015

Why us?

We are out-of-the-box developers and designers with over ten years of experience.

We don’t build business connections – we build friendships!

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Most importantly, we are not biased. This is the list of our projects – Sportlobster, the social network for sports fans; Procurious, the business network for procurement professionals; The Marque, the global success-based business network, CoinaPhoto, the network for photographers, TopMotors, the fastest growing motor enthusiast network are only a few recent projects we have worked on.

Successful businesses work with experienced professionals, and we have worked with Nissan UK & Ireland, Hyundai, Ana Ivanovic, Canal+, The City University London, Ricoh, NHS and more.

With us, you will be working with the team of 60+ in-house professionals specialized in design and development, quality assurance and account and project management.

We pride ourselves in our accomplishments as we strive for excellence and tailor our services to your specific needs.

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