Meet Procurious, A Business Social Network For Procurement Professionals

Meet Procurious, A Business Social Network For Procurement Professionals

Monday, 1 September, 2014 Updated on Thursday, 12 August, 2021 by Eton Digital team

One of the projects we designed is Procurious, a new business network for procurement, a learning hub for everyone involved in procurement.

Ever since launching, Procurious network saw strong growth and attracted much interest from different economic profiles around the world, which seems to justify the need for such a network.

According to the founder Tania Seary, procurement is one of the fastest growing professions in the world (with over 2.5 million global practitioners), and as she see it, the strategic influence of procurement professionals is growing every day.


The main idea behind the start-up is creating an online platform for professionals to debate industry issues with other like-minded individuals – a place where they can improve their knowledge and skills through discussion boards and training modules, expanding their professional networks.


„The next generation of procurement leaders are at an exciting point in their career – and we believe they need a place to collaborate and empower them as smart, global, savvy and creative individuals“, Tania explains on her blog.



Procurious offers to bridge networking, leadership & technical information

The network is created with procurement profession on mind, as a learning hub and a career center for everyone involved in supply chain profession or procurement. It is a niche network built for consultants, practitioners, trainers, technology providers, and recruiters.

„We have built a network hub that includes groups and lively discussion forums, news tips and advice, access to online and offline events, plus a range of mobile and desktop accessible e-learning modules – all compatible with a full range of devices, from PCs to mobile.“

The network is supporting the procurement community through four categories: networking, online leaning, events and discussions.

  • Networking has a capability similar to LinkedIn, offering users to connect with other professionals, send messages, build procurement/supply chain CV, and more.
  • Online learning and knowledge networks has an interesting concept – it brings the best business trainers to share their expertise and knowledge giving bite-sized on demand knowledge through videos ranging from 2-12 minutes.
  • Events offer information on all procurement and supply chain related events around the world.
  • Discussions is a knowledge respiratory, a place to ask and answer questions, sharing the best learning practice, improving professional development and staying on top with the latest popular topics.

The attractive and easy to use interface offers the same full experience on mobiles and tablets (no matter the screen size).

So, Get Involved, Get Ahead, expand your network, develop your skills and stay in touch with the global procurement community.

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