How To Use Google Analytics For Mobile Apps

Learn How To Use Google Analytics For Mobile Apps

Monday, 27 July, 2015 Updated on Thursday, 8 July, 2021 by Eton Digital team

To be able to project future success, developers need to understand how customers are using their apps.

Even if you have the data, you still need to be able to control and understand that data, and probably the easiest way to see what users are doing inside your app, or to know more about your users is to use Google Analytics.

Use Analytics & Tag Manager In Your App is a part of the Google Play Services series that will help you learn how to add code to the mobile app and send usage data to Google Analytics. A 2-week (free) course will also help you learn how to use Google Tag Manager, to be able to manage all your Google Analytics tags and send updated information to your app without needing to redeploy the APK.

As for the requirements, you must have access to the latest release of Android Studio and be familiar with GitHub, as they share the code through it. If you don’t have experience developing Android apps, you can take other courses on Android development prior to this one. We also recommend you ask yourself these questions about mobile app business before you even start with mobile application development.

#What data will you be able to get from Google Analytics?

With Google Analytics for mobile apps you will get a comprehensive view into your app’s full user lifecycle and also simultaneously track your users across other mobile platforms and the web.

A lot of useful and interesting data from your Google Analytics account you can use to drive content on your site and apps, and you will also get data about user acquisition, in-app behavior, composition and key conversions.

#What makes users stick around?

If you have created a mobile game, you can, for instance, segment your audience to get insights about the percentage of users who leave your game at a specific section, and make that level easier or more interesting.

By integrating Google Analytics with Google Play (and the App Store) you will learn how users found your app as you will get data from search results on Google Play, AdWords, AdMob, links from referring websites, and social media. This way you can change your campaign and increase your downloads. By integrating with the Google Play Developer Console, you will have a comprehensive view of the Google Play Referral Flow and monitor in-app purchases. When it comes to users’ behavior, you can see data such as demographics, behavior, or install date, and measure what matters the most to your business.

If you want to make better business decisions, these data are critical for understanding who your users are and how they’re using your app. By measuring your app performance, you can reach the right user with the right product (the right ad) at the right time.

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Finally, if you are not sure whether you should build Android or iOS app, here are some things to consider before you start developing.

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