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Blue Drop Awards 2015 Nominations Start in February for Everything Best Drupal

Friday, 30 January, 2015 Updated on Wednesday, 4 August, 2021 by Eton Digital team

Blue Drop Awards, a community-nominated and voted annual event was born out of a need to recognize the excellent work of companies and individuals who use Drupal.

Why is this event important?

In 2001, 15 days ago, Drupal was released. Since then it has seen amazing growth and support, and today, is used to run more than one million websites around the world, from personal blogs to media publishers, universities, government agencies, and the largest enterprises, powering many of the biggest and most popular. As of February 2014, 2.1% of all websites run on Drupal (nearly 20M sites). Drupal community has grown to around 37, 000 developers that built around 30,000 modules (over 25,000 modules are free).

Drupal is now one of the most popular content management systems and some of the reasons for this popularity are its community, thousands of freely available modules, and scalability. The next version, Drupal 8, will include more than 200 improvements.

How did Blue Drop Awards start?

In 2012, several individuals and companies in the Drupal community gathered around an idea to promote Drupal by showcasing the different websites created with Dural and promoting developers who designed them pushing the limits of this open source CMS. Moreover, Blue Drop Awards has grown to be an excellent opportunity to show what Drupal can do and why it is chosen by many developers, companies and great websites.

This year will mark the fourth year the BDA will be handed out, with nominations opening in February.

Bellow you can see a promo video for Blue Drop Awards 2015.

Anyone can nominate a Drupal site for a Blue Drop award, whether it’s your personal website or not, whether you are a developer or a designer. The BDA’s Nominating Committee will select the finalists based on (and accent on innovation):

  • Drupal Innovation
  • Use of Drupal Best Practices
  • Content
  • Structure and Navigation
  • Visual Design
  • Functionality
  • Overall Experience

These are category nomination:

  • Best B2C Website
  • Best B2B Website
  • Best Government Website
  • Best Health Care Website
  • Best Education Website
  • Best Political Website
  • Best Marketplace/eCommerce Website
  • Best Retail Website
  • Best Social Website
  • Best Media Website
  • Best Entertainment Website
  • Best Sports Website
  • Best Religion and Spirituality Website
  • Best Non-Profit Website
  • Best Fundraising Website
  • Best Advocacy Website
  • Best Association Website
  • Best Personal Website
  • Best Weird Website
  • Best Integrated Mobile Experience
  • Drupal Book of the Year
  • Drupal Module of the Year
  • Drupal Theme of the Year
  • Drupal Event of the Year

If you would like to help, you can sponsor this event or donate. If you have a spare time, you can volunteer.

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You can get more information at the Blue Drop Awards website.

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