Why Drupal 8 Features Are Going To Be More Powerful?
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Why Are Drupal 8 Features More Powerful & How Can You Help?

Tuesday, 16 September, 2014 Updated on Monday, 16 August, 2021 by Branislava Milosavljevic

Without any doubt, Drupal is a widely used content management system; it offers the best experience for users and businesses, and security for the company.

We are getting closer to the release of the next Drupal version, and the new Drupal 8 features are going to be even better and more powerful.

To put it bluntly, with over 730 000 websites built on Drupal, numerous advantages are offered.

New Drupal 8 features give both developers and business many benefits

  • Increased level of security and functionality
  • Increased flexibility of the website with over 7000 plugins provided
  • Feature rich platform with flexible content management
  • Strong community that will help find a solution for any problem that might occur
  • Back-end interface is customizable
  • Drupal can handle heavy traffic due to its special built-in cache system

Why Drupal 8 features are better?

Here are the reasons a new version of Drupal CMS is better.

Drupal 8 is mobile first

It is focused on mobile, and being mobile first and mobile friendly, this version is trying to improve one of the critically important segments – page load speed.

The number of additional modules is reduced

By including configuration management, the site will be easily installed from an existing configuration. It will reduce the number of additional modules needed to be installed.

Drupal 8 Features and Symfony components

Easier web services implementation

Through the integration of a RESTful web service API, the implementation of web services is easier as well.

Twig template system for compiling layouts

Designers will appreciate this feature a lot: a new templating engine is integrated (mostly resulting from the new Symfony framework). Twig template system allows for compiling the layouts and output back to optimized PHP code.

Focus on testing before release

The team is putting a lot of effort into testing it before its release. Moreover, one can still contribute to Drupal 8 as well, whether in testing, development, design, and more. You can join the community and help improve the new version.

Why should one use Drupal?

Tesla, Pinterest blog, Warner Music Group, BBC Good Food, NBA official website, Doctors Without Borders, to name a few – these are all websites built on Drupal.

Drupal CMS is often the first choice for developing large scale and complex websites and web applications. Drupal features are tested before use and the core is powerful, reliable and secure.

We have been using Drupal to build incredibly powerful and dynamic websites for years now. Our clients rely on Drupal when building their business and choose the system for its great performance and stability. Whether we look into new and powerful Drupal security features or the superiority of some of its modules, Drupla CMS is know as a content management system that offers great user and content management, and multi-platform support.

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