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A Marketplace for Organic Food: How We Built OrganicNet

Thursday, 19 April, 2018 Updated on Wednesday, 4 August, 2021 by Eton Digital team

Almost two years have passed since we launched our startup OrganicNet, an online organic food market. We decided to share with you how we built and developed the platform.

Ever since we launched OrganicNet in April in 2016, we have been amazed by the positive wishes and praise we are receiving from healthy lifestyle enthusiasts and supporters.

When we started, the idea was simple: give people an opportunity to get to know the person who is producing the food they buy every day. Moreover, to make healthy food and products easily accessible to those who do not only want to eat healthy food but also to those who understand the importance of organic agriculture.

A marketplace for organic food branding
OrganicNet branding – the screenshot from the case study

How we built OrganicNet, a marketplace for organic food

One of the first challenges for us was to understand a bit more how organic producers organise their time and what needs they have in terms of communication with the consumer. This led to introducing new features and excluding some of the initial features.

The interesting part of our startup launch was the fact that we have met with the producers personally. If you have any questions, simply write to us in the comments.

OrganicNet Marketplace
OrganicNet – the screenshot from the case study

Let me for a moment summarise what we have achieved so far.

  • We received the E-COMMERCE Award in May. The award that is given to the business that provides the best electronic commerce solution on the national and regional level. This was only one month after we have released the public version of the platform. The platform was fully functional and operational for almost two months but only available to producers. We used this time to test the features, get feedback from the producers, and for user acquisition. 
  • FInish Accelerator supported our project with the Finish Final Award. 26 teams were competing for the award, and our project was recognised as one of the best software products, and our team as one of the best performing teams. We applied to FInish accelerator with a wish to create a platform that could make a difference for all those who want to eat organic food but cannot easily find the products. 
  • E-kapija portal, Serbia’s leading portal that delivers information on relevant business and economic events in the region of Southeast Europe, awarded OrganicNet platform with Aurea Innovation Award. The award is given to the projects and businesses that show innovative thinking and help to make the consumers’ lives better

These awards speak more than words. We are proud and honoured to have received such praise for our marketplace for organic food. They say about our hard work and dedication to make thing better and bring change to the world we live in. When we started working on our startup OrganicNet, we did our best to implement the knowledge and skills we have gained working on many projects for our clients. 

The impact of the platform is bigger than we could have expected. Our online organic food market has grown into a community of health enthusiasts. We are thankful to all who have supported us and helped us to make the things happen. 🙂

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