Coinaphoto approached EtonDigital to create a platform that sees photography in a new light, beyond the simple trend of sharing digital photographs, and more as a home for both amateurs and professionals where they are rewarded for their creative work.



When uploading a photo users can choose whether it will be public or private.
All photos are stored in the user’s personal photo albums under libraries.


Public library

The public library lists all the uploaded public photos. There is a recommended section with a list of the latest and featured photos and the user is also able to search for photos based on different criteria.

Every photo in the public gallery can be bought and downloaded for a certain amount of tokens, depending on the size of the photo (small, medium, large).

Every photo is categorized by its theme, as well as the keywords that the user can attach to the photo during the upload process.


Private libraries

If some of the photos are "for your friends' eyes only", they can be uploaded to private albums, and shared only with a closed group of people in your network. This photos appear as a post in your news feed so that your friends and followers can see them and reward you with respect, tokens or a lucky strike game.

There is also an option to import the photos from Facebook and Instagram.


Respect Reward a photo by giving a hat off

Tokens Give user bronze, silver or gold tokens

Lucky strike game Give user a game that can be played to win tokens.


Tokens are Coinaphoto coins - the main currency on the platform that can be bought, sold or gifted. Tokens are credited to the user’s account, and users can easily buy and redeem tokens, exchange them and see the list of all their transactions.


Coinaphoto Arcade center

When the user gets a lucky strike like for their post or private photo they can play the Breaking Bricks game and get a chance to earn a max of 1 gold token. We implemented open source game code and customized its appearance to fit the Coinaphoto look and feel.



Members can send private messages to one or more participants.



All users are able to create private groups where they will be able to exchange photos and statuses and invite other users to join their group.


Final product

Coinaphoto is a unique social media platform that disrupts the traditional content sharing model and rewards users for the photos they have shared. It has been created for both professional and amateur photographers and it aims to empower users to benefit from the stunning photographic content that often goes unrecognised on the social web.


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