8 Reasons Why We Are Excited To Celebrate Our 8th Birthday

8 Reasons Why We Are Excited To Celebrate Our 8th Birthday

Thursday, 5 January, 2017 Updated on Tuesday, 27 July, 2021 by Eton Digital team

So many things have happened since our 7th birthday party. We have had many new experiences in business and we couldn’t resist having a quick recap for our 8th birthday!

Since December 2016, here’s what we’ve managed to accomplish:

  • In April, we’ve launched our own startup! OrganicNet is an online social marketplace for organic food that directly connects local organic food producers with consumers. It’s also a knowledge sharing platform that provides insights, data, and info on all things related to organic agriculture. 
  • OrganicNet received two important awards, the E-COMMERCE AWARD 2016 that is rewarding the best local and regional e-commerce solution, and the FInish Final Award for one of the best software products
  • Winning on the local startup competition, OrganicNet was the only startup that was representing Serbia in Helsinki at the Slush conference
  • We have worked with great partners on many amazing projects, like Zappudo, IRspace, Souldock, Procurious, SuperCoucou, Service Driven, Vervoe, Nissan and CoinaPhoto
  • Our teams are growing, and we have welcomed new team members
  • Now our company has 50+ passionate, hard-working developers, designers, and marketers who want to help bring new ideas and projects to life
  • We have continued to support the local IT community and various local initiatives, always trying to bring back to community  
  • Happy to say that we have started new traditions and kept the old ones!

What links all these moments of success lies in a simple philosophy that guides us at Eton Digital – creating innovative digital solutions that people would love to use and turning ideas into reality – ideas that are making people’s lives and society better.

This year was truly amazing!

One can only wonder what might happen until our birthday this year, but we’ve got more exciting things on the agenda!

THANK YOU to all for being a part of the journey so far! You inspire us to grow bigger and stronger!

Happy birthday Eton Digital!

See a bit of atmosphere from the birthday party!

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