SALUS Global is Designing a Healthier World

Wednesday, 22 November, 2017 Updated on Monday, 12 July, 2021 by Eton Digital team

SALUS Global is a social network is dedicated to improving human and planetary health by design. The idea behind the network is engaging in many ways. SALUS stands for science, architecture, lifestyle, urbanism, and sustainability.

The goal of the organization is to create and share knowledge related to the relationship between human health and the natural and social environment.  

SALUS Global aims to build interdisciplinary professional communities and networks that will facilitate knowledge-led collaborations through a range of media, publishing, research, events and training activities that promote the application and interaction of art, science, culture and innovation.

Salus Global
Salus – Desktop version

Knowledge community for a healthier world

SALUS is a knowledge community. Once you sign up, you create a personal account where you share your professional experience, interests, and skills with other members of the community. As a member, you get to join groups, organisations and participate in the discussions. There’s also a section dedicated to projects and publications.

If you have an organisation or if you are a member of one, you can create an organisation profile and help people connect with you, partner or collaborate.

SALUS Global library for knowledge sharing 

One of the goals of the organisation is to become a knowledge network and knowledge hub. The members of the community can browse articles and videos to stay up to date with the latest news on how to design for the healthier society and sustainable planet. 

The library contains research papers, scientific posters, the latest market reports and innovation, and technology showcase. Videos and podcasts from conference talks and opinions and dialogues from experts, policymakers, and practitioners are featured in the library. 

Salus Global
Salus – Mobile version

Projects to showcase the latest sustainable and design ideas

As a niche network, SALUS is bringing together industry specialists and enthusiasts to share their work and connect. Each member of the community or the organisation can present the project in details. To search the projects, members can choose different criteria and search by project title, organisation name, industry sector, start, and competition date, size, and cost.

Events to grow the community and build connections

SALUS events are designed to provide an opportunity for the community to grow and people to connect. The event section is where all relevant industry gatherings, networking opportunities, conferences, seminars, and exhibitions are posted.

Think of the event section as a separate dedicated website.

Organising and promoting any event takes more than just info about the venue. Once you add an event, you get a dedicated place to market and promote it, to organise the list of speakers and to present the participants, and to disseminate and gather all the data you need.

SALUS events page

SALUS social network is your online marketplace for sustainable future 

SALUS gives you an opportunity to browse databases of products (technology, innovations, and solutions), organisations, and services. To make the search as convenient as possible, you can search by industry, location, and category.

The browsing experience is intuitive as all content featured on the social network is linked to either a person, organisation or with the event. To find out more about designing a healthier society and sustainable planet, sign up to join SALUS social network.

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