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Coinaphoto Marketplace Launches A Crowdfunding Campaign To Include Video, Music & Software

Wednesday, 15 August, 2018 Updated on Friday, 16 July, 2021 by Eton Digital team

Coinaphoto social marketplace is entering a new chapter to disrupt the stock photography market. We are happy to have worked with their team on this amazing idea from the start and help to build the product they have envisioned. 

Coinaphoto was founded in 2014 to be a medium for creative users who want to gain recognition, financial reward and peer feedback for their photographies. 

Coinaphoto team and our development team worked together on implementing different features on the platform, such as photoduels.

The networks quickly gained attraction of many photography lovers and professionals, going beyond the simple trend of sharing and posting digital photographs.  With their business model, the creatives can earn up to 70% commission for their work while the brands and agencies get access to quality images at a lower cost.

To expand their business and offer new opportunities to users, they started a crowdfunding campaign on CrowdCube to find investment. Their aim is to expand the marketplace and include videos, music, and potentially software.

What have they accomplished by now?

Coinaphoto photography marketplace has built a global community of 200K+ contributors and features 55 million images from 150 countries. But there is more good news for the startup:

  • 500,000 on-platform Coinaphoto token transactions
  • +22,500 entries in photo awards (Photoduels)
  • partnering with Pepsi & Lonely planet, and many other brands
  • +17,000 user-generated contests with +1.6 million votes

What is the goal of their crowdfunding campaign? 

Coinaphoto social network raised to be a stock photography social marketplace that connects creatives with brands and marketing agencies the world over.

One of their goals is to integrate Coinaphoto Tokens with the e-commerce platform for direct transactions.

The next step is to partner with blockchain companies to find a new application for Coinaphoto tokens. 

Their crowdfunding campaign has attracted media attention and interests of the community. You can also be the one to share their project with others!

Are you a photographer or a brand looking for professional photos?

If you are passionate about photography, you can sign in easily and quickly. Once you add your photos to the marketplace, you can earn tokens (that can be redeemed in $USD). Coinaphoto is the only platform where photographers can earn tokens from social interaction. As a member of the social network, you can invite your friends, participate in the contests and photoduels and gift tokens.

If you are a brand looking for quality photos, register easily and browse the curated collections on the Market. Join now and you can download 20 photos for free!

If you like what they do, support them and spread the word about their crowdfunding campaign! 

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