Our startup OrganicNet is in private beta

Our Startup OrganicNet Is In Private Beta!

Tuesday, 15 March, 2016 Updated on Tuesday, 27 July, 2021 by Eton Digital team

If you’ve found our startup, you’re a bit early, but you’re very welcome! We are very excited and thrilled to announce that OrganicNet is in private beta, and can’t wait to share with you what we are cooking up.

Things are progressing very quickly, but as you know, software development often requires quite a bit of testing if you want things to work smoothly and we want them to be perfect. Bear with us a little longer as we plan to go live in April.

OrganicNet is in private beta, what does it mean?

We are in the second phase of software testing and are opening up our platform to a limited number of users. With everything in place, we are happy to invite organic food producers to start creating their personal online stores.

When we first started exploring different ways to make organic, natural and wholesome food and products accessible and affordable, we had only one mission: to make healthy living easy.

Providing ways for people to have access to healthy food couldn’t be a more urgent mission.

We wanted to do something about it. 

We firmly believe that location, income or geography should not be a barrier to a healthy lifestyle. Thus, our mission was simple: to connect organic food lovers with producers and create ways for them to easily buy and sell healthy, organic foods and non-toxic products at affordable prices.

Almost all is done on our platform, and we’ve taken all possible measures to meet our users’ needs. Producers can tell their stories and share with us their vision. They can start creating their personal online marketplace by adding their organic produce, promoting their farm and households, and presenting their work. 

What most people don’t know is that often they buy organic food from families who have dedicated their lives to producing wholesome foods – they should have an opportunity to tell their story and to grow, to be supported. 

We are happy we can help make a difference, and we would like to thank everyone who is helping us on our journey.

We are inspired and humbled by this opportunity to work on this important mission. If you are looking for more information about OrganicNet, contact us at info@organicnet.co

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Stay tuned; we are going live soon!

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