Since our early days, we have been exploring Drupal CMS and built countless websites and projects using Drupal. This vast experience has allowed us to recognize the value of Drupal, its features, its community and to confidently advise our clients and partners.

We are sharing our experience and love for Drupal with Drupalers around the world who want to jumpstart their next year with new knowledge. To help you start, we recommend 13 Drupal contributed modules that you need for your Drupal projects if you want powerful websites.

But first things first –

Why are contributed modules a good solution for your projects?

Drupal installation pack offers core modules such as forums and contact forms.

Contributed modules (“non-core modules”) are the ones you can install to give your site more features.

The members of the community built around Drupal CMS are the ones developing and maintaining these modules.

Our team of Drupal developers has compiled a list of Drupal contributed modules they use on an everyday basis (in alphabetical order).

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13 Drupal contributed models for new projects

#1 Admin Toolbar

“Although you don’t actually have to use it, I like it because it turns the default menu into a drop-down menu and it gives you faster access to administration pages.” Darko Zarić

Admin Toolbar
Admin Toolbar screenshot

#2 Devel

Devel screenshot 1
Devel screenshot 2

Debugging and any custom development is almost unimaginable without this module. Displaying intercepted data, easy access to array/objects of data make this module easy to use.

#3 Easy Breadcrumb

Tweaking and manipulating breadcrumbs is a breeze with this one.

Easy Breadcrumb
Easy Breadcrumb screenshot

#4 FAQ Field

If you have a website that needs FAQ section, from developers standpoint this module in an obvious choice.

FAQ Field
FAQ Field screenshot 1
FAQ Field
FAQ Field screenshot 1

#5 Module Filter

Even when there are only a few modules installed, grouping them and filtering is always a plus.

Module Filter
Module Filter screenshot

#6 Paragraphs

When it comes to complex data connected to other complex data, Paragraphs contrib module makes referencing and linking data very easy.

Paragraphs screenshot 1
Paragraphs screenshot 1

#7 Pathauto

“With today’s SEO standards, human-readable URLs are a must. Pathauto allows the creation of patterns, bulk manipulation of URLs, URL edits and deletion of URLs.” Slobodan Prodanović

Pathauto screenshot

#8 Permissions By Term

“If your website has some restricted sections or you just want to restrict certain nodes — this module is made for you. It will significantly save development time and take care of almost everything (content access, visibility on your views, custom or search results listings) but you will still have the option to add some exceptions. For example, if you want your moderators to bypass these restrictions — just add that particular role into the list of exceptions and that’s it.” Branislav Radovanović

Permissions By Term
Permissions By Term screenshot

#9 Quick Tabs

This module allows referencing existing content within tabs. Easy to use and flexible.

Quick Tabs
Quick Tabs screenshot

#10 Reroute Email

If you don’t want to send emails to everyone from your test site, this module allows rerouting emails to a predefined email address of your choice. It’s flexible and allows whitelisting of specific email addresses.

Reroute Email
Reroute Email screenshot

#11 Swift Mailer

Swift Mailer allows users to send emails directly through an SMTP server, add file attachments to emails, add inline images and send HTML (MIME) emails.

Swift Mailer
Swift Mailer screenshot

#12 Video

“Video modules for Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 allow you to view and upload video in any format. But, only D7 version can convert videos from one format to another and automatically create thumbnails. In the future, D8 module will also possess these options (which will work even better, I’m sure) and that’s the reasons it is on my list of best Drupal contributed modules.“ Darko Kaiser

Video module
Video screenshot. Source: Drupal Official Website

#13 Webform

Extremely flexible, it allows manipulation of user input data. In most cases, you can achieve your goals only through configuration, without a single line of code. A true example of one of the must-have, most effective Drupal contributed modules for new projects and websites.

Webform screenshot

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Originally published at on November 19, 2019.