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New eLearning Projects Are Disrupting the Market

Thursday, 20 February, 2020 Updated on Tuesday, 2 April, 2024 by Eton Digital team

Many businesses are starting to understand the value of great intranet and e-learning platforms. This is why they joined forces with us and, together, we are disrupting business trends around the world with new eLearning projects and intranets.

To say that intranet and e-learning platforms are very popular at the moment would be such an understatement.

As the demands of modern workplace change, so does the need to adapt and overcome obstacles appears. If companies want to take their business to the next level, they have to make sure to keep their top talents and to facilitate communication of their employees. And what is the best way to do that? Simple, intranet platforms.

There are many ways in which your company can benefit from bite sized learning or from having a custom elearning app, corporate elearning solutions or a company intranet. These platforms can engage your employees, make them feel valued and respected and they can even help you increase revenue. Numerous online training benefits can help your company culture as well.

Explore new eLearning projects and intranets which are taking over some outdated and obsolete workplace tools.

ITF Intranet

We had the pleasure to work with ITF Global before and our partnership has been successful once again. As you may be aware, the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) is recognised as the leading transport authority. They work hard on improving working lives and helping  the members of trade unions to secure rights, equality and justice. 

We have already collaborated on building a custom information hub for transport workers, and this time we worked on creating an intranet platform for their staff.

ITF intranet is designed to suit the needs of the ITF staff. Whether they need to access the latest news, check policies and guidelines, or to download some important forms – ITF employees use their intranet platform to perform all these tasks. In addition to this, they are able to access the rich media library which contains several types of content.

ITF intranet completely meets the needs of the ITF employees, because it allows them to get the necessary information quickly and efficiently.

new eLearning projects unity ITF
ITF Unity – The log in page

RICOH Developer Program (RiDP)

Nowadays, businesses are expected to motivate and engage their employees by offering them interactive vocational courses. These courses are created to suit different needs of the learners and they have to be upgraded regularly in order to be up-to-date.

RICOH recognised and used this great opportunity to offer something new to their customers. They created an innovative learning solution – a knowledge and assets hub. Ricoh is designed to fulfil the needs of developers and software vendors who aim to integrate RICOH’s advanced technology and to create RICOH compatible applications. Their interactive learning path is created to suit the user’s development needs, which makes it a perfect source of up-to-date information – whether you are just starting to use RICOH tech or you are already an experienced developer.

By having a state of the art intranet platform, RICOH enabled more developers and business owners to get quick access to the right answers for any question they may have. In this way, RiDP continued to be one of the leaders and global document experts.

Ricoh elearning platform
RiDP – Homepage

NHS eLearning Repository

One of the most complex industries nowadays is definitely medical one and for centuries people believe that books and encyclopedias were the only source of information. However, thanks to the NHS e-learning platform, the future of learning in medical education is being transformed completely.

We have partnered up with NHS to create the NHS eLearning Repository, which is an extensible search and discover platform. Here, learners can gain access to centralised repository of NHS e-learning assets and knowledge. In addition to this, the eLearning Repository allows the users to contribute and upload their own content. 

NHS has been working hard to provide e-learning platforms to educate and train healthcare and social care workforce. Thanks to the e-Learning Repository, NHS is now able to provide 24/7 access to online learning materials that cover a wide range of topics. In this way, they are able to cater to the modern needs of learning, while maintaining the highest standards medicine requires.

NHS elearning platform
NHS – The eLearning Repository

Our internal eLearning project: Corona eLearning

The latest addition to our elearning platform list is our own project – created as a tool to help those who are scared or misinformed about COVID-19.

It is an eLearning platform that guides children and young adults, aged 10-18, through a journey of discovering how they can protect themselves, those they love and what to do in case they notice any symptoms of COVID-19.

Our main objective while working on this platform was to make sure that only reliable and trustworthy pieces of information were included in this course, while simultaneously ensuring that the learners enjoy discovering new facts during the process of learning. Bespoke web design and development and excellent content organisation helped us in achieving this.

The Corona eLearning course is divided into four major phases. After each phase there is an engaging and fun quiz to help learners test their knowledge. Lessons in the phases contain not only textual information, but also videos and images, thus making sure that all learning styles are catered for.

The learners follow an interactive map – they have to finish all lessons, quizzes and phases before they complete an entire course. While they are learning, they are given a number of different badges to motivate them to continue their journey.

Once they complete it, there is a certificate available for them to show their parents or their friends. But what is actually important is that they will know exactly what to do and what to avoid during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Corona eLearning course was our way to help people across the world by providing them accurate, trustworthy information about COVID-19. It is a free, easy-to-use platform that both children and their parents can use to get informed.

Corona eLearning screenshot
Corona eLearning

New eLearning projects are changing the workplace dramatically – don’t ignore it

Traditional ways where the workforce had to do their own research and studying in their free time is no longer an option. People want to feel engaged and valued at work, with their full potential used. Whether you intend on implementing an interactive on-boarding process or offering useful courses for their jobs – intranet and e-learning platforms are a great way to modernise your business

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