Coinaphoto Redesign: What’s New?

Monday, 4 May, 2015 Updated on Tuesday, 10 August, 2021 by Eton Digital team

Coinaphoto redesign brings new features and enhanced copyright protection and image security.

Coinaphoto network is a medium for creative users who want to gain recognition for their photography regarding financial rewards and peer feedback.

As the idea of the network is to go beyond the simple trend of sharing digital photographs, the social platform is quickly growing into a community of passionate photographers, both amateurs, and professionals.

To keep up to date with the trends and needs of the community, once again we joined forces with the Coinaphoto team and enhance the platform with several new features and upgrades.

What is new on the Coinaphoto platform?


Enhanced user experience

The new update aims to enhance every aspect of the user experience, from interactions and security to support. The new design brings a user-friendly feature that makes it even easier for users to find relevant content. Plus, there are new options to engage with the community.

With the new colour scheme and menu options, the goal is to provide an immersive experience in all things photography. The easy and accessible user interface will make user interaction with the website more enjoyable.

The entire process is designed to make sharing photos simpler, easier, effortlessly even on the move.

Improved browsing and filtering content 

The overall Coinaphoto redesign concept emphasises high-quality visual content. Now, with the suggested tab you get to search, purchase, comment and appreciate the most original photographs, quickly and easily.

Moreover, if users wish to see the best photos judged by different criteria (colour, focus, quality, subject, resolution) they will find it easier to navigate through the website and search for desired content.

New Token Tutorials

One of the things that set Coinaphoto apart is the unique, rewarding system, which also makes this platform an efficient social marketplace. Users can use tokens to buy and download photographs from the public library and reward the photos they like. Users can engage in online games as well, and gift games to online content.

In addition, for any new photographer on the platform who is still not sure how the rewarding system works, there is a new Token tutorial. Users can always get back to it and learn how how to get a financial reward for submitted work.

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New Watermark badges

This was an important upgrade in this Coinaphoto redesign cycle. When it comes to digital photography, image security and copyright protection are of primary concern. Today, whether you are selling your photographs or not, there is always a chance of copyright infringement.

After all, online content sharing is evolving. In order to promote photos, users need to have a level of security to be comfortable with. With the improved watermark, users can rest assured that their photographs are protected and cannot be used without their permission.

What would you add in the next Coinaphoto redesign?

Or share your thoughts about the current Coinaphoto redesign in the comments below. Also, if you are new to the network, follow the Coinaphoto Facebook page for photography news, competitions, and awards.

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