Why Drupal For Your Next Website Project?

Why Drupal For Your Next Website Project? [Infographic]

Thursday, 4 June, 2015 Updated on Wednesday, 28 July, 2021 by Eton Digital team

If you are about to start creating a website for your business, it seems like a good time to look at many reasons why you should use Drupal.

Drupal’s powerful customization tools make it an excellent content management system that can be set up to cover any website you have in mind, from blogs to community-based and corporate websites. Did you know that the world’s most trafficked websites run on Drupal?

Did you know that Drupal is called a government CMS? Some of the world’s leading government organizations use Drupal – over 150 federal agencies in the US, and government sites from Albania to Zimbabwe. Why?

Drupal is a free open source CMS maintained by a large community of developers and users – as such, websites built on Drupal will not face the issues of outdated technologies and security gaps – factors that are critical for government organizations.  

Learn more about Drupal security features.

As a community-driven software, government agencies can also take advantage of a transparent and collaborative system and share technology and their projects, thus empower innovation.

With thousands of modules available for free, Drupal is flexible and scalable. You can also choose among thousands of free Drupal themes and contributed Drupal modules. It can easily integrate with other platforms and proprietary and fit into different projects whether you are working on small projects or large projects with millions of pages of different content and millions of daily visitors.

The power of Drupal features

As some features come straight out of the box (comments, blogs, polls, RSS feeds, advanced search, OpenID support, user profiles and roles, and more), if you need a feature, there’s a good chance that a module is already built.

If not, you can develop it and contribute to the community.

At Eton Digital we are focused on Drupal website development, not only because it’s a powerful open source content management system, but also because we can bring it back to the community, fostering an environment of constant learning.

Contributing to the community and sharing knowledge are our company’s values.

While there are other alternatives to Drupal, we believe it’s the best option for website development, whether you need to build eCommerce, intranet portals or multimedia, and multi-domain Internet sites, regardless of the industry (media, retail, government, education, sport, entertainment, high tech, and more).

As an open-source, and due to the various proprietary options, businesses can easily see a high ROI if they use Drupal for their brand.

Take a look at some of the projects we have recently created with Drupal – ITF, Nissan IE, Savvy Investor, ITF Global, Hyundai Challenge and Ana Ivanovic to see how and why Drupal is a powerful CMS.

So, does Drupal fit your business’s needs?

We know it does, and while not everyone chooses Drupal, we created the infographic to show you the reasons why we think Drupal is better – and to help you make the right decision for your business.

Infographic Drupal Eton Digital

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