The mobile app market is characterised by a very fast innovation and rapid growth, and with hundreds of thousands of mobile apps available in the app stores, the competition is stiff and demanding.

The goal of every app is to become one of the most frequently used apps on a user’s device. But to accomplish that, one needs a good strategy and a plan that will set the app apart from others.

Before you decide to get into a mobile app business, read these articles first. If you have a lot of questions, here you can find some answers and advice.

9 Questions To Answer Before Developing A Mobile App

Creating a compelling app, that’s simple, easy to use, and intuitive, starts with an idea; every great idea begins with finding a solution to a problem. But, going from the concept to reality involves a process that includes weighing many options.

How easy may it be to make a mobile app?

Should you create a cross-platform app? How tech-savvy do you need to be? Who are your competitors? Why do you want to build a mobile app? Can you explain your idea easily to anyone?

Can you answer these questions?

These, and many more questions you should be able to answer before you start developing your mobile app.


Android or iOS app for your start-up?

A widely popular photo-sharing app Instagram started on iPhone in 2010 and released an Android version almost two years after having over 30 million satisfied iPhone users. Why? I can think of a few reasons. However, this was a smart move for a company that wanted to succeed: start with one platform and move to another.

With the arrival of smartphones, started a debate over which platform to use, but both platforms have come a long way. So, is Android or iOS app still a relevant question? Yes. And which one is good for your startup? The correct answer is both as you shouldn’t ignore either market in the long run.

However, app development is an interactive process, and you can save time and money if you first build an app for one platform. A great app that targets the wrong market is of no use for your business or the users, for that matter.

If you are deciding between Android and iOS, there are many things you should consider. Or, perhaps you are thinking about building an app for both platforms? Read the article and find the answers.

What are some significant business-related resources for startups?

The most common problems for young tech companies today include unuseful market research, intense competition, ineffective management, lack of financial support or investment opportunities and a high cost of services and products. Sometimes having the right information or advice can help.

See the list of 50 sites and business tools that can help startups take their business to the next level.


Learn How To Use Google Analytics For Mobile Apps

You have built your app, but you would want to attract new users, generate more revenue, make your app more discoverable?

While, initially, Google Analytics was aimed at marketers, modern development methodologies require developers to define, measure and test new features, both functionally and experimentally. The product provides high-level, dashboard-type data related to your app’s performance, along with more in-depth reports.


The Best Online Resources To Learn App Development And Programming

To build a successful online business, you don’t have to know to code. However, this is the one highly appreciated skill today. Whether you are thinking about learning basics or wish to develop your mobile app, many great educational websites offer interactive lessons on various computer related subjects, different programming languages, app development, the web and graphic design, and more.

You can also check out some favourite YouTube channels that can help you pick up some great tech skills and give you an excellent introduction to learning programming.

If you are looking to start learning iOS development, it can be difficult to sort the quality material from the poorly written content and bad tutorials. But you do need to start somewhere, so why not start with online learning resources? We have put together the list of the best online resources that will help you learn iOS development.


12 Apps That Help You Run A Business From Your Phone

You should be able to run your business from anywhere. More and more business today are relying on smartphones when it comes to organising their work better and faster. See which apps can help you work while on the go.


There are many factors to keep in mind when considering app development: choose the right platform, do market research to determine if your app will be of value, understand the process, understand the mobile app market, find the best mobile development company, and so on.

Identify a successful mobile strategy, but think critically and creatively to come up with concrete ideas as your business will have to evolve as the market changes and user behaviour evolves.