Symfony PHP has been released in late 2005, and ever since it has been one of the leading frameworks used for developing different web projects. 

Starting from the simple web programs to RESTful programs, extensive portals, and CMS systems, Symfony PHP is a full-stack framework that can be used to create any project.

Drupal CMS is also based on the Symfony framework.

Since 2005, the community is bigger and the framework is more powerful.

Moreover, if you choose Symfony, you know you are in good company as the number of websites and applications of all sizes and of all types built on Symfony PHP is on the rise.

Why do we love Symfony PHP?

Besides our personal preferences, there are many reasons to choose this framework over others.

Symfony PHP framework offers a highly functional environment with tools designed to enable developers to create a  solution that meets the needs of the project.

How? From our experience, fast, and efficiently. 

If we were to quickly summarize why we would always recommend Symfony PHP, we can explain it in one sentence:

The most modern principles and patterns in the Web development

What hides behind?

Symfony is a great option for any project that comes to your mind. Some people use an interesting comparison of Symfony and LEGO explaining that you can use its bricks to make endless combinations.

We have created an infographic to help you through the process of selecting the best PHP framework for your needs. 

Symfony PHP Framework

The framework can bear the weight of large systems with millions of users and websites with massive traffic.

If you are a developer, before choosing the technology, ask yourself the following:

  1. What are the features and functionality of the framework?
  2. Does it offer what I need?
  3. How scalable is the framework?
  4. Is the framework actively developed and maintained?
  5. Does the framework provide long-term support?
  6. Does the framework have a strong community?

If you need to decide whether Symfony is the right choice for your new social network project, feel free to use our infographic to explore your advantages.

If you have a project or idea, request a quote from us.