Eton Digital collaborated with Total Finesse and the Nissan Ireland team on a digital strategy for their complete web presence and goal in becoming a leader in the Irish motor sector.

We delivered an entire network of websites with a coherent appearance and centralised content management system.

Visitors are able to experience Nissan vehicles via interactive and well-structured pages, find details about current offers, download specification and brochures, compare features and prices for all models, and enjoy galleries with photos and videos.

Finally, we envisioned, designed and built a whole set of user-friendly tools for Test drive booking, scheduling Services, calculating Running Costs and comparing old vehicles to the new Nissan models. All these tools are there to help visitors make well informed decisions and manage their finances.

Discovery & prototyping

Our goal was to create a unique visual appearance for Nissan Ireland that is properly aligned to Nissan’s image and brand guidelines.

We started with the specification for every website, including detailed descriptions of website features, layouts and connections with the rest of the network.

User journeys

The user journey had to be effective and delightful, steering visitors towards their goal whether it was learning more about latest Nissan innovations, finding out about specific Nissan model, Booking a Test Drive or servicing, or simply calculating how much it would cost them to replace their old vehicle with a new Nissan.

Development foundation

In parallel, the development team was working on a the strong foundation that will easily run over 40 different websites dedicated to four main purposes (i.e. Head office, Dealership, Used cars, Calculator tool). It had to be scalable to support future expansions and new features, but also fast enough for all the traffic that is coming its way.

Planning & Releases

Finally, a Release plan for a whole year was created, with defined deployment dates and set of features to be released for every website in the network.

This ensured lean and in-time delivery of new features, in alignment with planned campaigns and marketing efforts.

Every release was first thoroughly checked on a Staging environment where we test new features with fresh real data downloaded from a Production server. After all checks are completed, including automated regression tests, we would transfer it to the Production server via GIT.

Vehicle overview

The landing page for every Nissan model is a stunning overview of its most important features, video content and latest offers. Every journey starts on this page, and ends on one of its main calls to action: Contact Nissan or Book a Test drive.

Nissan Juke

360° view

Nissan models can be examined from every angle on this interactive 360 view.

Single photo presented in modal taking up most of the screen.

Move the cursor to see all sides of the vehicle

Gallery of vehicle photos-both exterior and interior

Experience Nissan

“Innovation that Excites” is the main motto for Nissan. This is where they write about new and exciting innovations.

Book a test drive

Every visitor can easily select their desired vehicle and book a Test drive for it. The charming Nissan team will quickly get in touch with them, and arrange all the details.

Find a dealer

Ireland has a large network of Nissan dealerships. This interactive map and listing of dealerships helps every user to quickly find the nearest dealership for their requirements. Every dealership in the network has a dedicated website that features a fast and powerful search tool for any dealer’s stock of vehicles.

Used cars

Besides new Nissan vehicles, every dealership also offers a stock of used cars. They are completely tested, and the best of them are coming with the Gold Standard special warranty. In order to help users to find the most suitable type of the vehicle, advanced search features like filtering and sorting are there to provide the best selection of used cars.

There is a strong visual connection between corporate and dealer websites, with shared content and a user database which makes any content update automatically appearing across the network with a single click.

GO calculator

Go Calculator is an amazing tool, just pop in your Registration number and Mileage and you will get a completed Running costs overview, Comparison and the best Offers from Nissan. It’s a huge help for all users that are planning to replace their old vehicles with a new Nissan.


Programming languages:
PHP, JavaScript (jQuery)
MySQL, Solr

Drupal Bootstrap Sass Codeception

JMeter, Motorcheck, SIMI, Google Maps

Final product

The new website has almost doubled the amout of sessions, significantly increased the number of users, pageviews and pages per session. Even the average session duration is much longer now, which is a great indication of visitors’ satisfaction, along with the reduced bounce rate.

Nissan Ireland team has a powerful and yet user-friendly platform, which allows them to easily manage everything on every website in this network. Eton Digital continues to support Nissan Ireland team on a regular basis which includes maintenance, monitoring, upgrades, creative work and development of new features.


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