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The Best SEO Friendly CMS? Use Drupal

Friday, 29 January, 2016 Updated on Monday, 19 July, 2021 by Branislava Milosavljevic

Why do you need an SEO friendly CMS?

Let’s look at statistics for 2015: a number of monthly Google searches was over 100 billion. This year you can only expect this number to increase.

Every year brings new challenges and opportunities for businesses that are trying to improve their rankings with SEO.  

If you want to promote your brand and credibility and get more visibility, you should be prepared as SEO will gain more importance.

To maximize your content marketing investments, you also need an SEO friendly CMS. Plus, you can find out everything about Drupal SEO modules

So, is Drupal CMS SEO friendly?


Drupal’s built-in functionality provides many powerful features for developers


Drupal is also a CMS with a strong focus on a user role and control.

And it’s no secret that Search Engines recognize valuable and unique content as a reliable indicator of the quality of a site.

We want to share with you why Drupal makes it easy to implement search engine optimization.

We’ve created an infographic to show you what Drupal can offer for content creators, marketers and search engine strategists.

It will show you why and how a robust content management system is the driving force behind your marketing strategy.  

Is Drupal SEO friendly CMS?

Drupal is known for its out-of-the-box SEO friendliness and contributed SEO modules. But, there are many more reasons why Drupal should power your content marketing. The important part of marketing is also the design capabilities of the platform you use, and security. 

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