It’s the time of the year for the best apps lists, and we love free things, right? We created a list of the best free photo and video editing apps for iOS (including the apps updated this year).

#1 Snapseed



Snapseed is an easy to use image-editing app, which can bring similar results as those accomplished in Photoshop (if you have a little more experience). It has a good selection of filters and effects (vintage, grunge, retrolux, and drama, while tilt-shift effect is great for changing the depth of filed in the images, or softening the background) to create what you like. Great option is a selective adjustment tool that lets you apply changes to either the whole image or a part of it.

#2 Storehouse

Storehouse screen322x572 (1)

Storehouse  is a visual storytelling app ideal to document travel experiences. It keeps focus on the photos and videos with its clean layout that you can completely customize (when you import photos, the app will automatically choose the best layout). The app integrates with iOS 8’s new Extension feature, thus you can edit your photo and easily import back to Storehouse. It might be limited in some ways, when it comes to text editing, but it’s still a beautifully designed app fun to use.

#3 Rookie

screen568x568 (1) Rookie

Rookie is a camera app and photo editor in one. The camera side of the app offers a self-timer, zoom, anti-shake, exposure controls, focus, and live filter camera, which is one of the best features. You can shoot either from within the app or import existing photos, and use plenty of filters that are quiet useful.  If you want to unlock all the features, you will have to upgrade to full version.

#4 VSCO Cam


VSCO Cam is another camera and editing app with a user-friendly interface. Unlike other similar apps, when it comes to fades and tones, VSCO Cam offers truly subtle filters that create an analogue film effect. As a result, you get an elegant, timeless image. The app is free but you get a little number of filters, which are still good enough to get that smooth effect – more filters you can either download free or purchase.

#5 Hyperlapse

hyperlapse 2 hyperlapse

Hyperlapse is a time-lapse video app that shoots smooth video clips. No sign in or register, simple and fun, which means that even enthusiasts with no video editing expertise can create professional-like video clips. It’s not perfect, but speed effects (speeds up your time lapse video to up to 12x) and stabilization are still impressive.

#6 Steller

steller steller2

Steller is another visual storytelling app that puts an emphasis on design and social networking. It’s similar to Storehouse, and it wants to turn everyone into a storyteller. You can easily discover other stories, see notifications and your profile, by turning the virtual pages in a book. The app is going to help you choose the way to tell a story.

#7 Litely

litely litely2

Litely app truly brings new understanding of photo-filtering options given its created by a photographer who has worked for National Geographic and created several Instagram filters. In short, it’s a simple, elegant app, with filters grouped by themes (“Origins” for earth tones, for example) that lets you create photos in a more fine-tuned way because effects are more subtle, which, in turn, keeps the natural beauty of the photos.

#8 Camu

Camu Camu2

Camu is an easy to use alternative app to the iPhone’s default application, that lets you shoot short videos (15 seconds, in various ratios) and still images, and edit them with a small collection of filters and tools. You can also create collages and share them privately.

#9 Slow Fast Slow 

Slow Fast Slow2 Slow Fast Slow

Slow Fast Slow is a simple app that manipulates the speed of the video, allowing you to import videos directly from the photo library (with a new update is also compatible with iOS 8) and to select how the video fades in and out.

If you, however, want to spend a little money on some quality apps, these are two excellent single purpose apps you should check out.

Waterlogue ($2.99) is a great app that will turn your photos into gorgeous water painting.

waterlogue2 waterlogue

Popsicolor ($2.99) is a fun app that turns the photos into colourful watercolour and pencil images.

popsicolor popsicolor2


The potential to create a great digital content on mobile devices is improving every year and with more and more photo and video editing apps, we might have a tough time choosing the ones we need. The most important thing is to find a few quality apps and combine them to produce the desired result.